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Credit Car PPI Claim

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I have found this letter on a similar thread and was wondering if it the best for an initial approach. I have the SAR information and completed the spreadsheet. It adds up to about £1200 based on the premiums plus contractual interest rate.


I purchased the above policy from you in 2002 in connection with the credit card account referenced above.

I believe that I was mis-sold this policy for the reason given below, and wish you to investigate my complaint according to your normal complaint procedures.

I was not told that the insurance was optional.

The policy exclusions were not explained to me either before or at the time I took out the insurance.

I was not asked if I had other insurances that would cover the payments.

I was not informed that PPI could be purchased elsewhere.

I was therefore unable to make an informed decision as to whether this insurance was appropriate for me.

I now believe the insurance was unsuitable for me as I was [self employed] at the time I took out the policy and was not made aware of the specific exclusions relating to unemployment cover.

If my complaint is upheld I require a refund of all premiums paid to the policy, plus any additional interest charged to me because of the PPI. I would also like to claim statutory compensation in view of the fact that I have been deprived of the use of this money.

Please now investigate my complaint within the eight weeks allowed to you.

Yours faithfully

Thanks for any help you can give.


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hello jamcol,


This was my PPI letter please feel free to use it to bulk up your own response which is fine but IMO better to put the ball in their court using words like you failed to do this you did not comply with that etc.


In each case PPI policies were attached to the above loans obtained from you on 8 March 2004, 20 May 2005 and 21 August 2006.


I am now convinced that I was mis-sold these PPI policies for the following 7 reasons:


1. Responsibilities When Underwriting a Policy of Insurance: On each occasion, when the details of a loan were discussed Your sales advisors failed to check my personal circumstances at the time of the sale, which they are under obligation to do when underwriting a Policy of Insurance. If they had done so, they would have realised that the PPI policies were useless to me. At no time was any attempt made to ascertain if the product provided was fit for purpose, suitable for my needs or if indeed it was required at all.


2. Alternative Insurance Cover: Your sales advisors in each case failed to ask me if I had any alternative arrangements for insurance cover. My employer has a generous illness package which would cover a period of sickness as follows: 6 months full pay followed by 6 months half pay. I would also be entitled to a generous redundancy package and a substantial payment would be made in the event of my death in service (more than suffice to clear the balance of the loan).



3.Failure to Supply Important Information with Regard to Significant Policy Exclusions: I was most definitely not informed that the PPI policies could contain certain exclusions which could affect me and my ability to claim on the policies if I should need to. Additionally I was never told that Pre Existing Medical Conditions could invalidate my policy and I was never asked if I had any Pre Existing Medical Conditions. Indeed your Loan Customer Duty of Care Checklist and the Loanguard Certificate of Insurance to which the Customer Duty of Care Checklist refers (forwarded under cover of Reference N) contain no reference to any Pre Existing Medical Conditions or includes any questions to me on the subject. I am in fact in receipt of a 40% War Disablement Pension from Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) since 1991. One element of this pension includes back injury which I now know is an exclusion in your PPI Policies. I also believe that I would also be excluded on at least one other existing condition.


4. Widespread PPI Mis-Selling: I cancelled the PPI policy on xxxAccountNo xxx on 7 Jan 2007 after becoming aware of the widespread mis-selling of PPI by some financial institutions, following recent media coverage and recent OFT and FSA investigations regarding the mis-selling of PPI. I believe this is borne out by Point 3 above. I am also aware that the question of PPI cover is the subject of an ongoing inquiry by the Competition Commissioner.


5. Wholly Inappropriate PPI Selling Bonuses: I understand that some employees are paid higher bonuses if they get prospective creditors to take out PPI with loans. How can the best interests of the customer possibly be met, if there is a clear conflict of interest between your responsibilities to me, and the drive of your employees to sell Payment Protection Insurance whether it is suitable or not in order to receive bonuses?


6. PPI Loan Interest payments miscalculated: Since I cancelled the policy, I have actually received a smaller reduction in the PPI loan interest payments than the figure stated on the agreement. The explanatory letter sent to me has, I believe, confirmed that I have paid for single premium PPI policies on each loan taken with your establishment.


7. True Nature of Single Premium PPI Not Explained: No explanation was forthcoming from any advisor on any occasion on the full extent of single premium PPI policies or the fact that they would offer little or no refund if the loan was settled early or if the insurance was cancelled. The statements you have forwarded on accounts xxx and xxx, show no element of any refund of PPI or PPI interest when the accounts were settled on refinancing. There was also no explanation that the cost of the PPI premium would be added to the total cost of credit and interest added for the full term of the agreement. I believe this practice is unlawful.


I now believe that the single premium PPI policies attached to the loan accounts were both extremely unfair and totally unreasonable and offered me very little, if any protection value whatsoever. I am therefore requesting a full refund of all costs including all single PPI premiums that have been paid, the interest added to these premiums and the payments, that I have paid to date.


Furthermore as I believe I have been unlawfully deprived of this money, I also expect the repayment of the interest at the Statutory Interest rate of 8% applicable to of each of the single premiums.


Details of the single premiums for each account with the interest payments made are as follows:


hope this is of use



I have no legal training and the advice I offer is a matter of support. Before you commit to any Legal action you are advised to contact a qualified legal practitioner.


Bank charge successes:

Halifax - Full settlement incl interest.

HSBC - Settlement, goodwill no admission of liability about 75% of claim.

RBS - Settlement, goodwill no admission of liability about 70% of claim.

2 ongoing claims for bank charges with HSBC with more to come. (Supreme Court ruling could have upset these claims) They did :mad:

PPI Successes

PPI 4 settlements on 9 loans. FOS involvement on 7 added on the 8 % Statutory interest another 30% to both.

2 claims settled in full with LV without FOS involvement.

2 claims settled in full with HSBC without FOS involvement


PPI Claims ongoing with:

Cap one Now with the FOS

Barclays. Paid up today 24/04/10 cheque received for over £4,500 and in the bank.

LTSB still have to decide on this as their SAR production was abysmal. Papers data mixed up documents missing etc


1 Complaint not upheld by FOS they said it was ICO issue. Complaint upheld by ICO. See this..

Post 290 from

***RBS PPI Claim Long fight but, WON***


Please do not PM me for advice as it may be sometime before I can respond.


Keep at them. Do not give way and do not accept all they tell you, they will delay and stall for as long as they can to prevent repaying you your mis-sold PPI.


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