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Multiple Payday loans + debit from account using old card

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I did something silly and decided to apply for 5 payday loans.


I paid off the interest for a few months then due to desperate need for money and attachment of earnings from welcome finance. have not paid them for around 2 months now


my debitcard was wearing out and the bank issued me with a new card (which was different from the card details that i had given these loan companies)


After a few emails from 1monthloan, i noticed that my bank account was debited (was a card payment) by 90 pounds (the two interest charges)


It was not a direct debit as i have online banking facilities and there was nothing on there and it clearly stated that it was a card transaction. How can they do this using the old card details?


I have the following loans from







I noticed a few days ago that i have a direct debit set up. the name 'Plandeal Ltd IP' - What is this related to? would it be in relation to any of the above payday companies. I did take out a debit card loan with moneyshop, but i would assume that it would have the moneyshop name. Plandeal also seems to be similar to moneyshop


Secondly in regards to direct debits. If these are setup by the payday companies a day before payday or before and i delete them, can i delete them preventing them from setting the direct debit on the payday again and taking money on the same day? or can they setup the direct debit and take the money out immediately after the setup

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Hi DG,




With regards to to the direct debit, you may want to consider contacting your bank and speaking with them about putting something in place which requires the bank to have verbal confirmation from you before they will allow any direct debts. I know HSBC offer this and i should imagine all the other banks will do too! That way a direct debt cant be set up without your knowledge, although i would still recommend you keep an eye on the direct debits being set up on your account as no bank is perfect.


I'm not sure how your account can be charge with old details! did you tell the bank you had lost your card or did they just happen to issue you a new card?


A post with a simular porblem on the site which might be worth you monitoring is by Ellie12345 - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payday-loans/204906-wonga-took-money-cancelled.html


Get in touch with your bank and tell them you did not authorise the card payment and see what they can do!


Hope that helps and keep us informed!

Please sign this petition - Asking for the government to drop the length of time credit ref agencies can hold data on us!!





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Good morning DG,


Unfortunately very similar position to yourself, had my light bulb moment and trying to sort it out but very stressful.


I have not heard of the company behind your new DD but generally I would think if you do not recognise it then it is unlikely to be an essential bill so cancel it. If it transpires it was one you should have/wanted to pay they will be in touch and you can make alternate arrangements (this happened to me once a few years back when an insurance company changed ownership and I had not been advised).


I am sadly about to part company with my existing bank partly because they have been difficult in relation to these companies and their access to debit card (partly because they flexed their muscle with the "right of offset"):mad:. I have learned this month that you must LOOSE or report the card that they have details for as stolen, advise the bank to accept no further authority from either each company by name (or if you are moving, no further authority for anything period) and then enter into an endless round of communications and contact with them whilst you try and come to an arrangement to pay. The bank will say that card details and account details given for direct debit to these companies are effectively a continuous authority and if you argue will let you challenge any payments made but only after going through their "process" AFTER the challenged payment has gone and you have no money. Given that the same amount of hassle seems to be given if you try to make arrangements to pay versus challenging them then I suspect it might be worth going the challenge route (I am not here yet but will I suspect be so soon!).


I have learned a bitter lesson here (you can probably tell) and there are probably those on here that can be more helpful but the best plan seems to be move the banking position to that which you control (so no card or direct debit available to them), advise them that your circumstances will only allow you to make a payment arrangement direct to their account by standing order, those that provide this pay them, those that don't challenge the agreement further or invite them to take further action. In the meantime take steps minimise the phone contact as they will harrass you by phone! :(


Best of luck with it all

MJC 007.5 :cool:


Advice or opinions offered by mjc 007.5 are personal, offered in good faith and without prejudice or liability. Your decisions and actions are your own and should you be in any doubt then please seek the opinion of a fully qualified and insured professional


:) If you think I have helped you please feel free to click on my scales :)

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Thanks for the replies


By coincidence, I had taken out the loans before I went to the bank to make a withdrawal with my debitcard (over 300 pounds) they did not accept as the card was worn out and mentioned that i can use the ATM's until they issue me with a new card and then the other card would be cancelled.


The card certainly was cancelled as the payday companies were not able to get the money out, but for some reason a card purchase was made using old card details. Perhaps they have some method of doing this via bank account number (although would not be known as a card purchase)


I had suspicions when i got a message from onemonthloan mentioning that i can roll over my loan for next month (rather than the 'please pay now') and lo and behold, looked at my online banking and they had took the money out


I too have a similar email from quickquid (and wondering whether this 'PlanDeal Ltd IP' direct debit name (on my barclays online banking) is infact part of it. They are mentioining that 250 pounds will be taken from my account at the end of this month. the email sounds like they are adamant they will be able to take the money out. I logged into quickquid to see if rollover is available. This i did, but the rollover offer is not available due to defaulting.

I also get emails from them that i need to make a payment.


My main worry here is that somehow at the end of the month, they will help themselves to the money. I will ofcourse check direct debits and delete them when necessary. Does anyone here know the delay in time when they can take the money out when they have issued a direct debit to the bank.


a: if they have issued the direct debit, will it show immediately on my online banking (barclays) on the 'list direct debits' if so, can they take funds away immediately (or near immediately - within a minute). If the delay is something like 1 or 2 hours, i can keep on logging on and deleting etc


I will contact the bank and see what they can do in regards to direct debits. I have opened a different bank account (natwest) but still awaiting confirmation of the account opening


Another piece of advice, i would like. If i still have not had a new bank account and am able to request my workplace to send me a cheque instead of bacs and its payable to my name. is there any cheque cashing company that can cash the cheque for me (Above 1000 pounds) or would i need the company to produce cheques for me in small pieces (eg 4 sets of 250 etc)

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Quickquid is shown on direct debits as Casheuronet.uk.

Cancel all direct debits that are not necessary. Also put it in writing to the bank that you have no way authorisied any direct debits from this company. If necessary list the companies that you have cancelled the direct debits with. Then list the ones that are authorised.

This is what I have done.



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The only direct debit that i am aware i set up is from the Moneyshop

In the small print however after signing the electronic signature of the other payday loans, who knows what they may get up to.


The story does not end here. I have a barclayloan as well and have missed my loan payments for quite some time. Is there anyway that they can immediately debit the last 4 months arrears in one hit. The direct debit for each payment is always the first day of the month as listed in my online banking. can they take this out before this day. I know they do this if the first day of the month is a weekend or bank holiday.

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Just looked at my online statement and uncle buck has took out around 260 pounds via 'Direct Debit' on my barclays statements. I know that this direct debit was certainly not on the system via online banking and not on there now. Can they do this?? if they had automatically set up a direct debit, it would be displayed on the online banking debits section of the site.

The bank is obviously in breach of this.

Luckily I did not have enough money in the account so it got credited back but with an 8 pound fine for each of the three seperate direct debits (24 pounds - typical of barclays)

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Lets not necro multiple old threads to post the same thing in each mmmkay? Theres no reason to it. Especially when what you are saying isnt exactly true at all.

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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