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Complaint with AA - where should i start??

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I have AA cover and also the break\down repair cover as a joint member ship. This entitles me and my OH to up 7 call outs a year.


A few weeks ago we was out in our car, went to my mum and the car would not re-start, infact wouldnt even turn over. So called the AA out. Patrolman said that it was a burnt out cable attached to starter motor. Problem solved, car starts - all ok.


Yesterday (first day out shopping since having my baby 3 days ago!!) upon returning to car, car wont start, wont turn over so again call AA. Patrolman arrives this time its a cable problem earthing the gearbox? patrolman - repaired and did not fix it, car start and gets us home. after being at home for an hour or 2 OH wants to pop out - car again wont start showing same problem - wont even turn over. Called AA again first of all they wanted to charge me to come to my home as i dont have home cover, i expained that as this was 2nd time in the same day with same problem it was an ongoing issue? After some uhming anf arghing they agreed sent a patrol to my home but this has gone as a third call out. By the time patrolman arrived car was now turning over so patrol seemed unhelpful. With a bit of pushing from my OH patrolman said sounded like startermotor and to get it repaired under the breakdown repair service.


So this morning take car along to local garage as they wanted to check which starter motor to order. Car goes up on ramp and mechanic takes a look - apparently positive wiring is so bad they will not remove from ramp as they are deeming it too dangerous as could burst into fire at any moment. they wont start the engine to check if starter motor for fear of fire! they say problems of non starting are more than likely to be wiring than starter motor but are reluctant to check at present.


So my query is should i be charged 3 call outs for potentially the same fault and even now its something that they seemed to have overlooked - apparently as soon as car was up on ramp this wiring issue could be seen. Car was put up on jack on very first call out.

Also feel really angry, i dont have a clue about cars which is why i have AA cover and to now know that i have been driving around in a car with all 3 of my children on a daily basis that is potentially a fire trap is really unsettling. knowing that i have on 3 occasions asked for their assistance in trying to rectify a problem. Just feel let down and not happy with service. I have the number to complain to AA but am waiting for full diagnoise from garage before i complain so i know what im saying. Also just to add this is my local garage and i have always used and trusted them and never had any issues with them so know and believe that what they say is accurate.


If anyone could recommend next course of action or some advice would gratefully appreciate it.





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You can complain to the AA by all means, however they are a fix it get you home or to where your going service not a mobile garage! I pressume the problem when you took it to the garage were only really obvious once on the ramp and they could give a good look. by the side of the road on the floor is not ideal. The onus is on you to maintain and check the vehicle is safe by getting it regularly serviced and checked. perhaps the people you should be having a go at is the garage where you get it serviced or MOT'd.

Having said that they are only human and have let me down in the past, similar problem, car wouldnt start they said starter dead , checked wiring defo starter.

Bought new starter fitted it still nothing turned out to be duff earth!! there you go. should of checked it myself first, before spending £150 on a new starter.

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