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Nationwide Credit Card PPI help

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Hi All,


I apologise if this thread is a replica of another, i did not see any through the first few pages!


I need some advice..


Ive had a nationwide credit card for almost 5 years, recently and quite unknowning i picked up on 'Payment Protection Insurance' on my bill to my own fault i never really monitored my statements. I was completely unaware of this and called Customer Services to enquire to when it became active. I was informed from the start when i first activated my very first card! i challenged this and was told that the matter would be investigated and my first application would be located!


This initial call was on 11th April 2009. I was told by customer services that the PPI would be cancelled and a confirmation letter would be in the Post. I was informed that The april payment of £22.00 and May's would be refunded indefinately when the letter was received back to themselves. No letter was received within a week and so i contacted them again and finally got one which i returned.


I monitored my credit card statement and saw that June's PPI was refunded but not april or may. I then contacted Customer services 2 weeks ago and was told that there were Notes on the account which could not be disclosed and that i would receive a call back within 48 hours (this was monday 29th June 09. Nothing was heard and so around the 5th of july i called and again was told it was being investigated. I demanded to talk to a supervisor and one wasnt available, so again id receive a call back. Ive since contacted them 7 times and been fobbed off with a call back but never hearing anything!!


I am finding this situation so stressful, they are quite happy to contact me if i didnt pay enough money a month but when i need something, i get fobbed off with "were call back within 48 hours" and never hear anything.


What should i do? i really feel like making a complaint





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Hi Chris.

What you need to do is send them an S.A.R.

You'll find a template in here :




They legally have to comply with this, so their reply should include even the "Notes on the account which could not be disclosed". They should also include your original agreements and all correspondence they have about you. Get all this stuff, see exactly what the terms of the PPI are, and then if you still think you have been missold the PPI you can go from there.


I wouldn't even bother complaining to them, just send off your S.A.R, wait a while and see what they send you back, consider your options, then go for a full refund (by reclaiming all the PPI and interest) if you still think you were mis sold the PPI / sold the PPI without any knowledge.


Keep us updated.

01/08/06- Royal Bank of Scotland - S.A.R sent

24/08/06- Royal Bank of Scotland - Statements Received

31/08/06- Royal Bank of Scotland - 1st Request sent

13/09/06- Royal Bank of Scotland - LBA sent

23/09/06- Royal Bank of Scotland - Offer received £1544 (Thanks but no thanks)

02/10/06- Royal Bank of Scotland - *WON* Full settlement

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