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Hello there, I'm going to need some help. (Quite a lot of help I fear!)

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Hi Everyone,


First of all thank you for such a fantastic site, I've been reading through many of the posts/threads for the last few weeks (I did originally join with a username that was too close to giving away my real name however! :eek: )and this has been an inspiration to me. That much so I now feel empowered to "come out of the closet" as it were and get down to business sorting out my financial life as it were.


Not wanting to go on with the "poor me's" butI've had some problems with drink and drugs in the past and have managed to turn that part of my life around. (Just for today that is) I go to some "anonymous" 12 step meetings and they've turned my life around but my sponsor has no experience with money matters so I hope you guys can help me. (Not that it matters but the problems with the above was that I found out I had a "condition" that was going to curtail my years on this green earth and I kind of went into meltdown. Things have progressed massively now with my "condition" and if I contine to have treatment it's possible my years may be as many as they should have been from the start. I felt like I was living a death sentence and today I know there's a future.)


Unfortunately whilst doing this (getting clean and sober) I've been a bit of an ostrich and put my head in the sand around my bills/credit cards/council tax etc etc. I've got a job (for now!) and I know now I need to face up being a real grown up and make a start on this.


I've got no idea what's what right now so I figure the best thing for me to do is open the letterbox and clear out the mail in there and start opening it asking for advice on here when stuff turns up.


I have a current account which I run well (I do have an overdraft which I use but don't go over) and I have 3 current credit cards that I meet the payments on but they're nearly at their limits. I'm not wanting to do anything with these (other than get the balances down by paying them off slowly but surely! lol) but I think I've got an old current account and credit card and council tax bills that will need looking at. (I've never paid council tax since I've lived in my current house and I've done nothing for the card/current account for around 4 years.) :o(


I guess it would also be good for me to check my credit files and see what that says about me so that I might now how things are looking? (I see there's one that I can use to check them all credit report, credit file, credit score - checkmyfile is it any good?)


Does anybody have any recommendations for a good secure home box / filing cabinet I could get to keep my paperwork in. (I'm still embarresed about this debt stuff so I'd like to keep it under lock and key.)


Finally, I just wanted to say I'm not looking to run away from any of my debts or anything like that I just want some help and advice on how to go forwards with what I'm sure I'm going to find in the letterbox!


Thanks again for a great site, I look forwards to working with you all.


Amaqjuaq. (It's a Inuit name for "The Strong One" and a name I've given myself for my new life in recovery. I like to think I've had the privilige of living 2 lives, my first one was hell on earth and culminated with my rock bottom on drink and drugs but my second life, the one I'm living now is turning out to be amazing. Face Everything And Recover. FEAR!)


Also, I'm not scared of these agencies and I unplugged the landline years ago. I was scared until I started reading this forum so once again: Thank you.

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Added some more clarity around my ending up in this mess.

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Hiya amaqjuaq and welcome to the CAG :)


from what you have said your on the right lines, chip away at your debts until they are gone and check your credit file before you decide what to do next.


If your not getting knocks on the door or the phone ringing off the hook I suspect your credit record is only sinking fast and not at the OH F**k stage :rolleyes: but let us know what it says and we can help :).


As for storage of your records I use a cardboard box with wallet type folders in it for each company... it works for me :) debt is nothing to be embarrassed about we have all been sold a dream by the banks and it was a lie.... I suspect a bit like drink and drugs... its easy to make yourself feel good but you end up screwed.


Good luck with all of your battles :)



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