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You can now change your notification sounds by going to this link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/index.php?/&app=soundboard&module=soundboard&controller=managesounds


You can find a library of free notification sounds in several places on the Internet. Here's one which has a very large selection https://notificationsounds.com/notification-sounds



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    • Thanks for this update. Obviously I'm very pleased that your guitar has been delivered and that you don't have to take any further action about this. On the other hand, I'm slightly disappointed because I was hoping that this might be an opportunity to deliver a serious slap against Hermes. Anyway, who knows why it happened like this – but the most important thing is that the item has been delivered and you're not out of pocket – and also probably you have learned a good lesson – don't use Hermes – or Packlink. It's a recipe for trouble.  
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    • I have debts of my own and will sort another advice separate for them as now I’m not working and a full time carer for wife & daughter I’m struggling to pay them so will want advice on letters to send them for reduced payments etc But for now I need to know what to do about PayPal as its really making me worry and is making me ill but ive got to try be strong and put on brave face for wife & daughter I dont want them picking up on something is wrong & worrying me
    • Help & Advice wanted on PayPal debt please I had someone staying with me for a while before they moved away and they had access to my PayPal account and was buying a few things and giving me the money no problem but then unknown to me until it was to late they had a gambling problem also and last off used my PayPal to fund online gambling . They ended up using £5,000 through PayPal and the first I knew was when I went to do some online banking and seen £1200 went out of my bank for PayPal so I looked straightaway and stopped / cancelled my bank letting PayPal take from my account . Then I logged on to PayPal and seen transactions 1 after another this going to total the £5,000 so I unlinked my bank & cards from PayPal account . Then nearly 2 weeks after I started getting emails and messages saying my account was in negative balance for £3,800 because they already had the £1200 . I’m in a bit of debt anyway and struggling so for this to happen left me feeling very ill to find they have spent thousands and left me without anything no money to live on or feed family even at the time as that £1200 that was took out of my account was all I had, I’m very annoyed and feeling very mad and very ill. Ive no idea how I can put this right as got no work no money because My wife got struck down with illness and disabled and I also have special needs daughter so I’m now a full time carer for both wife and daughter . I need to sort this but dont know how or best way to go about it. Ive had emails from PayPal and ive replied and explained plus went on live chat etc and asked for it to be logged and for them to please come to some payment agreement even though I cant afford it I know I got to put things right somehow but had no joy in chat and was just told pay into PayPal what I owe. So again I get emails and I reply but not getting any reply back to my emails . Ive not told my ill disabled wife about this right now as it would push her over the top and make her more ill thinking about it and its her Nephew to top things off so I know it would destroy her . Ive tried talking to someone with PayPal in live chat etc and emails as said asked if it can be logged showing ive been in touch regarding this matter and need to try sort it and also asked for them to contact me in writing so hopefully we can come to some sort of agreement to put this right but so far its been about 31 days now since account been in negative and ive had no phone calls or letters from them yet So what can I do and whats best way to deal with this I’m trying to pursue the person for these funds as we speak but know I’m not going to get anywhere
    • The US House Speaker said the law was a "brutal, sweeping crackdown" against Hong Kong's people. View the full article
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    • Hi,  
      I was in Sainsbury’s today and did scan and shop.
      I arrived in after a busy day at work and immediately got distracted by the clothes.
      I put a few things in my trolley and then did a shop.
      I paid and was about to get into my car when the security guard stopped me and asked me to come back in.
      I did and they took me upstairs.
      I was mortified and said I forgot to scan the clothes and a conditioner, 5 items.
      I know its unacceptable but I was distracted and Initially hadn’t really planned to use scan and shop.
      No excuse.
      I offered to pay for the goods but the manager said it was too late.
      He looked at the CCTV and because I didn’t try to scan the items he was phoning the police.
      The cost of the items was about £40.
      I was crying at this point and told them I was a nurse, just coming from work and I could get struck off.
      They rang the police anyway and they came and issued me with a community resolution notice, which goes off my record in a year.
      I feel terrible. I have to declare this to my employer and NMC.
      They kept me in a room on my own with 4 staff and have banned me from all stores.
      The police said if I didn’t do the community order I would go to court and they would refer me to the PPS.
      I’m so stressed,
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Do you know something about iPiano?

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Hey! I've discovered the new iPiano. [EDIT]

Can you, please, tell me if there is any good, especially for a beginner? I would like to buy one for my child and I don't know if it will help her or not... I don't want to buy something that is not worth it.


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Where are the pedals?:confused:

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I don't think that there are any....:confused:

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iPiano is a software download (free) for the Mac.

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I don't think iPiano is just a software. [EDIT]

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I don't know, I can imagine that'll be incredibly expensive (anything with an "i" as the first letter tends to be!)... and what you'd be paying that's unique seems to be the music notation interface. Have you found a price for it? I had a look but couldn't find anything.


I think most of what it's offering is already available these days - you can buy electric screens to display scores (but really, I prefer paper sheet music because you can scribble notes on it!). There's also thousands of free tutorials and videos online.


If it were me I'd stick to a real piano or a digital one (I've got a Yamaha P90 digital piano, it sounds and feels like a real one with weighted keys).

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it won't help. buy a cheap keyboard from argos.

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Well... only thing is a cheap keyboard from argos won't likely sound much like a real piano and won't have weighted keys. It depends what you're looking for. If you're planning on piano lessons they'd likely be aimed at someone playing a "real" piano (not an argos keyboard which is more like a synthesizer and feels very different to play).


Saying that, if your child's a beginner it might be better to start with a very cheap one in case (as kids often do) they lose interest.

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only thing is a cheap keyboard from argos won't likely sound much like a real piano .


Well now, you learn something everyday.:p

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If you are thinking about taking up the piano, you have three real options open to you, as follows:


1) Real Piano. Ah, there is no substitute for the feel of a real piano. Unfortunately, neither is there a substitute for the weight or bulk.


Because of this, plus the fact they take up a lot of space, you can find a lot of people giving away upright pianos for free in the local paper. However, beware of these; whilst the ads are genuine, the piano will almost certainly need at least tuning, which will cost.


Bear in mind also that even once tuned, pianos will go out of tune again. In addition, much like children, they have no volume control or headphone socket. Plus, you are unable to hook them up to a PC.



2) Option 2 is to get a synthesiser. These have light, springy keys, rarely any touch sensativity (the harder you hit the keys, the louder they are) and, generally, have a pretty crummy piano sound. The trade off is that synthesisers tend to have dozens - if not hundreds - of voices and samples, various beats and some level of recording facilities.

They also have volume control, headphone sockets, and, of course, can be hooked up to a PC.

A reasonable synthesiser should set you back around £200-£300, although you can of course get cheaper models (and even cheaper if you go second hand through eBay or your local paper).



3) And finally option 3, and my personal recommendation; an Electronic Piano. These are a halfway house between a synthesiser and a real piano.

These fall roughly into two types; Stage Pianos (such as Jennyfive's Yamaha P90) and full Digital Pianos (such as my Roland HP207).


Stage Pianos do not have built-in pedals (although most models allow you to add one or two pedals separately by plugging them in), and tend to be rather more simplistic in design. The reason - as the name suggests - is that they are primary designed to be moved around a lot, so are easily handled by one person. The home advantage of this is that you can easily pack them away until you need them.

Sound quality-wise, Stage Pianos are pretty much on a par with their Digital Piano cousins at the lower end of the market (the piano sound on the Yamaha P90 Stage, for example, is the same as on their YDP Digital Piano range), but the quality soon gets left behind as you go up the Digital Piano market (not to mention price).


Digital Pianos are almost always more expensive than their Stage Piano cousins. Why? Well, for a start all Digital Pianos have in built pedals (sometimes a cut-down two, but normally all three). The sound quality is often, but not always, higher, but the speakers are almost invariably more powerful, giving a richer sound.

At the entry-level end of the market, Digital Pianos generally have the same number of sounds as Stage Pianos (normally around 10, give or take), but will usually have additional features such as in-built metronomes, and recording and playback facilities.

However, Digital Pianos are like a real pinao in that they are a large piece of furniture, so take up a reasonable amount of space. They also can't be dismantled and packed away like a Stage Piano.


Shared benefits of both Stage and Digital Pianos Stage Pianos is that they have full computer compatibility (via MIDI), volume control and headphone sockets (so junior's attempts to learn Chopsticks for the umpteenth time isn't going to get the neighbours around complaining).


Both their keyboards have properly graded and weighted keys. So, unlike a synthesiser, when you hit the hit on a Stage Piano it mechanically triggers a hammer inside (just as with a real piano). The difference being that this hammer hits an electrical contact, rather than a string. This provides an incredibly responsive and lifelike feel to the keys. They are also graded as on a real piano (so the keys in the lower register take more force to hit than the keys in the upper).


Finally, both Stage and full Digital pianos have MIDI capabilities. I personally have mine hooked up to my PC, which runs a composer program that lets me download music, or write it manually via the mouse, and have my piano play it, or will let me record my piano playing live then build sheet music of what I've just played.


This feature is tremendously useful when learning new pieces, and perfect for starting composition yourself.

Added to this, you can easily obtain free sheet music online by joining the free website Piano Files, where thousands of people - myself included - share sheet music for free.


So, let's talk shop. Personally, I would always choose an electronic instrument over a real piano for the reasons outlined above, so I'm only going to give you rough price guides for options 2 and 3. Also, these are average prices bought new. As long as you can see the instrument working, there is no problem at all with getting something second hand.


Right, first off there are a vast wealth of models and makes out there. The real question you should be asking yourself is do you want to replicate having a piano in the house. If you don't care either way, consider a synthesiser. You can pretty much go for any make here (the quality of a synth being the features, rather than the manufacturer), and the prices will start at under £100. For entry level (i.e. something reasonable to learn on), you'll be looking at about £120 - £250. You can pay much more, but it's unnecessary paying for features you aren't going to use.


If you do want to replicate having a real piano without actually having a real piano, forget synthesisers.


Unless your budget stretches to it, you'll probably be best off starting out on a Stage Piano. They're light(ish), easy to pack away and cost less than a full Digital Piano. Stage Pianos will start new at around the £400-£450 mark and go up from there.

I used to have the Yamaha P60 Stage Piano (the little brother of Jennyfive's P90), which set me back £499.99.


For a full Digital Piano, you'll be looking at starting at around £600, maybe less if you're lucky. From there the prices rise alarmingly steeply, with £4k - £5k being the peak of the market.

Digital Piano wise, entry level (so £600 - £1200) will more than satisfy your needs for years to come.


Make-wise, both Stage and Digital Pianos have a wide range of manufacturers, but I would personally only ever choose either Yamaha or Roland. These are the two market leaders for a good reason; their products are better made, higher quality - even at entry level - and the sound sampling is almost always better. Korg are reasonable, but Casio's are just horrible, with very light keys and sample sets that aren't much better than synths.


The best thing to do is head into a music store (assuming one is near you) and try out a few models to see what you think. Get as much information from the store about the offered range, make a note of the model types and makes, then leave the store and go and get a realistic price online (you can generally save a few hundred by hunting online).



Finally, if you have any more questions or queries about pianos - digital or otherwise - feel free to post them in this thread and I'll be happy to answer them.

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