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A few quick questions

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I've got a few questions, and hope you may be able to help.

In the near future i'll be sending SAR's to the 3 mortgage companies i've had mortgages with, Igroup, Spml and Kensington. During the Igroup mortgage, i changed my name by deed poll, but i no longer have the deed poll, is this likely to cause any problems? As the name i took the mortgage out in is different to that i'm using now. Also, is it still the case that claims can only go back to 6yrs? And finally, i've got no paperwork to do with any of the mortgages, and haven't got a clue what any of the account numbers are, or reference numbers, again, is that likely to be a problem? Surely those details would be included in a SAR?

Anyway, thanks in advance.

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The mortgage companies will need to satisfy themselves that you are/were the account holder.


If they have written to you at your current address then that helps. The deedpoll issue may or may not become relevant, as you can still use your previous name of course. You should be able to get a certified replacement.


You need to include all details you do know, name, data of birth, address used etc, which will be sufficient for them to retrieve account information.


The time limit for mortgages is different (arguably). Sect20 Limitation Act states 12 years. Sec 31 (a,b,c) gives reasons for the 6yr limit to be ignored/extended. Go for the maximum you can. Sect 5 is what they will try to apply (6yrs).


Get reading relevant threads - see mine in the Mortgages section.


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