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Black Horse and Charging Order

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Hi Everyone

I need some advice off you good people if possible.


Bit long winded but need to explain the background first.


Summer 2001, my elderly Father signed ownership of his property over to me with the intention of avoiding inheritance tax.


My father lived in the property on his own from that date till he died earlier this year.

I lived in the rented property next door with my family.

My Fathers house No 10, My rented house No 12.


2002, due to failing business, I was forced to obtain a secured loan against the property.


2003, I also took out an unsecured loan. (Both loans with Black Horse) whilst I was registered as living at No12.


2006, took out a mortgage with GMAC and paid off the business debts and the BH secured loan. (Still living at No12)


I subsequently moved from number 12 when the owner of that property decided to sell and I moved into a council house.


I defaulted on the unsecured loan and a CCJ was issued and subsequently a charge was placed on my Fathers property by BH.


Apart from phone calls, I had little contact from BH and have now been contacted by DLC.


I rang BH who informed their interest in this debt had now been taken over by DLC and I should contact them about it.


The charge on the property says "Iterim Charging order dated 2003 granted to BH.


When I looked at the credit agreement for the unsecured loan from BH, I notice that they have changed my home address from No.12 to No.10, to make the agreement look like I was actually living at No.10.


At no time have I ever informed them that I lived at No.10, though obviously I signed the agreement not realising that they had changed my address to that of my Fathers.


Last week, my wife made a payment of £10 to DLC after being pestered by them on the telephone. (I work away from home all week and wife thought it would be the best thing to do)


The telephone calls are continuing non stop by DLC though at the moment wqe are refusing to answer untill I have looked into the situation more closely.




1) How do I stand regarding the original unsecured loan which BH took it upon themselves to change registered address on?


2) How do I stand regarding the Charging order now that BH seem to have washed their hands of the debt and the fact that their changing of the address led to me not recieving the court communication.?


3) What is my best course of action regarding DLC.?


Sorry to dump all these questions on you,



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