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BankFodder BankFodder


Lloyds threatening to default me for bank charges.

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Basically I have been training for a new job and not getting paid yet, it takes up all my time. I don't claim benefits (and won't claim them either) and I don't see myself making money for another month or so. I have 0 source of income, literally 0.00 a month. Now a while back some recurring charge on my debit card that I had forgotten about took me over my unauthorised overdraft by 26 pounds. Ok, my fault. I could have borrowed some from my parents to pay it back. By the time Lloyds sent me a letter, it was to demand an extra 84 in charges. I could not have borrowed this. I talk to them a bit and they say basically there is nothing I can do. I then sent a few letters to them about it trying the hardship route but to no avail, I got Lloyds final response and then took it to the ombudsman.


Over a month later the ombudsman gets back to me and says that they have sent my complaint to the bank but will not take any further action and that I should see what the bank say and then send them the final response. But I already sent them a final response?? Anyway a few weeks later, exactly the same "final" letter from lloyds. Firstly should I even bother with the ombudsman now?


Anyway, I get a letter from Lloyds saying

"We recently contacted you with an offer of help, but because we have not been able to come to an agreemnt, we have no option but to take further action" Sorry? Phoning me and telling me I need to pay and that the charges won't stop? That sure was helpful. They did mention a repayment plan, alright, cool, that should tide me over till I get the 1300 of bank charges back over the years when the test case is resolved. And then they tell me since I have 0 income, they won't even discuss that with me, end of.


Anyway the rest of the letter goes "We will now be starting recovery action and will pass the handling of your account to the Bank's collection agents. We intend to register your default with a credit referencing agency" blah blah...


So basically my bank has actually ruined my entire life over what was initially 26 pounds... With 200+ of bank charges added on. Any options or should I just carry on feeling so sick that i want to die...


Thanks for any help

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Hi Ihatelloydstsb:)


I can sympathise with you - LTSB are a bunch of uncaring barstewards - but you musn't let it get to you. I know it seems really bad at the moment and however much or little you are owed in charges is irrelevant as its all relative to your personal situation, but try to think positively if you can.


LTSB owe us about £10,000 in charges - having asked LTSB to consider us under the hardship criteria we received a similar response to you with the recovery action continuing threat etc. We have priority debt arrears, which you haven't mentioned - do you have these? - if you don't they won't even consider helping I'm afraid - yet still LTSB were not prepared to help, so we have now gone to the FOS.


We haven't had a response yet from them, but I would guess that maybe as you haven't mentioned having priority debt arrears (mortgage/rent, council tax, utility bills) they don't feel able to do any more than refer your complaint back to LTSB as you say they have done. I'm afraid I don't know what to suggest about this, apart from to wait for the next letter from LTSB which as I'm sure you are aware will probably be along the lines of 'we're looking into your complaint and will respond within the next 4 weeks' etc:eek:


You say you are owed £1300 in charges - have you put in a claim for this? If not have you done a Subject Access Request, as there might be even more charges you can claim that you are unaware of. Have a read of BankFodder's thread about claiming back overdraft interest.


Remember there are always plenty of friendly, helpful members here to support you - please don't let it get on top of you!


Good luck,


Landy x

LTSB PPI on various loans (current/settled) - Refunded inc 8%


MBNA 1 Charges - Refunded inc CI


MBNA 1 PPI - Refunded


MBNA 2 Charges - Refunded inc 8%


MBNA 2 PPI - Refunded


MBNA 2 Accident Ins - Refunded


Swift Advances (settled) Mortgage Charges -Partially refunded


Swift Advances (settled) Mortgage PPI - Refunded inc CI & 8%


Sainsburys (settled) Loan PPI - Refunded inc CI +8%


Sainsburys (closed) Card Charges - Refunded inc CI + 8%


M&S Money (closed) Card Charges - Refunded inc CI


M&S Money (closed) Card PPI - Refunded inc 8%


Direct Line (settled) Loan PPI - Refunded inc CI + 8%


Debenhams Card (closed) PPI - Refunded inc 8%


Swift Mortgage Charges -Refunded


Hitachi Finance (closed) Charges - Refunded

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answered you on another forum ;)


FSA Waiver on Bank Charges:http://www.fsa.gov.uk/pages/Doing/Regulated/Notify/Waiver/pdf/dir_quart_0709.pdf

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Thank you very much landy, and nattie too. I don't have the priority arrears, it is literally just my bank that is destroying my credit file and life. Lol... Tomorrow I will send them an income and expenditure form and offer them 1 pound a month in repayments. See if that will hold them off long enough for the test case to resolve. I have sent them a charges claim which is where this all started, I used my internet banking to see every charge I have incurred. It amounted to 1300 but in the last few months I think I have gotten 600 pounds worth of charges, and they are chasing me for 284 or so. They are really rather unhelpful haha. I am just praying that the OFT case resolves swiftly and comes back in our favour. October seems like forever away and unless I can offer them that 1 pound repayment to keep them busy, I will just have to see. Thank you very much for the moral support, it is very much appreciated.

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