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Made redundant and now in a mess!

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Hi there, My first post!

I was managing my life fine until my husband and I seperated, we had companies together but my name misteriously vanished from all the companies, except that is from debts like council tax etc! But enough of that, that's another story! Anyway for 6 years I struggled on as a company employee, hoping my solicitor could find away to get me back my assets but to no avail, not even a very expensive forensic accountant could help, and then my dear ex went and sold the business I was working in and then suddenly I had new employers, who made me redundant within 7 weeks and then closed the business to make it into flats.

So there I am coming from very high income to jobseekers allowance and £70,000 of debts on credit cards and loans, and not one asset, my ex is trying to evict me from the former matriminial home at the moment. I spent all my savings rather quickly paying off the monthly minimums while trying to get a new job but my age and this recession hasn't helped! I alos have no qualifications so I'm in the process of starting a part time degree course, which I am so chuffed at. So anyway I went to Payplan, who have been great and as soon as I get a job, I plan to pay more and get the debts paid off quicker.

Payplan have been great but the creditors have been less than great!

I have 14 creditors and now a lot of defaults!

I did CCA them but I got them back and didn't properly understand what they meant, I now realise what I got back was mostly signed application forms or just standard forms and I never followed anyting up because I didn't know how to.

So after reading this site I intend to CCA them again, can I do that?

Also should I rather ask them for the one that you have to pay £10 for, can't remember the name.

I have the best of companies after me now, Capquest, First Credit etc etc

And it very worrying, the doctor put me on medication especially after a visit from a PPI man from The Royal Bank of Scotland who claims I'm working while claiming his insurance. He was so rude and aggressive, that I just don't think I could cope with debt collectors too. After reading this site I know now that I don't have to let these people into my home.

I just need some friendly advice to help see me through all this as now the debt collectors seem to be closing in and I'm getting pretty scared.

1st Credit and Capquest are my main worries at the moment. Ist credit even keeps sending the debt letters to the wrong address, they said I must have moved home as another address was on my credit file and they keep sending the mail there.

they demand that you call them but I'm really not up to calling unless they want a blubbering wreck on the other end of the line and then me having to bother the doctor again to calm me down.

Capquest have given me till 1st August to reply to them, they know payplan is dealing with things but they want me to call and arrange a payment planor they will escalate actions to recover the account, £4224.71, by litigation.

Please can someone explain to me about CCA's, that information request where you send £10, and how to deal with Capquest and 1st Credit.

I'd really appreciate some help and friendship. I know millions of oeople are in the same situation but you always feel alone going through things like this. Thank heavens I found this site! Even just writing this letter has made me feel better!

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Should have explained that I'm not working the horrid man from the Royal Bank of Scotland PPI said I was being followed etc and would end up in court but as I'm not working I have nothing to fear there, chance of a job would be a fine thing!

PPI insurance is another waste of time, they take your money for years and then do not want to pay it out when you urgently need it!

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Hello and Welcome, sick of it all.


You've made a good decision to look for help on this site, most people here, are in, or have been in the same sort of situation you find yourself in.


First thing I would say, regarding the Debt Collectors is forget about getting in touch by telephone, always insist everything is done in writing.


Best thing to do is start a new thread in each of your creditors Forums, the one's with Debt Collectors, should be started in this Forum 'linked'......


Debt Collection Industry - The Consumer Forums


Regarding the CCA's you have received, if you still have them, post them up on the thread's you start and other CAG members will have a look and help you find out if they're enforceable or not.


Here's some info on the CCA..............


A debt becomes unenforceable under the CCA if a creditor does not supply a true copy of the signed credit agreement within 12 working days of it being requested.


The debt remains unenforceable for as long as the creditor fails to produce the signed credit agreement – this means if they produce the agreement some months down the line, they are quite within their rights to enforce it. They do not need to take any further action to enforce the debt. A debtor cannot take any action against the creditor for failing to produce the signed credit agreement within the prescribed time, because that is up to the agencies that the offence has been reported to. Any sanctions that may be imposed are at the discretion of these agencies, and it is not a matter that the debtor can take to the civil court.


Issuing a court claim for non-compliance of a CCA request in all probability achieves nothing to benefit to the debtor, as a court claim is likely to spur a detailed search which could well end up with them producing a perfectly acceptable original signed agreement in court – which would result in the debtor losing the case, and being made liable for the creditor’s costs.


If after requesting a true copy of a signed credit agreement the creditor fails to produce it, it does not mean that the debt does not exist.The debtor may now however be in a good position to make a full and final offer to clear the debt.



The £10 you mention is for a Subject Access Request, this is usually used when you are looking to find out how many charges have been applied to your account and you intend to claim them back.


Here's a guide to this Forum, It'll help you get started, just give a bit of info on each of your threads and there's always someone around to help you out.




If you need a hand with anything, just shout.





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also if you have the default notices too if you scan scan them or take a picture of them an upload them to the threads as well (deleting any personal info)


ida x

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soory didnlt realise was same op ;)


i replied on your rbs thread , that's one you donlt need to worry about ;)


ida x

Please contact a member of the site team if you are offered help off the forum for a a paid or no win no fee service.


Please consider making a small donation to help keep this site running

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In your situation you may wish to consider a Low Income Low Asset Bankruptcy depending on the following factors. 1) ( as this has come up on as site relating to Scottish Jurisdiction, I am assuming that you are resident in Scotland) 2) So long as you do not own property or singular assets valued at more than £1000 or collective assets over £10000 you would qualify whilst on benefits or low income)


I would never say that this is the ideal solution for everyone, but it would at least silence the vultures and give you a fresh start.

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1stCredit bought one of my accounts last year, refused to accept my CCCS repayment offer and just kept sending me escalating threats on a weekly basis. Then I found this site, requested a CCA copy, took them 8 months to send me an unenforceable application form, so this account has been in dispute for more than a year now.


If they hadn't bullied the living daylights out of me they'd have been getting token payments, now they're getting nothing. I also reported them to Trading Standards for some of their irregular telephone conversations, and also letters some of which TS said weren't legally valid in Scotland :).


So don't let them worry you, they can be dealt with once you realise that they don't have any real powers. And never speak to them on the phone, keep everything in writing and tell them you will only deal with the matter in writing.. Once you've got your copy CCA's scanned up, you'll get plenty of advice from people on CAG.


Good Luck:):)

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