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Advice on Mum's Job Evaluation

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I'm posting for advice on behalf of my mum. She works at a school and the council have decided to undertake a job evaluation of all school posts.


All staff had to write a job description to send to the Job Evaluation Team and have since received a letter informing them of whether their pay has gone up or down. It says 92% of roles have kept the same pay or increased....my mum's has decreased.....however her line manager who has the exact same job description (with the addition of managing 2 staff) has had an increase.


The letter is very basic and just states: "Your were Scale ____ with a salary of ____, you will now be Scale (lower) ____ with a salary of ____." They have also provided a booklet that is supposed to explain the job evaluation and the 3 year pay protection but it all sounds like a long-winded lot of nothing.


They have not provided a job score - is she entitled to this?


She has called the council to request the job score and a breakdown of her results and they have refused to provide one saying she isn't entitled to it...is she?


They say the scores and decreases are not set in stone and that they won't be able to provide any further details until the appeal takes place in "a few months time" (they won't provide a more specific date). They have also said that my mum and her colleague cannot appeal the decrease - they will instead have to get their line manager to do it for them. Is this right??


Any help would be great!!


Also I don't know if it's relevant but my mum has worked there for 18 years (unblemished work record)....her line manager who got the payrise has only been there 9 months (and already has two warnings)

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Guest Old_andrew2018

Is your mother a member of a trades union, if so she should ask them for support.

You could PM forum members who have HR expertise asking for their advice, include a link to your thread.

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This happened to me twice at the Local Authority, the firsttime was in 1980, I had to provide a job description, and my salary remained the same, same scale. But an awful lot of colleagues in other positions got an upgrade and then had thousands in their pay packet as this was back dated by almost 2 years. As far as I am aware nobody actually had to take the lower salary if their post was downgraded, but the next postholder in the position had the lower salary.


Then in about 1992, (LA still) I was at the time a supervisor and the department had decided to try a flat structure. So what the nasty swines did was demote me and any other supervisor to a lower grade, let us keep our higher salaries, but froze them so we got no annual increment and were not allowed the cost of living rise or any other rise until our colleagues had caught up with us. This took 4 years. By which time I had a new job, still with HA, and was earning more. We were offered redundancy and I would have got about £8K for 12 years service.


The reason your mum's colleague has retained her grade is because she does have those responsibilities for two other members of staff, and your mum doesn't. She could argue, were it the case, that she covers this person as and when and so then those responsiblities become hers, but its a slim argument.


I'm sure one of the employment experts will answer your post soon.

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