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well all i can say about this matter of council tax is that people are struggling and the council send out aggressive baliffs...i owe plenty of council tax, and im struggling to pay, i work and have been told by the council that people on benefits pay their council tax, so why cant i...im on low wage and work all hours to try and survive. yes, ive got behind with my council tax, because i pay my rent first because i dont want to loose my home, so that is my first priority, i saw on a thread that if your on medication, you might stand some chance, im on medication because of the worry and concerns, i feel that in this day with people finding it hard to make ends meet the council should be more compassionate, by no they are not, they want their money and thats it.

i pay as much council tax as i can afford,ive paid it in the past and gone without buying food, in the past ive had hardly anything in the house to eat, but they need their money and thats it.

so now i owe so much im so behind and i cant cope,i just dont know what to do,im always hitting a wall so to speak, cant seem to get any help.

so the baliff turned up last week, door was open, and he came in got very aggressive and demanded £200 which i dont have,even if i did have £200 iw ould pay it to the council, as ive seen on here this money goes to their fees..

the baliff told me he is coming today with a removale van, and also a locksmith.

i just dont know which way to turn now

went to the CAB not much help.council offices again, they dont want to know.

i have to pay full rent full council tax...

so i work just to pay these council people to do what empty a bin, whilst they so call (improve) their offices with computers wide screen TV's for what? this system stinks.

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Hi Honeysuckle


I know it's difficult but please try to stay positive. From what I've read on here over the last few months you're going to get the best advice possible = you're really not on your own, even if it feels like it.


Just a suggestion: have you tried using housing benefit calculator (found on most council websites) to see if you're entitled to benefit of any kind.


If you ever just need someone to listen - message me!




Impecunious! :)



Keeping a positive mental attitude

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