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Hospital problems

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llast year son number 2 born by c section in August


Since then missus not had a normal period just sporadic bleeding


December she ends up with a hernia due to c section (as can happen)


Anyway come December referred by GP to hospital for an ultrasound to find out whats going on (gynae dept) told 6 week wait


Get appt for 6 weeks later, useless cow at hospital basically tells her to go away not interested, no ultrasound just an internal and told cant find anything wrong go away.


3 weeks later GP calls and asks what happened as records show she had U/S but no details (so hospital lied to GP) told them what happened GP really ****ed and gets hospital called and told to get her back in.


Booked back in told another 6 week wait, go to appt 6 weeks later, No U/S AGAIN although this member of staff was fair more considerate. Told a U/S appt would be booked and posted to us meanwhile follow up appt is booked with consultant she's under so once the U/S is done and results gotten she can have a look and we wont have to wait for another appt


4 weeks later still no appt and 2 weeks till appt with consultant.


Back to GP and really complained she called hospital and got her a U/S appt 2 days later.


That leads us to today go down to hospital to see consultant and she got a male registrar instead (despite the appt being with the consultant) he looks at U/S and says ooh in 7 years i've never seen anything like that don't know what it is, i'll book you an appt with registrar and show her these scans then she will call you and get you in sooner if she wants to see you and we'd rather you had the hernia looked at first if it is a hernia (buck passing? and we've still not heard from that consultant despite it being booked with hospital in DECEMBER!!!)


Oh yeah this was a male reg and he wanted to do an internal and she was not asked if she was ok or if she wanted a female nurse/dr to do it which I think is appalling


Would you like to guess when the appt is they have booked her in for???




That is OVER 1 YEAR since it all started off and they still dont even have a diagnosis.


So now we have a complaint running with the chief execs office.


for all they know she has something nasty which in all this time could have gotten out of control and now either be harder or not treatable or have other consequences.


To say i'm angry would be a massive massive understatement


Oh and just to add hospital visit incurs a 60 mile round trip

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