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    • Problem with our link but im sure your aware of what Fast Track entails    Fixed hover your mouse over the word.       .
    • UPDATE 27/01/2022   I have filled out all the SD's for all the tickets (fifteen in total) and now I have respond from court - they took off the Bailiff charges and asked council for original price.   Council just send me an letter regarding one of the PCN's asking to pay 130£ in 28 days.   There was another ticket for speeding but was send from Metropolitan Police and they did asked to name the driver, which I did. She have to attend the course or face penalty.   Contacting Council of Ealing was a huge pain, I contacted them in November yet had to fill formal complain in order to get any answers recently. They supplied me with 15 videos showing my ex driving the car on the bus lane, yet they told me as an owner I am responsible for paying the tickets and I cannot name the driver, they don't care. I took her to the post office and she signed the V62, she is still waiting for the V5C.   I have been told by Council of Ealing that there are another 11 charges for the same bus lane violation ...     My questions in this moment are: Is there no discounted rate of 65£ after Statutory Declaration?  Will she be able to pay in installments?  As total amount is around 2.5k - 3k (depends if the new 11 tickets she will pay before 15/02) Do I have to worry much if she will fail to pay even though car is owned now by her (she signed V62) and she can be recognized on the CCTV footage? 
    • The Training room is an unethical sales company disguised as an educational organisation. In 2019 I enrolled with The Training Room for a software development course which I fully intended to complete. I suffer from MDD, Anxiety and ADHD and I was concerned that this would affect my course in some way, this is information that I gave over the phone to the person selling me the course.  My mental health suffered when I discovered that the course was nothing more than large blocks of text and a “tutor” who could only answer questions about the blocks of text.  This was extremely difficult for my ADHD, but I really wanted to obtain the qualifications- so I requested information regarding extending my course from The Training Room, to which I received no response.  I didn’t pursue it because I had a job, was making the payments and things were going well. Then, the pandemic struck and I lost my job and was refused furlough because I had started after the government cut off date. My mental state suffered further along with my financial state, and even though I managed to get onto Universal Credit, I was struggling. I rang The Training Room and eventually I was told it would cost an initial £200 and then £15 per month until I finished the course. As time went on, my mental health slowly improved with the help of my psychiatrist and psychologist.  However, when my course deadline hit, The Training Room told me, for the first time, that I wasn't eligible to extend my deadline because I hadn't completed enough of the course. This shocked me, as nothing had been said about this before this point. I explained my financial and mental situation and was given a ‘generous’ offer which allowed me to stay on the course for a maximum of four months after my deadline for a fee of £350. If I had been able to afford that option, I would have taken it, however, as I informed them both in writing and over the phone, I was struggling to complete the course within the deadline because of my financial and health issues – charging me more and giving me minimal time to complete the course merely exacerbated the problem. The Training Room is threatening me with legal action if I do not pay the full course fees of over £2000 and I do not have the money, nor do I think it is fair that they should charge me this. They did not listen to me, and were dishonest with me from the start. I’m not the only person who has had this experience with the Training Room.  Is it really legal for them to be so unethical? Am I going to be forced to pay this even though it’s completely unreasonable? Any advice or insights would be really appreciated.  
    • Thanks.   So having quickly looked through that second link, @simeon1964 needs to be fully aware that he might be liable to pay the other side's costs if he loses this fast track case?   (The first link is blocked for me.  Is that a problem with the link or is my AV software not liking it?)
    • Sorry to jump on this post, but I have just had 2 debts fall off my credit file due to being statute barred. Both owned by Lowell. Should I send them a statute barred letter?   They haven't contacted me specifically about these, other than they regularly send letters which include them at the top saying they have accounts of mine that need paying. One of these worries me especially though as it is listed at my old address, or it was on my credit file before it dropped off. I ignored that for ages because I was worried it might make them take me to court for them and I didn't want to draw their attention to it, but they have included the debt (Vanquis) on other letters they have sent to me at my address. I asked on here and sent a letter a few months back with my change of address but they didn't update my credit file with the right address so I don't actually know which address they would use. I also don't know if they have just written it off or if they will try and get a ccj for them..
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Need Support - Landlord/Estate Agents problems

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I've posted on here before but I don't know if people remember reading my problem. I didn't want to add to my old thread because I don't know if that was allowed or not.


I was offered social housing (been on the waiting list for over 3 years). The condition was that I moved in right away but I still gave one-months-notice to my Landlord. I was basically paying for 2 houses rent, plus council tax, water, gas and electric, but I wanted to do things properly. My Landlord wasn't happy, obvously, and said that they would have to speak to the estate agent about it - he added I would probably have to pay estate agent fees. The estate agent has come back and said that I have to pay rent until a new tenant moves in, plus estate agent fees, etc. After coming on here, and reading loads of material, I realised that they could do this. I don't think it's fair as in the lease there is a clause for the landlord to end the tenancy but there is nothing for the tenant. It's the law though everyone keeps telling me.


My Landlord refused to fix loads of things. It was a damp house that opened up right on to a road. My son has Autism and the house I live in now is much better for his needs. There was always broken beer bottles, damage, and flood risks surrounding, or near, the old property. I've been flooded twice and the Landlord refused to have someone look into it. I've also has problems with the boiler. I couldn't afford to pay rent for the old house and it was constantly going up every year. Plus, my son couldn't play outside and there were no children for him to play with. Unfortunately, I've spoken to Shelter and they say that it won't matter if he didn't fix things. It doesn't mean the contract can be broken.


On top of that, my Landlord used to always call me, or drop by unexpectedly. He was very negative, telling me things like: I should be more patient (after waiting over 3 months to have the water pressure to the boiler, and leak, fixed), tell me off for not being able to contact me, and for things the estate agent used to say, etc., for example: the landlord told me the rent was going up, I received a letter from the estate agent to sign (to agree to the new rent), which I did and sent it back, I get a call from the Landlord chewing my ear off about the estate agent saying I had refused the rent increase. They had put the wrong amount on the letter and said I had refused his rent. Also, he told me off because the estate agent said they had tried to contact me numerous times without success. When I moved I found out that they had had the wrong number. I have given my number to them countless times and they still keep losing it. My Landlord has shown me pictures of other properties telling me that I am paying less than them and I should be more grateful. He has said he should just sell the place. This is just a few examples, there are loads more.


I have no money. I am in debt. I don't even have a cooker in my new house. It is costing me more money because I have to buy ready made meals all the time for the microwave. I can't even afford to get money from the social to buy one. He has my deposit and won't give it back to me - obviously he can do this. How can things like this happen? The law shouldn't be so black and white. If I hadn't paid the rent in 15 days he would have had the right to come into the house, and kicked me out. Why is there no get out clause for tenants? I spend a lot of my time crying. I thought I would be able to fight this because of the way he has treated me, and refused to repair things, but it seems to not matter.


Both the landlord and estate agents are lying to me. They will not give me a straight answer. The estate agent told me they would keep my post for me, but the landlord says they told him they couldn't. So, he has been taking my mail and sending it to me. The problem is: I'm not getting all my mail. I wrote to a few businesses, I haven't received post from, and they said they posted it to my old address and they've not received it back. My dad has been putting money into a bond for me and one of my letters, my bond notice, has not been received. I think he thinks he can use this to prove I have money. This is the only thing I have and it isn't ready for a couple years. What is even more sad is that I was receiving a women's magazine for free, for three months. I changed my address but they said they sent it to the old address. My landlord, and his wife, have kept my magazine. These are people who live in a very posh house in an expensive area. Who have gone on Holiday during all this. Even, the estate agent and woman from Shelter have gone on Holiday! I can't even afford one day away. How can this be, it just seems so unfair, but I can't do anything about it. I don't know what other post has been stolen but it's not against the law supposedly.


I feel really sick that he has kept some of my mail. It seems really personal. When I spoke to him he went on about how stressful it was for him. He is always banging on about what he is going through. I feel like I have no rights. It's okay that I can barely afford to live, poor them, they might not be able to go on as many Holidays next year.


I don't think they believe me that I have no money. I don't go to restuarants, I don't go out, I don't shop - apart from very cheap things like magazines at times - I don't get my hair cut, I can't afford to buy clothes, I have creditors breathing down my neck, I don't have a car, for Birthdays I am lucky if I can buy a present for £5. I am really upset about this. I feel completely helpless.


I know that there are bad tenants out there too but why is it the nice ones that suffer? I bet good landlords are having the same problem too. My Landlord is deluded he thinks he is extremely kind and helpful. I couldn't wait to have the Landlord and estate agent out of my life, but they aren't, they are still causing problems.

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Firstly, what kind of tenancy agreement did you have? WHen did you sign it, was it a 6 or 12 month one and you are still within those months, or has it gone on a periodic month to month tenancy?

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