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Credit Card Hell (halifax]

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First off, I would just like to say thanks to all the contributions to help me understand how to fight back against these monsters. Anybody who has been in the position of “what’s the point in going on?” after struggling to repay debts knows exactly what a lifeline this place has been. I was in a serious accident that left me unable to repay what I had borrowed (over their required terms) and the actions of certain companies has strengthened my resolve even further. The good thing for me is that all of my agreements are pre 2005. The bad thing is that the banks / dca’s aren’t going to give up without a fight. Well, they have one here so bring it on.

The 11 agreements that I am challenging and the current position are as follows. All were sent a request to supply the signed credit agreement at the start of this year and so it began. If anybody wants any of the follow up letters that I used to get me where I am now (or if anybody knows anything that I’m doing wrong) then please just ask. I’m confident about all of them now, apart from one to the Halifax for a loan. I think its missing the t&c’s but Halifax and Iqor seem to be rather bullish fighting back. Here we go -


  • Halifax Credit card - a debt they purchased from a different company- no credit agreement at all. It went to APEX (bye-bye) and back to the Hailfax. They then sent me a letter claiming their current t&c's were suitable - in return i sent them the Civil Procedure Rules letter and haven't heard anything for more than 2 months. 1 nil me.

  • Halifax loan which is below





now I'm pretty sure this isn't enforcable but as its a loan I'm a little unsure compared to the credit card monkeys. I don't see any terms / conditions tho or any charges detailing. I would really love help with this one tho still.


  • Next up Tescos who, anybody that saw my other thread, don't have a leg to stand on. They got cerebus's letter re they had provide a 'true copy' of the agreement letter and this now them tied them to it. I await their reponse.

  • MBNA - absolute scummers imo. One cca which was pants and one which they could not find - goodbye.

  • Egg - passed onto dlc who pretend they have not recieved my letters and now threaten door collectors. They were all sent recorded so I have proof and i would believe that they are bluffing.

  • Amex - no cca and their admission that they do not have it - cheerio!

  • Capital 1 - as bad as MBNA. Sold to capquest and quickly returned to c1. They were sent the Civil Procedure letter and ignore it, refusing to say the account is in dispute - actually all of them say that.


  • Monument - sold to lowell. probably the most lol of agreements that I have received. I mean, if you are bound to a law what on earth were the policy writers doing?

  • Barclaymmmphht- though i'd leave them till the end. There are no words to describe these cretins. 2 cards - one purchased from morgan stanley with no signed agreement at all and they have sent me somebody else's credit card number. The other one no cca, although they say that they don't have to. Again a civil procedure letter sent and they have came back with threats to door collections.

Bit of a read there but compared to where i was before I'm a lot happier. Onto my third file now of letters too!


If anybody had time to have a look at the current position for each of them i would be very grateful. I may have missed something but this is now a website i look at every day so thanks to all you lot!


Fight on!

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The Halifax CCA is not good as it is. It refers to other documents which they have not sent.

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