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Halifax Loan & Credit Card a/c both with Blair Oliver & Scott - CCA's

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Hi Guys


Firstly can I say hello and also congratulate you all for the excellent work you are doing helping the average joe against the banks!!!


This is my first post and the general gist is that I am going to sort of report on my attempts to get my CCA's from Blair Oliver & Scott with respect my Halifax Loan & Credit Card.


My reason's for this are the simple fact that I have had it with the incessant chasing and hassling from BOS so I want to turn the tables on them and see if I can get some of my debts reduced or wrote off. Obviously discovering if they have the CCA or not could seriously add some clout to negotiations so....


I originally took out my loan and cred card when I was 18 and just starting fulltime work. Credit card came when I opened my first current account for wages, even though I didn't really want it and I also foolishly took a small loan to buy office clothes etc so that I had smart suits etc to go to work in. I increased this loan to pay deposit and first months rent on a flat when I moved to london for work so by now I had a 4k loan and 1,200 pound cred card...a year or two down the line I decided that university would be my best bet to get on career wise and I started a full time course. I juggled my loan and cred card repayments for as long as I could but as a student struggling financially anyway, eventually I had to admit defeat. Halifax defaulted me and passed both accounts to Blair Oliver & Scott. The stress of their constant ringing and chasing combined with threats of court action and doorstep collectors all got too much and I couldn't concentrate on my studies. I eventually suspended my studies at uni with the plan to work full time to pay everything off and then return to uni.


However, I have only been able to get a low paid, part time job due to not being qualified beyond a-levels (which weren't great) and whilst I have managed to get BOS to agree to monthly payments, they seem to review and put these up every 3 months and now I can't afford them and I'm feeling really worried about where this is all going.


I literally have practically nothing left each month to myself after paying bills etc...prob about £5 a day which in the 21st century in England is just not enough to enjoy any sort of existence. I'm 23 and I feel like my life is dead in the water due to a lousy 6k that I owe to Halifax!!!


I had no problem paying a small amount each month for as long as it takes but they constantly call me and want to review the amount and I'm fed up of it to be honest. Halifax sneakily said I'd be ok to pay reduced amounts when I first started struggling but then once they defaulted me and washed their hands of me, things have gone downhill since. BOS are incessant!


Anyway, I'm sending my letters on Friday and hopefully will be able to keep you posted as to my progress.


Again, I think the site is great and wish everyone the best in their respective cases.


Any comments would be great.





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Hasve you thought abut contacting the CCCS (they do have a website). I found them very useful for sorting out a debt management plan and all the big banks etc are happy to deal with them. At least that way you will hopefully have a living income while you persue Blair, Oliver through the courts.


You do know that the test case is not concerned with credit cards dosn't you? All the best.

If my advice has been helpful tip the scales


West brom SETTLED


Halifax current SETTLED IN FULL

halifax curent (2nd) stayed. Visa - SETTLED

2nd visa LBA sent

halifax for the 3rd time. LBA sent


Egg - SETTLED GE Money - SETTLED Barclaycard SETTLED twice


Sainsbury's - Awaiting court date


Co-op cc SETTLED IN FULL 2nd claim. Settled in full



National Westminster Settled in full. 2nd claim. N1 submitted



HFC bank SETTLED. HFC 2nd claim - lba sent 21/10/08 Time Retail N1 filed Argos settled in full Creation - SETTLED IN FULL


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