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    • Hi,    Thanks to this brilliant website (thank you for everything you do) I have started to make a claim against Hermes and have a pretty good idea of what I’m doing, I am just looking for some guidance around making sure I get the wording right / when to send what.   Brief background:   I bought a rug for £600 which I then decided to return. I booked a courier directly through the Hermes website on 18/08/2021 and opted for the standard insurance.   On 24/08/2021 the rug seller informed me she hadn’t received the rug, so I chased Hermes. After some back and forth, they admitted they lost the parcel on 25/08/2021 and invited me to make a claim, which I did, asking for the full amount - £600 plus £10.34 postage cost.   On 13/09/2021 Hermes confirmed they will be paying me £20 compensation plus £10.34 postage cost. I received this compensation from them in my bank account on 14/09/2021.     As far as I can understand my next steps are:    -       Send them the Letter of Claim (I have no specific email address so do I just send this to the generic Hermes support email address ([email protected]) ? Do I need to send a physical letter in the post too? If so, just to their generic address (Hermes, 1 Capitol Close, Morley, Leeds, LS27 0WH)? -       Send them the Particulars of Claim (Should this be a part of the Letter of Claim above, as in, send both the Letter of Claim and Particulars of Claim at the same time?) -        Make money claim online (I have completed all the information needed and am ready to pay – do I go ahead and pay the £70 now or do I need to give Hermes time to reply to my Letter of Claim before paying?)     Below are my draft Letter of Claim and Particulars of Claim, based on previous claims made.    Any help very much appreciated, huge thanks!   Letter of claim   Parcel ID – XXX Claim reference number XXX   Letter of claim   On 18/08/2021 I used your service to send a parcel under the above reference number. The parcel did not arrive at the destination and after several exchanges with your customer service staff, I was told on 25/08/2021 that the item was lost. I was also told that I would not be entitled to make any compensation claim because I had not purchased an additional compensation cover. My position is that I have paid the delivery fee and it is not for me to insure against the negligence of Hermes. It is for Hermes to protect themselves against liability for their own negligence and not pass the buck onto their customers.  I see this requirement as an unenforceable unfair term designed to exclude liability and to prevent me from taking a legal action. I am preparing to take you to court. If you force this to a court hearing – you can be certain that I shall be producing evidence from many different sources to show that you systematically lose parcels and decline liability on spurious grounds which are unfair and unenforceable. The contents of my parcel were valued at £600.00 plus the delivery fee of £10.34. If I do not have reimbursement in full within 14 days then I shall issue a claim in the County Court to recover this money from you plus interest and without any further notice. Yours faithfully,    XXX     Particulars of Claim     The claimant used the defendant's courier service to deliver an item, value £600 to a UK address. Reference number xxx. The defendant breached the contract by losing the item and refuses to compensate the claimant on the basis that the claimant did not take out the defendant's insurance policy. The defendant's requirement that a customer is responsible for insuring themselves against the defendants own negligence or the criminality of its employees are unfair within the meaning of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and therefore unenforceable. The claimant seeks £600 plus delivery fee £10.34, plus court fees £70, total: £680.34+ interest pursuant to section 69 County Courts act 1984.
    • Send it to the data protection team and then copy it to everybody else as well
    • At the risk of repeating myself over and over again  During our very first phone call i was nothing but polite and apologetic You said that you felt the bonnet had more stone chip's than you were expecting and i apologised sincerely and i politely asked what would make you happy  I told you what our costs would be to paint a bonnet i told the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, i sent you a copy of our pricing structure from the paint company to prove my honesty and i sent you the £150 direct to your bank within minutes of our call ending.  Having then received no other response until your email arrived the following day i tried to call as i always find it easier to talk in person as emails can be misconstrued so easily but you wouldn't take my calls  I tried desperately not to be rude in any way with my email reply and read and reread my response several times  I genuinely felt that i had been respectful and we had previously sent customers into lincoln whilst we have carried out repairs to cars and they have always been overjoyed and complimentary of what a lovely place lincoln is to visit so that offer was meant with sincere intentions.    We offered in the very first email 1 A full refund  2 3/4 of the cost of a full repair  3 To completely repair at our cost  Including fuel money and a free lunch  You then emailed to say you had decided you wanted a larger contribution to the cost of painting the bonnet so in the interest of customer service i agreed to send you the extra £112.50 The very next day i received your next email and you had decided this wasnt good enough and you wanted the whole cost  Now after all these emails and all this stress you have decided after taking further advice that you will be happy with the £112.50.    So upon production of a vat invoice we will gladly send you the £112.50.    I have nothing further to add  Sincerely  Mark   
    • That's great work.  Well done on both the content and the level of snottiness.  That's exactly the sort of thing your wife should send, let them know she's sussed their sordid scheme and will be big trouble for them if they do court.  Fancy trying to charge her for overstaying for one minute!   Excellent "Dear Philip and Sian" research, I must confess I didn't know who ran PE, this will be something to suggest to Caggers in future PE cases!   If none of the other regulars object invest in a 2nd class stamp tomorrow and get a free Certificate of Posting from the post office. My Road My Town My County My Postcode Date Your Reference No. Dear Philip and Sian, Thanks for wasting your pennies and sending me a letter before claim. I understand you think I owe you something. I had a good laugh at the idea you actually really thought I'd take such tripe seriously and cough up! Now, you know that your claim has no basis and I know that you know that your claim has no basis Your can either drop this hopeless case or get a good spanking in court where I will go for an unreasonable costs order under CPR 27.14(2)(g) and I’ll be able spend some of your ill-gotten gains. Me
    • External Affairs Secretary Angus Robertson calls for urgent action from Westminster over temporary visas.View the full article
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It was only after being late in our last payment to Swift that I reliased how much these people were charging me for being late. Sadly over the last year I have been late with payments, but as of today, I have paid everyone. Here is a list of charges they have for me-


5 year loan starts on 6th March 2007. Payments all up to date until August 2008.


9th Nov 2007-£65- SG2/65 Letter Sent

12th Dec 2007 £65- SG2/65 Letter Sent

18th Jan 2008- £65- SG2/65 Letter Sent

6th Aug 2008- Returned Direct Debit- £188.52 (thats my monthly payment)

6th Aug 2008- £33- Admin Fee- R/D Auto Added

11th Aug 2008- £23- Arrears Charge R1

18th Aug 2008- £23- Request for info from mortgage

18th Aug 2008- £23- Arrears charge R2

22 Aug 2008- £12- RCD Info from 1st Mortgagee

22 Aug 2008- £24.01- Interest Adjustment

22 Aug 2008- £395- L&D Adjustment

22 Aug 2008- £395(credit)- L&D Adjustment

26 Aug 2008- £23- Arrears Charge R3

2 Sept 2008- £23- Arrears Charge R4

8 Sept 2008- £23- Arrears Charge R5

11 Sept 2008- £23- Arrears Charge C10

11 Sept 2008- £250- Default Charge

10 Oct 2008- £23- Arrears Charge R1

17 Oct 2008- £23- Request for Info from Mrtge

17 Oct- £23- Arrears Charge R2

22 Oct- £12- RCD info from 1st Mortgagee

24 Oct- £23- Arrears Charge R3

31 Oct- £23- Arrears Charge R4

6 Nov 2008- £23- Arrears Charge R5

11 Nov- £23 Arrears Charge C10

11 Nov- £110- Default Charge

10 Feb- £23- Arrears Charge R1

11 Feb- £23- Enclose S/O Mandate

11 Feb- £23 (credit)- Reversal of previous charge

11 May- £23- Arrears Charge R1

18 May-£23- Request for Info from mrtge

18 May- £23- Arrears Charge R2

18 May-£23- Request for Info from mrtge

18 May-£12- Attempted Borrower contact

22 May-£23- Request for Info from mrtge

26 May-£23 Arrears Charge R3

3 June-£12- RCD Info from 1st Mortgagee

10 June-£23-Arrears Charge R1


How can they get away with charging me so much?:mad: Especially the default charges of £250 and £110 and the amount of times they requested mortgage info in May.


Having looked through these charges, do you have any advice? I still have until March 2012 to pay this loan off.

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