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I found this excellent site some time ago, this is my first posting. So if I waffle on a bit... :confused:

I did start topsy turvy coming in with the DNs. I do hear the caggers on

Clydesdale / Barclays PF Post just love to hear more things about them :evil:

About 15 months ago, I got into a serious dispute with Barclays Pinching & Fiddles, Glasgow. It concerns an Account that was Settled & Closed in 2007.

I went to the FOS at Xmas 2008.

Just been informed by them, they are starting enquiry in 2 weeks time.

Mercers (BPF) have at the same time, slapped a Default Notice on me.

Although I have read everything going in here, my counting I have to do

on my fingers. I haven't got enough, and anyway, they are crossed in the

hope someone on here can advise me :rolleyes:


Notice is dated 30th May (a Saturday). It was on my doormat when I got

home afternoon of Friday 5th June. It came with that UK mail post (no I

didn't know about keeping envelopes then) It is standard format as shown

in these Posts. The Time Limit is given as Friday 19th June.

Can anyone advise if this is correct…. :?

The story is very convoluted. Here is the short (?) version.

2006. Buy into holiday scheme. Agreement XXX with Clydesdale.

2007. Company say we can upgrade, we agree. Company says we can

consolidate XXX into one Agreement from Clydesdale.

XXX is put into new Account YYY, to make life easier. Get settlement figureand new Agreement ZZZ drawn up.

Month later, part XXX paid for. Settlement figure for remainder of ZZZ

requested, this is YYY. My Bank, loan is cheaper than (now) Barclays PF.

Month later, YYY paid off. BPF send settled letter for Agreement ZZZ showing Closing £0 balance.

2008. Realised DDs not stopped, BPF claimed three payments. I stopped DDs, and contacted BPF for return of money.

BPF then said that XXX was still live. They then said they had reopened

Agreement ZZZ, and transferred funds into XXX. So therefore, the funds

were still owing on YYY.

This is where all the aggro started, and has gone on and on...........:evil:

See, I did say it was a bit weird.

I have a concise paper trail, showing the time line in 2007 up to the end.

After the usual flurry of polite phone calls and letter writing, I was

beginning to think I was going mad

About April time 08, BPF rang me, there was a Very Nice Lady from Customer Relations (fraudulent description if ever I've seen one).

I digress.

VNL said I owed lots of money to them and when could I pay by.

For about the eighteenth time, I explained the situation. VNL said I was

talking a load of b........ks :shock: After initial shock, I described what paperwork I had. Her reply " We have no interest in any other papers. We

have your signed agreement, we will force it through" I queried the way

she was talking. VNL came out with the classic 'We are Barclays, so we can do this'

I did invite her to put all this in writing, but the phone went down on me.




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