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    • Thanks for your replies - sorry I don't know how to reply to individuals.   I have just had it confirmed on the phone to me today that they reported missed payment to the CRA and the response was supposedly sent via mail which I never received hence them sending me the copy via email today.  That is the reason I thought I couldn't complain to FOS.  I do owe the money that is on the account and stupidly agreed to pay which I can't get out of now.
    • Hi ericsbrother,   Will certainly take pictures around the site and everywhere related to the area in a few days time.    A year ago, it was completely free and I have been coming down this place for years before Minster took over the land. I would even pick up the rubbish if there was any, due to wildlife and a swans nest nearby.   Probably irrelevant in my defence but last time I was there, the bins were overfilled and there was rubbish blowing around the car park so they're certainly not maintaining the place.    Kal
    • I wonder if this idea is really generally applicable. Although I don't have immediately to hand any examples of where statute must be invoked in order to confer rights, it is certainly possible to exclude rights by reference to them in a contract – and the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 springs to mind where you can exclude the rights of a third party to bring an action on a contract by specific reference within the contract
    • This is not correct.    Insurers have had a statutory right under the Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act 2012 (Schedule 1,  paragraphs 7 and 8 ) to proportionately reduce a claim where there has been "careless misrepresentation" by the insured. As it's a statutory right it does not have to appear in the insurance policy (and if it did appear it wouldn't be in the 'average clause' - that's not what average in insurance means). Insurers might choose to reference their right in the policy but they don't have to.
    • so allow July's to go through then cancel the DD and pay your leaving bill by another method. It is not about agreement, I wuldnt stay with a company that behaved like that once, let alone every month. Leave and fairly soon you wont regret it as thy are going to go bust like most of the small outfits but sooner.
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    • Hi,  
      I was in Sainsbury’s today and did scan and shop.
      I arrived in after a busy day at work and immediately got distracted by the clothes.
      I put a few things in my trolley and then did a shop.
      I paid and was about to get into my car when the security guard stopped me and asked me to come back in.
      I did and they took me upstairs.
      I was mortified and said I forgot to scan the clothes and a conditioner, 5 items.
      I know its unacceptable but I was distracted and Initially hadn’t really planned to use scan and shop.
      No excuse.
      I offered to pay for the goods but the manager said it was too late.
      He looked at the CCTV and because I didn’t try to scan the items he was phoning the police.
      The cost of the items was about £40.
      I was crying at this point and told them I was a nurse, just coming from work and I could get struck off.
      They rang the police anyway and they came and issued me with a community resolution notice, which goes off my record in a year.
      I feel terrible. I have to declare this to my employer and NMC.
      They kept me in a room on my own with 4 staff and have banned me from all stores.
      The police said if I didn’t do the community order I would go to court and they would refer me to the PPS.
      I’m so stressed,
      can u appeal this or should I just accept it?
      Thanks for reading 
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Wrong address on PCN

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Hi everyone!


(I found two similar threads with a similar problem, but I'd like your advise since my case is slightly different)


I parked my scooter on the footpath in front of my flat, which is, say,

"23b ABC Street". This morning I found a PCN. However, it states:


Location motor vehicle was seen in: XYZ Street

Location Description: OS 23b


(First of all: what does "OS" stand for?)

So the address they wrote is wrong. The street they mention ("XYZ Street") is actually a street nearby. However, according to royalmail website, "23b" does NOT even exists in "XYZ Street" (but "23" does). (Later I will even go and check myself.)


Do you think I can appeal? If so, should I just write:


"Contravention did not occur, as I have never parked in front of 23b XYZ Street."




"Contravention did not occur, as "23b XYZ Street" does not exist."


Or what else?


(Note that my letter will (have to) specify my address, which is "23b ABC Street", so I guess they will understand the mistake they made, because of the "23b" and the fact that those two street are nearby. Does this change things?)


Thanks in advance,


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OS = Outside


Contravention did not occur as you were not parked where stated. Just tell them so. Be prepared to go to adjudication though.


Footway parking may well be a contravention in your area so take care.


Nothing in this post constitutes "advice" which I may not, in any event, be qualified to provide.

The only interpretation permitted on this post (or any others I may have made) is that this is what I would personally consider doing in the circumstances discussed. Each and every reader of this post or any other I may have made must take responsibility for forming their own view and making their own decision.

I receive an unwieldy number of private messages. I am happy to respond to messages posted on open forum but am unable to respond to private messages, seeking advice, when the substance of that message should properly be on the open forum.

Many thanks for your assistance and understanding on this.

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Bernie is right.


Contravention did not occur as you were not parked where stated.


Don't go into any other other/further explanation.

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Thanks for the fast reply. I am writing this:


My Name

23b ABC Street



Dear Sir/Madam,


Penalty Charge Notice number: xxxxxxxx

Date of issue: 14/07/2009

Vehicle registration: xxxxxxx


I am writing to formally challenge the above Penalty Charge Notice. On 14/07/2009 my vehicle was issued with a Penalty Charge Notice with code 62 ("Parked with one or more wheels on or over a footpath or any part of a road other than a carriageway"); the stated location where motor vehicle was seen in is "XYZ Street", "OS 23B".


However, contravention did not occur as I was not parked where stated.


For this reason I look forward to receiving notification that the Penalty Charge Notice has been cancelled within 28 days.


Yours sincerely,

My Name


Do you think is ok/enough? What can I expect next? What would an adjudication entail? (I am new to the UK.)


Thanks again,


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You are writing to challenge.


You can't formally challenge until you receive an NtO

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Update: I got a letter saying that due to the officer's error, the PCN has been cancelled. :D


Thanks everybody!

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