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Natwest debt sent to triton

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Got a lovely phone call today. Triton have informed me if I do not pay my debt or agree an arrangement (which is not possible at the moment) that they will send a debt collector to my door.


I have informed them that they will not gain access to my property in anyway.


I was of the impression that they needed to issue a CCJ against me before any debt collectors were allowed to come round, is this true?


When I mentioned this he went a bit quiet.


A majority of the debt is charges which I have recently issued a claim for.

I am a full time student my loan is gone for the year and I have got the odd few hours of work here and there but not even enough to cover my rent.


Am I in the right here?

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If any one ever shows up tell them to get lost they have no rights to enter you house. You are correct the dca or oc would need to get a ccj against you and then have you default on the terms of it. Incidently doorstep collectors are not baillifs do not be hoodwinked into thinking they are.

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Your right they have no legal powers to visit, also stop calling them.


what is the debt? overdraft; loan; credit card, this will decide how we deal with these cretins




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I personaly prefer this template I can not remember who wrote it but thanks .


Dear Sirs


I refer to your threat to send an agent to my home. I have previously told you that all communication in this matter must be in writing.


It appears to me that your threats are an attempt to apply psychological pressure, which is a breach of the OFT Guidance on Debt Collection. In addition, behaviour which creates an intimidating or hostile environment constitutes harassment.


Should you ignore the above, you should be aware that I will not speak to any caller, save to ask them to leave at once. If they fail to do so, the police will be called. Any call will also be reported to the appropriate enforcement authorities.


If you do not understand this letter, you should seek professional advice.

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Thanks for your help.


The debt was origionally a student overdraft of 1800 which is now a debt of 2300 due to interest and charges.

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You could try sending this to Triton..............


Dear Sir/Madam,


Your ref:



Thank you for your letter of **DATE**, the contents of which are noted.



I am disputing the total value of these debts with **BANK** due to unlawful and unreasonable charges. As such, therefore, I consider this account to be in dispute and no further action or payment shall be made until this matter is resolved.

As per OFT guidelines Section 2.8k "not ceasing collection activity whilst investigating a reasonably queried or disputed debt."


This process may take some time, due to the Office of Fair Trading's test case, but I will try to expedite this issue as a matter of urgency.


Consequentially any legal action you pursue will be averred as both UNLAWFUL and VEXATIOUS.


After taking advice, I am of the opinion that your continued pursuit is in violation of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 section 3 as well as breaching a number of the OFT Collection Guidelines.


I reserve the right to report your actions to any such regulatory authorities as I see fit.

You have 14 days from receiving this letter to contact me with your intentions to resolve this matter which is now a formal complaint.


I hope that you will enter into a sincere dialogue with me about this matter and I am writing this letter to you on the assumption that you would prefer to do this than merely respond with standard letters and leaflets.


I would appreciate your due diligence in this matter.


I look forward to hearing from you in writing.


Yours faithfully








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The letter should be enough to keep them away from your door - if they were ever considering a visit


If they continue to phone, don't go through "security" , tell them that you will deal with this in writing only.


If they continue calling, just be abusive, after all, they are caling you.


At the end of the day, they can't get more than you can afford. A judge wouldn't award them very much if they went for a CCJ - well worth telling them - plus if they do go for a judgement you will counter-claim for the unfair charges plus statutory interest.


Have they supplied a termination notice or default notice?

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