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Can Ikea do this?

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My sister has been in hospital and I have been trying to help her pay her bills. She has an Ikea card and her June payment was around five pounds. It was due on june 26th but I didn't manage to pay it for her until june 30th but I paid 25 pounds. She has come home and has had a default notice dated after the 25 pounds was paid, although the higher payment is clearly recorded on her statement. I have telephoned and they have agreed to cancel the charge under the circumstances, but say they can do nothing about the default notice. It is disgusting that they can wreck her excellent credit file for such a small amount, and when the payment has been made within 4 days of it being due. Can they legally do this? I am furious.

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When you say default notice, do you mean she has had a 'D' placed on her credit file, or that she has been sent an actual default notice in the form of a letter?


In either case they are wrong.


If they sent a DN after the amount was paid, then there was no reason to send it. If the account is up to date then there is nothing for them to issue a DN about, and any information in the notice will be incorrect which means in turn that the CRA's should not be reporting it.


The reason I ask whether they've issued a DN (letter) or placed a 'D' (shows as a Default when creditors search her records) on her file is because they are two different things.


If the DN has been remedied (ie it's been paid, which evidently it has), then it is essentially as if the late payment never happened, and nothing further will happen. This is possibly what they mean when they say they can't do anything. They can't retract the notice, but it doesn't mean her credit file will be affected simply by them sending one out to her.


I would clarify whether anything has actually been placed on her file and work from there. If it has then there is plainly a big problem for them, as they can not have allowed you time to remedy the default before they acted on it, and not least because the account was up to date before the notice was issued/'D' was placed on her file (whichever it happens to be).


As to whether they can legally issue a DN so quickly, the sad truth is that yes, the moment the payment did not hit when it should have the terms were technically breached and they could start with getting the money due. It does seem incredibly heavy handed to do it with such speed and for such a small amount, but it's certainly not unknown I'm afraid.





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