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Lloyds/Activ Kapital Default

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Hi there, excuse my inexperience but i'm very new to this, i have looked around on the net for advice but i'm still unsure of where i stand and was hoping for some help here...

Having just seen a copy of my partners credit report we found he had been issued two defaults, these are for the same debt; 4/5 years ago he stopped making payments into his lloyds account, due to charges a balance of -£156 was left outstanding, lloyds contacted him saying they wanted no more to do with him and that they had closed his account with immediate effect! Being young and niave he shrugged his shoulders and thought that would be the end of it... however when he tried to open a new account it was near impossible, barclays informed him of the reason for this (the default) and so he paid of the £156 that he thouhgt had been forgotten. He cannot remember who he paid this to, lloyds or activ kapital, but now on his report both have defaulted him, Activ-Kapital in May 2004 and Lloyds following suit in June 2004.

I hope that all made sense to you, apologies if its a bit long winded! My question is can lloyds default you after a payment has been made to activ kapital, can you really have two defaults for the same debt? I have written to activ kapital asking for the default notice issued they have a couple more days to reply, but i'm not sure how to go about it with lloyds, as i said they cleaned their hands of him (and presumably sold on the debt to activ kapital) so can they still access his credit file after this point? Many thanks in advance, Plum.

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The defaults will drop off his credit file automatically after six years, but you should get in touch with whoever placed them on there pointing out their error & also make a complaint to the credit reference agency who are duty bound to ensure the data they handle is correct. BTW yes you are right, two defaults cannot be made to the same debt.


As for him not being able to get a bank a/c, he could open a basic a/c with the Cooperative. He wouldn't get a chequebook but he would have a cashpoint card which also acts as a directdebit card (Visa Electron). Other banks do the same, such as NatWest.

Anthrax alert at debt collectors caused by box of doughnuts


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