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    • There seems to be elements of truth in that HB, but largely its foil hat stuff   .. and no mentions of the right wing american cabal or russian influence, let alone Murdock or the other news moguls who sold Brexit to the masses.   The simple fact is that many saw personal benefit from Brexit (especially but not exclusively pharma), and extreme l/r politicians like Johnson and Corbyn wanted power unfettered by the influence of close partners to press their agendas.    
    • The DCA has just sent through a Tomlin order that I have signed and returned. Let's hope the judge accepts it at the hearing!
    • I haven't received a bill since I got their letter in December, but the next bill I get, I should be able to pay it.
    • Hello again,   Ironically following on from my first question about work, it looks like we're all going to be laid off! I'm going to bullet point my issue, "just the facts" like they used to say in Dragnet!    I have 2 unsecured loans with TSB (my only bank account provider).   Loan 1 taken out in 2020 for £12k Loan 2 taken out 2021 for 10k.   About 20k left as base figure across the two.    My salary is paid weekly and adds up to around £14k a year. Because I basically "bullsh**ted" on the online application that my income was around £18.5k, both loans were approved.    Question 1: as my only source of income is from weekly paycheque, paid directly into TSB account, surely there is an algorithm that would surely pick up this billybollx? And even if I WAS on £18.5k pa, surely lending me more than my pre-tax yearly salary is a bit of a wrong 'un? I don't want to go down the route of Irresponsible Lending, because I had and have every intention to pay back my debt, and was grateful they lent me the money to start with! The interest rate on the first loan is 7.9% and 9.9% apr on second. It was kinda too much with a monthly gross income of £1000, to pay back £485 for next 60 months.   However I've been doing it, and never missed a payment. But my whole financial life will collapse like a pack of wet cards when I get laid off next month.    This is not my first rodeo unfortunately with DCA's and unmanageable debt. I had a DRO back in 2009 for about £14k which expunged itself in 2015, and almost to the damn day of it ending I started getting phone calls from credit card companies and TSB saying "would you like a loan, would you like a card!". I'm not trying to say they deserve it, I don't believe in debt-avoidance AT ALL, however come on!   As it stands today, I have a TSB credit card with a £3500 limit. Current balance £300d   American Express Credit Card with £5900 limit. Current balance £0   Barclaycard Credit Card with £7900 limit. Current balance £2400.   I can cover the credit cards, I could even take a "repayment break" on the two loans for a month, however it's just delaying the inevitable. I can't afford £480 loan repayments anyway. I'm not going to suddenly find a job which pays vastly more than this one I'm about to lose, and even now the repayments are unsustainable.   Please understand, I'm an idiot, I didn't sign up to the two loans with an evil laugh, twirling my moustache, and I'm happy to pay back what I owe when/what I can. However, I might need these credit cards to survive the next few months until I find new work.    Question 2: I realise if I were to default the loans then my credit cards would/should be stopped and that will leave me in a hole. But it's probably not a good idea to start servicing my loans with cash withdrawals from credit cards in short term anyway?   Would REALLY appreciate any and all constructive responses on what you would do in my position? Any more info needed, please ask away....   TIA,   S.B.
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