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I keep having Bailiffs coming to my door saying they are going to take my stuff but im not the person they want??? My name is very close to the person they are after and they just said well we have a ritz on your house (whatever that means) so they can take stuff, they was righting down what they could see through my window such as my TV etc.


I called them today to say i dont want anything to do with it and im not the person, also i can prove it with my divers licence.


They just keep saying well you need to help us?? Erm no go away im not the person you want!!!


So can someone please help me as they are insistant they will be back to take my things soon?


Thanks in advance



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do you know who the bailiffs are acting for council tax parking fine e c t

how did they get your address


do you have council tax bill utility bills e c t in your name

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They would not say as they told me it was a highcourt Writ?? Whatever that means for £3k so im guessing its not a parking fine.


I was not in at the time they came my mum showed them a recent bill that came to my house but they still insisted they coming back to take my belongings.


I called them today and he said that its on my address so they can do what they want. He said i need to get in contact with the courts or something i was a bit flustered. Explained that no one of that name lives or has lived at my address???


Ok i have some documents they are from "Sheriffs high court enforcment ltd" it appears to be a disput between some guy and someone with a very close name to mine, who apparently shares the same date of birth???


I remember telling him to call round again and take a look at my drivers licence but they are not interested, its as if they dont believe me or just want to take my things anyway.

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send the bailiff company copy of any council tax bill tenancy agreement utility bill that you have with a letter stating that you are not the person in question and that they do not live at this address


you could send a statutory declaration to the bailiff saying you are not the person named on the writ however this will cost you approx £5


this is a copy of a statutory declaration that you can amend to suit you purpose






To: (the bailiffs) (their address)







I (your name)

of (your address)

Do solemnly and sincerely declare that:

the items listed (list them) are not the property of (your friends name) and (reason why they were there) and have always been my sole property

And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835 and Section 5 of The Perjury Act 1911.




Declared at


On the day of two thousand and


Before me


A Commissioner for Oaths, or Notary Public/Justice of the Peace/Solicitor having the powers conferred on a Commissioner for Oaths



or ask the bailiff the name of the court phone the court and ask for help


hopefully someone else will come along and give you more advice as i personally have not dealt with a situation like this before

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They just keep saying well you need to help us?? Erm no go away im not the person you want


in this instance i would agree with the bailiff (just been hit with a bolt of lighting :)) the bailiff has a writ with your address on it therefore they believe they have valid writ they have no reason to think that the person named on the writ does not live there so you have to prove to the bailiff that you are not the person named on the writ and they have nothing to do with your address


now I'm NOT sticking up for the bailiff but they must hear this 100 times a day not me doesn't live here e c t this is why you need to help them by sending proof


personally i would not speak to the bailiff on the phone (unless you can record the call ) i would deal with the bailiffs company direct through e- mail or letter this will give you a paper trail that you can use if you need it

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Is it Sherrifs high court enforcement ltd based in crawley address or northampton.


Also can I ask the name of the guy trying to collect this - it should appear on the front of the writ.

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