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Blair, Oliver & Scott Complaint

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Hi guys,


I just need a quick bit of advice about where I stand regarding a complaint I put in about an old credit card I had.


Basically, I had a credit card with Intelligent Finance way back in 2001, which I defaulted on and it went to CCJ in 2002. I was paying this debt off via a debt management plan from 2002 until, in 2005 Intelligent Finance migrated all of their credit card operations to Halifax Card Services.


Now, I was unaware of this migration by IF and just kept making the scheduled payments via my DMP regardless, but in the meantime Halifax Card Services had passed on my credit card debt for collection by Blair Oliver & Scott as it appears this was their standard practice for an account apparently in arrears.


Obviously what had happened was that IF hadn't told Halifax that the account was being repaid at an agreed amount via a DMP and Halifax, upon receiving my account, automatically forwaded it on to Blair Oliver when they received it in 2005. (I should also point out that I received no notifcation of this change of collector from Blair Oliver, Halifax or IF).


When Blair Oliver received my account for collection their standard practice (according to their agents) is to automatically default the account upon receipt. So, I therefore had another default registered on my credit file for the same debt, the original one in 2002 and this new one in 2005, even though I had been maintaining my payments via the DMP.


I wrote a letter of complaint to Intelligent Finance, Halifax Card Services and Blair Oliver about this, but have not really made much headway. Intelligent Finance have informed me that as they migrated all their credit card accounts, they do not have any information to pursue the issue but have forwarded my complaint on to Halifax and Blair Oliver.


Halifax Card Services have not even made a response.


Blair Oliver have contacted me to say they are looking into this, but the opinion of their agents seems to be that they wouldn't/couldn't remove a default.


Because Blair Oliver are taking their time on this it could potentially cost me thousands of pounds, as I am looking to remortgage at the moment and this solitary default is the only black mark on my credit report. To add to it further, my current mortgage lender have offered me a lump sum to remortgage elsewhere, but I can't find a high street deal at the moment because of this solitary default and the remortgage offer from my current lender is time limited to mid-August.


Any advice welcomed.

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You cannot be defaulted twice for the same debt. Since the idiots who caused this confusion appear unable to sort it out, take it to the Information Commissioner as there are rules for entering defaults on credit reports and send a copy of your complaint to the ICO to each of the credit reference agencies and inform them that they are in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 for entering defaults on the same account on your records twice.

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