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Wescot Credit Services

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Wonder if you can help!


For the past 3 days I have recieved letters from Wescot Credit Services regarding a RBS credit card.


Now I have recieved a letter threathening to take me to court or a debt collector to come to the door unless I pay by a certain date. Now I think it's one of the standard letters but it does look very convincing.


Now the strange thing is! within these last three letters not once has my name been spelled correctly they have managed to mi-spell James!!


Would this have any impact on the debt that they have been passed over?


I understand a CCA request would be the first option

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Wescot are well known on here.

Like most other DCA's, their threats are simply full of hot air & not worth the paper they are printed on.

No-one can turn up unless an appointment is made with you - they can simply be told to go away.

They have no legal powers over you whatsoever.

Im still waiting for them to follow up on any of the usual garbage theyve threatened me with for ages now :rolleyes:

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Well that's calming!


I'll expect a letter every day then!!


I take it nothing can be done with the wrong name? I'm surprised they are chasing me for money and can't even spell my name correctly.

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They soon go away when told to in no-uncertain terms.

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would send prove it first.and maybe include their letter highlighting the name.

see what they come back with.









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Hello folks,


Wescot have started to call me today, so far twice on home line and once on my mobile.


I have told them I will not answer any security on the phone and to write to me.

They asked me to confirm my address and ( having checked I was not wearing my village idiot T shirt) I said, you have my number go figure the address..............:lol:


They will not tell me what its about but I suspect its Barclaycard having passed it onto them after I have rid myself of Mercers, Calders and CSL.


Or, I wonder, are Wescot part of one of these outfits just like Mercers and Calders are part of Barclaycard.

Does anyone know the answer?


If they call again today I will ask for their address and send them the usual go forth letter and see if that works like it has on the others listed above.


DCA business............what a bunch of cowboys!


Better go and load my six shooter ready for my high noon date.:grin:



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Switch the security questions on to them!!!


Tell them that for you to clarify who they are you need some answers.


First look up the DCA in question here - WebCHeck - Select and Access Company Information


Make a note of their company number and registered office, or as a little variation you can sit there and do it whilst they are on the line.


When the DCA phones ask them to confirm their registered address - most will give a PO Box number 'WRONG ANSWER'. Tell them that is not the address held by Companies House - then proceed to go round and round in circles.


Most phone monkeys dont know what you are on about.


I spent over 30 minutes with Fredrickson playing find the address, eventually after speaking to 2 monkeys, their trainer and the trainers manager he eventually phoned me back with the information.


If they do give you the address etc say 'Thank you, I don't conduct business over the phone could you please put anything you have to say in writing'


I used to get bombarded with calls but I don't get any calls since doing this!!!


Good luck.



I'm in the DCA kicking business ..........and business is good!!!!

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Hi Pookey,


Yes great advice I already do this with the other oiks who used to call me.:lol:


For anyone else reading this and wanting to play tease the monkey the info you need is -


Name & Registered Office:







KA21 5JT

Company No. SC084131


As an added twist why not ask the caller for their full name and direct phone number, when they give this ask them for the companies Consumer Credit Licence number as well?

It is always good for a time waste, mostly they have no idea and ask why you need it, also they often glibly tell you its 12345678 simply say, no its not find out and call me back.


When & if they do call back start the process all over again.

I know its time consuming but its good sport and much better than watching TV!

It always gets them annoyed when you say 'Ok, write to me as I dont do business over the phone'.


Have fun out there.



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I just ignored the letter, and they have sent me another one! this time it looks a lot badder! lol.


Still they are getting my name wrong! Mr Ames?


They are now threathening to add legal expenses lol.


What else will happen? I certingly can't afford to pay the full amount although i still want to clear this off as fast as possible. I don't feel like calling them just now to get nagged in to trying to pay for more than I can afford.

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Send them a CCA request and let's take it from there. They have 14 days in which to comply, if they don't then send an "in dispute" letter, which should stop the constant harassment. If it doesn't you have grounds for a strong complaint to Trading Standards and the OFT.

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