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    • Serco are not up to the job, but director's of Serco are buddies with Ministers handing out contracts like confetti on the back of Covid.  Track & Trace and Isolate should be a LA competence, not private firms on the make.   Interesting blog today, the genesis of the crisis started with Blair in 2005, subsequent administrations did nothing to improve responses to pandemic.   https://www.turbulenttimes.co.uk/news/corona/scared-to-death/    
    • Independent Sage met yesterday and has a new report out.   They think the national test and trace system doesn't work and are urging the government not to renew Serco's contract. They say the job should be done by GPs and local public health people who are already deal with the more complex cases and care homes.   https://www.independentsage.org/an-independent-sage-discussion-document-on-contact-tracing-and-self-isolation/
    • Thanks for your reply.   I don't have the money to get the repairs or inspections done to be honest.    It's a BMW 1 series.   I've learnt my lesson. I was having a pretty hard time with my health to be honest at the time. I bought it as a present to myself but was too trusting. 
    • This is a tricky one, BMW's , wide wheels, low profile tyres, stiff suspension over deviations, German Cars are known for that.  It might have winter tyres on, that would cause a rumble. My Volvo is also very weird like that.  It could also be a wheel bearing, which isn't expensive but would need to be done. Why not take it to your mechanic for a an inspection, or the AA/ RAC also do that.  I've learnt the hard way that's what you need to do before you buy the car,    What BMW is it?  I would only buy this brand of car at that age if it had a full history of every service and everything that has been spent on it during it's lifetime.
    • If you get somebody to cover for you on those last three days, are you saying you are OK?  ie you don't need to go to work in your old job and you can start the new one?  So that gives you what you want - yes?   If you can't get somebody to cover for you, you've got two potential courses of action - which may or may not be mutually exclusive.  First, ask if you can move your termination date forward by three days.  Obviously you won't get paid for those three days and whether your current trust will agree to this depends on what sort of relationship you have with your manager and how much they will need you to work those three days - or how easy you will be to replace.  If they say OK - you win.   Second, you don't turn up for work on those three days.  You will then technically be in breach of contract and in theory the trust could sue you for any financial loss they suffer as a result.  This would be the cost of employing somebody to replace you for those three days.  Will they need to replace you?  I suspect they would not bother to sue you, but nobody can guarantee they won't.  And what if you want a reference from them in future?  If you've already asked to bring your leave date forward, and they've refused, they may rightly conclude that you are taking the pi$$ if you don't turn up on those days, and they won't like it - or rather they won't like you...   Or, as I said before, get your new start date put back three days.   The thing is, your current employer can't extend your notice period unless you agree.  If they won't allow you to take leave owing to you during that notice period, they should pay you for it.  Whether you should write to them as I suggested earlier is more complicated because the situation is much less clear cut than you originally outlined.  (You had implied that they had already refused your request to take leave owing to you during your notice period and that you would have to extend your notice period to allow you to take that leave.  That isn't quite the position, is it?  And they haven't actually said they won't pay you for any leave you don't take, have they?)   Two other things: first, are you changing employer within the NHS?  If you are, it's a possibility that questions may be asked if you are in the pension scheme and you have two periods of full-time employment that overlap.   Second, your manager's email refers to "your last working day".  This is a little ambiguous and can cause a lot of confusion in the NHS.  You may wish to check whether they mean it is the last day of your employment (ie including any leave you are taking) or is it the last day you are actually present working.  Do you see the difference?  Managers often get hopelessly confused by this without HR guidance.  (And HR often get it wrong).   It's a pity you can't or won't seek union guidance if you are a member - that's what you pay for.
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    • Hi,  
      I was in Sainsbury’s today and did scan and shop.
      I arrived in after a busy day at work and immediately got distracted by the clothes.
      I put a few things in my trolley and then did a shop.
      I paid and was about to get into my car when the security guard stopped me and asked me to come back in.
      I did and they took me upstairs.
      I was mortified and said I forgot to scan the clothes and a conditioner, 5 items.
      I know its unacceptable but I was distracted and Initially hadn’t really planned to use scan and shop.
      No excuse.
      I offered to pay for the goods but the manager said it was too late.
      He looked at the CCTV and because I didn’t try to scan the items he was phoning the police.
      The cost of the items was about £40.
      I was crying at this point and told them I was a nurse, just coming from work and I could get struck off.
      They rang the police anyway and they came and issued me with a community resolution notice, which goes off my record in a year.
      I feel terrible. I have to declare this to my employer and NMC.
      They kept me in a room on my own with 4 staff and have banned me from all stores.
      The police said if I didn’t do the community order I would go to court and they would refer me to the PPS.
      I’m so stressed,
      can u appeal this or should I just accept it?
      Thanks for reading 
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Estate Agents will not return the bond

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When we viewed the property, we were told by Steve (Estate Agency owner) that he knew the decoration wasn’t to everybody’s taste and it would be neutrally decorated and the carpet cleaned.

We asked for the door to the extension to be changed as we were going to use it as a bedroom

When we moved in, the decorating and the carpet hadn’t been done, and office furniture had been left in both the bedrooms en-suite and small.

It was agreed over the phone that we could take these out and dispose of them.

We were told the landlord was not going to decorate the house but we can decorate it ourselves if we wanted.

We told the estate agents on the Monday we weren’t happy with the state of the electrics in the box to the meter. Some of the light switches were loose and the wiring to the two glass cupboards didn’t look safe. An electrician came round while we were at work and we were never told if he did anything.

The main shower in the en-suite wasn’t working properly. We contacted the estate agent who then contacted Mr Birch and were told to climb out of the small bathroom window under eaves and shake the pipes, which didn’t work. We again contacted Mr Birch who said he would put a new pump. Eventually he came and replaced the pump and problem solved for a while.

The downstairs toilet leaked into the garage and was told by Mr Birch that he had put the screwdriver through the wrong part.

The roof in the conservatory leaked and we started to have a problem with mice. We informed the estate agents but we were told if it was rat they could do something but they can’t do anything about mice.

The window in the conservatory didn’t have a lock on it and we had told them about it but nothing was done.

Mr Birch was told about all these when he came to collect his post. He told us they had mice when they lived there and they were after the dog food.

All these were told to Steve when he did the inspection on May 31st 2008.

In October 2008 we asked Mr Birch if he had a hedge trimmer so we could trim the hedges and were told his wife would come and sort it all out. They came round to have a look to see what needed doing. Mr Birch brought the hedge trimmer the next day. We then had a phone call from Mrs Birch saying Rowels had told her the garden was our responsibility and she wasn’t going to come round. Then later that week we had a phone calls from the estate agents saying the wanted to do an emergency inspection as we had let the garden overgrown.( we maintained the garden at least every week in summer time). Steve came round 7:30 pm in the dark with a torch to do the inspection and we were told everything was O.K.

Beginning of December 2008 the shower stopped working completely. We contacted the estate agents twice before the contacted Mr Birch who then came round said it needed another new pump but he was going on holiday until the 19th Dec and would sort it out when he came back. We were not happy about this as it meant we would be with out a shower for 3 weeks. We sent a letter to the estate agent 17th Dec but were told, as Mr Birch wanted to use his own contractors they were unable to get it fixed for us. And if we withheld payment of rent this would result in a late charge and the possibility of debt collectors.

We did not hear from Mr Birch until after Christmas, he came and looked said it needed a new pump and maybe a heater to stop it freezing. We then had a phone call from Rowels saying that none of the merchants were not open between Christmas and New Year so he could not get the parts he needed until Monday 5th Jan 2009. 5 weeks after we first told Rowels about it. Mr Birch was told again about the missing handle on the window, the leaking conservatory roof (which was getting much worse the blinds on the windows were starting to get watermarked) .He said he would have a day and come and do all the little jobs that needed doing.

He brought a window lock round one day when he collected his post but it was never fitted.

The upstairs toilet started to leak a little and very intermittently.

In march the gas fire in the lounge started to burn with a very orange flame and the coals started to get covered in soot. The ignition on the fire started not to work about the same time. Again Mr Birch was told when he came to collect his letters. He took the booklet for the fire so he could get a part to mend it but it was never repaired.

The toilet upstairs started to leak more often and larger amounts of water were appearing. The estate agents were told in a phone call Mr Birch came the same day but while we were both at work and my daughter was in the house on her own. He flushed the toilet and it didn’t leak so told her there was not a problem despite there being a wet towel on the floor put there to soak up the water and a large yellow stain on the white bathmat.

Then we had it and decided not to renew the contract and find elsewhere. Notice was given to estate agent that we would be leaving at the end of Jun 2009.

The property was advertised and viewing was arranged. We asked for accompanied viewings and the first ones were. We were told about a viewing which we agreed to. The couple concerned turned up no one from the estate agents came. They then asked for another viewing on the Saturday which we agreed to. They asked questions about the property and were told about the above. Then couple of hours later we received a phone call from Steve saying that I had put them off renting the house and he was going to make our move as difficult as he could for us. The phone call was witnessed by my daughter Sarah.

We left the property June 26th 2009. The carpet was cleaned. The house was left in a very clean, tidy condition. The garden had been tided and the garage swept out.

We were contacted by a third party, which was chosen by Rowels to do the inventory on June 30th 2009.

We attended the appointment and were asked to sign a piece of paper before the check, which we did. We were not showed what was written and were not given a copy of it. Also we were not given a copy of inventory when we first moved in. The guy told us that everything was O.K

We didn’t hear anything from the estate agents until 2nd of July, when a voice mail message was left regarding the bond. Then I rang them asking about it and was told they could not get into the property. I told them they need to unlock both locks, which were locked.

We again did not hear anything from them until we received a letter on 11th of July stating they were going to get some quotes to repair the damage.

There was no mention of what the work was that needs to be done.

We were never given the details of deposit protection scheme, which our deposit was registered with.

We wrote a letter on same day 11th July asking about details of work need doing and where the bond is kept and gave them until 14th July when their 10th working day was over to gave us a satisfactory answer but had received no reply.

Now I am sending them a letter before court action to give them last chance to pay uu the bond back. Anyone can help please?

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Guest Old_andrew2018


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Not quite sure what you want help with?

This is a very detailed account of things which have happened in the past. If you had communicated earlier, we might have been able to help but it is too late now. (e.g. you do not have to allow anyone into the property at all (regardless of what agreements say about inspections) if you choose to refuse. You did not have to allow viewings etc. etc.


Regarding the deposit. You have not been notifed that your deposit was protected. Ring these 3 numbers and ask whether your bond is held in any of these schemes. Keep details of the replies (who you spoke to etc.) If your deposit was not protected, then you can sue for return of deposit + 3xdeposit penalty for non-compliance with the deposit protection legislation.


DPS 0870 707 1 707

TDSL 0871 703 0552

TDS 0845 226 7837.


Was a proper checkin inventory done, which you signed, at the beginning of the tenancy? If not, they will not be able to prove any damage and will not be able to keep the deposit. You should NOT have signed the paper at the checkout. What were you thinking of??


Do you have details (copies of letters, emails etc.) regarding your requests for repairs to damage etc.?

Kentish Lass

Information given is based on my knowledge and experience and is not to be considered as legal advice

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Right, you need copies of that original inventory, and you need a copy of the exit inventory. You've helped yourself greatly as far as I can see by putting most requests for repairs in writing, hopefully you have copies.


If you don't have any of these items you can do SAR request to the agent for all copies etc.


Then you can see what is really going on. If they try to take you to Court and you have those documents I'd say you have a very strong defence.


I reckon though that once the agent/landlord realises you know your rights they may well go away. I hope so.


Good luck.

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You keep mentioning a 'bond', rather than a deposit, does this mean you are in Scotland?

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