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Need advice about baliffs fees.Weve already had a walking possesion which

> although the charge was originally (council tax) £356.43 has now gone up

> to

> £453.43 which I agreed to pay @ £151 per month unfortunately one payment I

> thought Id made didnt go through on the website ? so weve had someone turn

> up with the van and now the payment has gone up to £530 even though I have

> paid £151 of the original debt of £453.43 so making an additional charge

> of

> £228.I paid him £200 on that day and he said for doing that hed would

> kindly

> knock of £50 0f my bill still saying I owed around £280 to be paid within

> 10

> days which it should really only be about £100 odd pound left.My husband

> rung up to check what the £180 is really for, and they have said for the

> van

> on that day,and that it has to be paid could anyone give advice as to what

> costs are after a walking possesion has been made.Sorry if it sounds a bit

> confusing with all the figures thanks

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Hello and Welcome, heatwave.


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The Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992

in particular section 45 charges connected with distress






AMENDED BY SI 1993/773, SI 1998/295, SI 2003/2211, SI 2006/3395 AND SI 2007/501




1. The sum in respect of charges connected with the distress which may be aggregated under

regulation 45(2) shall be set out in the following Table-


Matters connected with distress



A For making a visit to premises with a view

to levying distress (where no levy is

made) – £24.50

i) where the visit is the first or only such


ii) where the visit is the second such






2.—(1) In heads A and B of the Table to paragraph 1, "the relevant amount" with respect to a visit or a levy means—

  • (a) where the sum due at the time of the visit or of the levy (as the case may be) does not exceed £100, £12.50,

  • (b) where the sum due at the time of the visit or of the levy (as the case may be) exceeds that amount, 12½ per cent. on the first £100 of the sum due, 4 per cent. on the next £400, 2½ per cent. on the next £1,500, 1 per cent. on the next £8,000 and ¼ per cent. on any additional sum;

and the sum due at any time for these purposes means so much of the amount in respect of which the liability order concerned was made as is outstanding at the time.


(2) Where a charge has arisen under head B with respect to an amount, no further charge may be aggregated under heads A or B in respect of that amount.


(3) An authority takes close or walking possession of goods for the purposes of head D of the Table to paragraph 1 if it takes such possession in pursuance of an agreement which is made at the time that the distress is levied and which (without prejudice to such other terms as may be agreed) is expressed to the effect that, in consideration of the authority not immediately removing the goods distrained upon from the premises occupied by the debtor and delaying its sale of the goods, the authority may remove and sell the goods after a later specified date if the debtor has not by then paid the amount distrained for (including charges under this Schedule); and an authority is in close possession of goods on any day for these purposes if during the greater part of the day a person is left on the premises in physical possession of the goods on behalf of the authority under such an agreement.




  • 3.—(1) Where the calculation under this Schedule of a percentage of a sum results in an amount containing a fraction of a pound, that fraction shall be reckoned as a whole pound
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