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Redundancy and mortgage with SPML/Capstone

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I was made redundant at the end of May and had enough foresight to take out redundancy insurance.


The insurance people want the claim form signed by the JobCentre (fair enough), but trying to get them to do this is proving v frustrating as they won't do it until I'm "in the system".


This means it looks like I won't have enough to pay the full mortgage this month.


Any advice on if I should contact Capstone or what will happen if I miss a months payment.




p.s. It looks like I could have got a job with the council (fingers crossed), but they're taking ages to confirm it and get the documentation out.

Can't believe how slow the public services systems are :mad:

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Thank goodness you had redundancy insurance.

I do not believe it is anything to worry about, but I do understand your concern, in particular regarding the missed mortgage payment.Have another go at the Jobcentre,someone who has authority,ask how long,its causing possible difficultys with your lender.

I would write to your lender and inform them of your situation and let them know not to expect a payment in June I agree the delay is unfortunate but hopefully your mortgage company will be sympathetic.Hopefully.If they arent come back and we will think of something.But i would contact them witthout delay.Hopefully avoiding charges-mmm,we will see.Tell them about the insurance,they may require policy details etc.Good luck getting the job with the council,fingers crossed.Tawnyowl.

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Unfortunately Capstone are NOT one of the sympathetic ones and will add charges for late payment. If possible write to inform them of the situation(send recorded as they are prone to saying they did not receive) and pay what you can.


As for the job centre personally I would sit there and make a nuisance of myself until the papers were signed. If they refuse to help ask to make a complaint to a senior manager.


Unfortunately these days you have to make a lot of fuss to get things done.


Best of luck

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My payment to Acenden/SPML hasn't gone out this month due to getting reduced pay as I was sick.


Do you think they'll be open to spreading this missed payment out?


Could this lead to them starting to accrue charges on the mortgage, thin end of the wedge etc?



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Hi - you should write to them advising of your situation and offering to pay a little extra each month to clear the arrears. If you are only one payment behind and you get an arrangement in place to clear it, they shouldn't add any charges. Make sure any letter you send to them has your account number on it and post by recorded delivery. Get it done as soon as possible before they start ringing you. If you need help with the letter please let me know.

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