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Ryan Air


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Hi guys


I am stuck in Carcassonne in france in 35 degree heat and my Ryan Air flight is delayed because the speed sensor on the plane is broken.


The pilot flew into a bird on the way in so our flight will not be leaving.


They are flying an alternative plane in so our total departure time delay is expected to be 5 hours.:mad:


Am I entitled to any compensation?:rolleyes:


By the way, so far the staff have been very helpful.





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Five hours EXTRA holiday...... For NOTHING !


Wow! :D

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I got reverse thrust problems last month. :D


Better safe than sorry.


Article 6


1. When an operating air carrier reasonably expects a flight to be delayed beyond its scheduled time of departure:

(a) for two hours or more in the case of flights of 1500 kilometres or less; or

(b) for three hours or more in the case of all intra-Community flights of more than 1500 kilometres and of all other flights between 1500 and 3500 kilometres; or

© for four hours or more in the case of all flights not falling under (a) or (b),

passengers shall be offered by the operating air carrier:

(i) the assistance specified in Article 9(1)(a) and 9(2); and

(ii) when the reasonably expected time of departure is at least the day after the time of departure previously announced, the assistance specified in Article 9(1)(b) and 9(1)©; and

(iii) when the delay is at least five hours, the assistance specified in Article 8(1)(a).

2. In any event, the assistance shall be offered within the time limits set out above with respect to each distance bracket.


The other bits are here:




Keep all receipts. If you are refused any, kick off with the airport manager. Hope the internet connection isn't costing much. :D

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Ok... Home at last:D


Right, thanks for your replies. Rooster, you need your head checking. Carcassonne airport is a true hole and not somewhere you want to be delayed.:) especially when it's hot!!


After my initial post, all the ryanair staff did a dissappearing act. Eventually, once we had been corralled into the departure lounge some hours later, a Francois dished out a notice setting out our rights under Regulation 261/2004 of the European parliament. Having been written by Ryanair, it was typically vague and probably only understandable to Leprecians.

The gist of it was they were meant to provide food + drink etc, phone calls and compenstation. Never happened.


I have faxed Ryanair an invitation to rectify my disappointment... I'll let you know what they say.

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This is why I made mention of receipts. Ryanair, I feel, work on the notion that they will only comply under articles 6 & 9 if you bother to go to the trouble of writing in. They will then (only with proof) fulfil their obligations.


Your reply will be generic, but might ask you to send in proof of any costs incurred. They know this method is cheaper than simply complying with UK-trumping EU law.


The phone call/fax allowance is seldom achieved and certainly not with Ryanair!


I am stunned that you were handed out your rights, even if it was their version, O'Leary will go nuts if he finds out!!

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I and another passenger demanded them. (Since joining CAG I have developed an eye for small-print:))


It said on the boarding card to ask for them in the event of a delay, but they came too late because in the departure lounge there was only a drinks machine and we were stuck in there for nearly three hours. There were no Ryanair staff in sight - It was a combination of us being beyond the security barrier and a Sunday evening I think.


I'm cool about the delay because it was a technical issue... I'm peeved that Ryanair have clearly put short term profit before customers in this case and they clearly try to make it as difficult as possible for customers to complain because they do not provide a phone number or an e-mail address. They only provide an address in Dublin to write to and an Irish Fax number.

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Ryanair's service is fine in my experience, and amazing since I pay them pratically nothing. When things go wrong...it obviously shows - it's not in their model.


Difficult as possible is correct and boy will they attempt to shaft you! It was only a delay in the grand scheme of things - but do follow through your limited rights, even just out of principle!


They of course know that the address in Dublin is only useful to ROI nationals. Gits!

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OK.. these little fellas are starting to get me wound up. If you ring the number in the UK they will only give you the fax number in Ireland which is no use to anyone.....which is why they do that of course. So I will do a bit of research.




Name & Registered Office:






CM24 1RW

Company No. 01917579


spacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifStatus: Active

Date of Incorporation: 30/05/1985


Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Company Type: Private Limited Company

Nature of Business (SIC(03)):

7499 - Non-trading company

Accounting Reference Date: 31/03

Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/03/2009 (TOTAL EXEMPTION FULL)

Next Accounts Due: 31/12/2010

Last Return Made Up To: 05/10/2008

Next Return Due: 02/11/2009

Last Members List: 05/10/2008

Previous Names:Date of changePrevious Name01/11/1995RYAN AIR UK LIMITED27/06/1985DAWNDELL LIMITEDBranch Details There are no branches associated with this company.Oversea Company Info There are no Oversea Details associated with this company.

System Requirements

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Well that's slimmed down. Though it does cover your delay.


This stuff always reminds me of the scene from the flick 'True Romance' where Christopher Walken does the bit about lies, the man has 18 and the woman 21 or something.


What they are doing is telling you everything, yet telling you nothing!


Anyway, it's always not their fault and it's designed to sub-consciously make people think that way. Eejits. Their (probably lawful) interpretation anyway.


The question is, did you buy extra drinks/food, need to communicate etc, and do you have proof?. (internet costs likely not included in the regs)


Ryanair twaddle...LOL.

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Internet.... was free...I hooked up to the local Wi Fi


Food and drink.....I spent about 20 euros and have reciepts.

Parking...... Went over by a day (26 quid) which I had to pay for in cash but don't have a reciept.


I have read and re-read that notice they gave us over and over and still can't work out whether they are meant to pay the 250 euros (Possibly 400 euros because the distance is around 1500km) or not.:confused: What do you tink?

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No, they don't have to pay. Maybe I am missing the point, but this is no cancellation; it's a mere delay.


I don't think you'll have any luck with the parking either, sorry.


Article 8.1(a) is hardly transparent, for me, even if you can state the delay was 5 hours or more, and since you got the return flight (eventually) it wouldn't apply.


Delay offers hardly any protection, and I agree with that. :|


That's all before the airlines interpretation of it. ;)

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So what determines a flight cancellation as opposed to a delay. The plane I was going to fly on was still sitting on the ground as we took off in a different one.


As for reciepts, I have no problems there. If Ryanair get arsy then I can too:)

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Not an easy answer, it's pratically near impossible. :(


They love it.


Letters (prelim and LBA to head ofice in Eire - paper trail)


Litigation wise, your guess is as good as mine (and I know how truely awful they are!)


Satelite 3, Stansted would be your starting point, but they may tell the Court that you have served the cleaners. They appear to lie - but it seems to be allowed! The CAA are a bunch of boobs anyway, just like the CSA (Oh, and the rest of them - I only like the ASA!)


They have been taken to task over the wheelchair fiasco - but gawd knows how they did it. (I'd love to know)

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Right, thanks for your replies. Rooster, you need your head checking. Carcassonne airport is a true hole and not somewhere you want to be delayed.:) especially when it's hot!!

It hasn't improved since I was there about 10 years ago then... nothing there at all really.

The above post constitutes my personal opinion on the facts in the post compared with my personal knowledge of the applicable legislation. I make no guarantees of its legal accuracy. If you are in doubt seek advice of a legal professional specialising in the area concerned.


If my post has helped you please click my scales!

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Thanks for your input Thailand.


So it seems Ryanair are just the kind of people I like.


I cost Credit solutions ltd way more than they would have ever made from me because they were naughty. I would have palyed ball with them if they had been straight and honest.


All Ryanair need to do is respond favourably to my fax and I'll go away quietly and use them again.


Enough said:)

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