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    • Hi I would welcome some advice please.  I have been a CAG member for some time and you have helped in many ways.   Way back in October 2007 I took out a loan with Black Horse Finance for £4,000 to pay for a new central heating system that I was forced to install when I had to move into an old mid-terraced house.  The problems with this house got worse over the years and in October 2012 the account was assigned to MEIV who traded under the name Marlin. Also at that time my affairs were being handled by a Debt Management Company.  This company, Money Worries, subsequently disappeared with the MD being chased by Greater Manchester Police.  There followed a long and painful period with Marlin whereby they constantly stated there was no payment plan and I stated that there was.  They claimed no payments had been received and it was down to me to try and sort the mess out.  I said at the time that I would maintain the same payment as I had been to the DMC which was £12.25 per month.  So I implemented a Standing Order to this effect.  Marlin, of course, wanted an Income / Expenditure form so they could (obviously) try and pressure me to pay more.  I wrote to Marlin saying their actions could amount to harassment but they continued to maintain there was no agreement and passed the account over to their so-called "solicitors", Mortimer Clarke.   So in April 2014 enter Mortimer Clarke who were still, like Marlin, just agents.  As 'solicitors' they started threatening legal action, enclosed an Income / Expenditure form and demanded that I fill it up - effectively disclosing all.  A month later they wrote saying their 'client' had told them to start legal proceedings but actually nothing happened, maybe because it was already beyond 6 years.  They threatened CCJs and credit being "impacted" etc.  So I discover that Marlin had actually increased the debt by £500 by slapping on punitive interest. After finally getting them to realise that there was a plan, whether they liked it or not, they removed the interest. I then made a reasonable offer, I felt, to increase the monthly payment to £20.  They came back again demanding their sacred Income / Expenditure form.  So thanks to CAG I informed them about 'reasonable' offers of payment and Court Protocol rules and just went ahead and implemented the £20 a month. Back they came saying the offer had been accepted on a "concessionary" basis - whatever that's supposed to mean. In March 2016 they seemed more reasonable and continued the £20.   In October 2018 they try their tactics again and I respond with a strongly worded letter about harassment and follow through on my telephone promise to increase the monthly payment to £25.  Surprise, surprise, this is accepted!  All is then peaceful and calm until February this year when they start again.  As things are somewhat better for me the monthly payment is increased to £60 but now in September they're back again.  Now I know you will say I'm foolish but this time I completed their damn Income / Expenditure form but again, foolishly, I gave them figures based on our total family income.  I am retired as a full-time carer to our disabled son.  My wife is in paid employment but wants to build up savings to start a business idea that she has every chance of succeeding in. I gave them global figures for total Income and Expenditure as how much pocket money I give my son is of no relevance!   They are now saying on the basis of the figures I gave them that I have £494 disposable income and that their 'client' (i.e.MEIV) wants the monthly payment to rise to £345.80.  I am furious.  They have given me 14 days to accept ......or else!!   I am thinking I should do a new IE form based solely on my income and the expenses I pay each month but I thought I would come to you guys first.  If this were to go through it would leave us, as a family, with not much over a £100 to cope with emergencies.   Many thanks in anticipation.    
    • Has a check been made with the local Council Authority regarding the land ?   Usually Councils will have charts showing the land/boundaries in their area.   I know local to where I live there is land with disputed ownership, as documents are missing. There is then a claim process through land registry which you are going through. Because the land was not claimed or part of the property purchase 5 years ago, I believe that land registry are correct, that the landlord would have a 12 year period in which to register a claim for the land. Land registry won't as far as I know actually contact the landlord to make them aware. It would be up to landlord to find out.   There may be a process for there to be an agreement made between Mum and landlord now. Depends on how reasonable the landlord is. But there may be a cost involved in this process drawing up legal agreement for landlord to waive any rights to claim ownership of the land.  Seek formal legal advice from someone qualified to see if this is possible and if so how much legal fees would be.
    • Hi not sure if I'm posting in the right place here so apologies if I'm not. I don't know if anyone can help but basically my mum has been living in her house since 1997 and there is a piece of land that she has used and looked after since moving in there.she was a tenant in the house until she bought it around 5 years ago. She has recently tried to claim the land through the land registry (possessor title I think) however she had something back from them saying her landlord from when she was renting would be allowed to claim the title for the land or she would have to start her 12 years wait again from.when she purchased the property. Is there anyone that can give some.advice on this as I don't see why her previous landlord could.claim the land when they weren't the ones looking after it. Any advice is appreciated. Thankyou
    • Northampton has lost a host of major retailers, but independent traders say it has a bright future.View the full article
    • I think the most important thing here is to establish a paper trail. You have the right to return it within 14 days for any reason – the cooling off period. Also if there is a defect which manifests itself within the first 30 days then you have a right to reject the computer for that defect. I suggest that you write letter immediately – email – send it to them and make it clear that you are invoking the cooling off period and that despite your best efforts you have been unable to obtain an address from them and in fact you have found that both their staff and the systems are obstructive to your application of your consumer rights. Send a second email (they aren't normally able to understand one point per email – they get confused) and tell them that you are invoking your right to reject under the consumer rights act because of a defect and you want to know what arrangements they are making to collect the computer. Send both of these letters today. I suggest that the cooling off period one you also sent by recorded delivery post tomorrow but make sure it bears today's date. In terms of the defect, I suggest that you start going to the setup process again if you can and take a photograph of each screen so that you are able to demonstrate the defect. If Dell tries to shirk their consumer obligations then you will have evidence that there was a defect and after that we will help you through the next step.
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Please help - Bailiff coming in 1 hr for car

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Yep, the letter is good. You are entitled to damages for the tort of trespass, and like you I think it's sensible to not claim an amount, but see what is offered by Hitachi.


Will be interesting to see what they come back with. Get the letter in the post if you've not already done so by recorded delivery and we will go from there.


I am going to make a point of chatting to one or two of the judges I am likely to be before this week and askfor their view on matters such as these (in particular where ROG orders are obtained but no warrants sought).


Also, the option to purchase fee - as you correctly state this is a "Hire" Purchase Agreement, i.e. you are hiring the vehicle until you pay the last payment, at which point there is an option to purchase the car. It's not an insurance as such.


Hope that helps



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Thanks for clarifying what the option purchase fee is. If you manage to speak to any of the judges that would be great for myself and everyone in a similar position. Thanx


I love the help on this forum it really is addictive when you start reading through all the threads (in a good way) x

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You're other advantage is that as you still have the V5 they have no proof that you agreed to them removing the car. The paperwork of yours they photocopied could have easily been posted through the door while you where out.

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Time for a little update.


Nothing looking too good just now. We sent our prelim letter months back and First Response (HP company) kept sending letters asking for extra time to respond whilst they investigated the matter. Eventualy got their response about 2 weeks ago basicaly stating that the vehicle has not been respssesed that we had voluntarly surrendered the vehicle. The car has been sold by the HP company and they are now asking us for the remaining balance to be paid. Infact I got a letter this morning from First Response saying that they will be applying to my local court in order to get the outstanding balance paid.



I feel that I did not voluntarily surrender my car as I never signed anything to say that I agreed to it being taken. We have paid over a third to secure our investment and now we have nothing to show for it.


Ill check my credit report today and see what First Response have done on that and I will also post the letter that was sent to me stating that the car had not been repossesed but that we voluntarily surrendered the vehicle.

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Here is the letter we received from First Response in reply to our letter stating they were in breach of law.



After concluding our investigation in to the issues that you raised with the collection of your vehicle, I am now in a position to address the points that you have raised.


To deal with your allegation that the vehicle has been repossessed against the terms of section 90 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.


Our agent made it clear when he attended your home that he was not there to repossess the vehicle, but to discuss the voluntary surrender of the vehicle to First Response Finance, to reduce you liability under the agreement.


The guy turned up at my door, when I was at work at 7.30pm and said "I am here for the car, I have driven all the way from Glasgow and I am not leaving without it"


The paperwork that the agent provided you clearly stated this, and according to his statement you read this then asked to take copies of the relevant paperwork for your records.


Paperwork photocopied to prove that I did not sign my approval to the car being taken.


The statement that we received from our agent also advises that you refused to sign the paperwork as your sister, who is studying law, suggested that by not signing it you would not be liable to make payments towards the outstanding liability following the sale of the vehicle.


This is the best one, I am the youngest child in a family of four boys, I don't know when I suddenly adopted a sister, and by law they cannot "voluntarily surrender" my car if I did not sign my apporval to this,

She did however advise you to hand the vehicle over to the agent, this you agreed to do, having removed your personal possessions.

You surrendered the keys to the agent having removed your possessions, handed the keys to the agent so that he could recover it, and in addition asked the agent to be discreet and not display his orange beacons in close proximity to your home, A request with which the agent complied.


I still have the main car key, and the V5 document, the car battery had died so the car was left unlocked, and the spare key was left in the glove box hence why they have one. Yes I emptied the car of my pram and car seats simply because they had made it clear the car was leaving my driveway, with or without my consent.

Taking into account all of these circumstances, I cannot agree that there has been any breach of section 90 of the Consumer Credit Act, as at no point was repossession of the vehicle considered, and you were given documents that made it clear that this was a voluntary arrangement.


**for the bold text - I quote from a previous letter "You should be aware that should you continue to ignore this matter FRF will have no option but to apply to your local court for a Return of Goods Order." Just to prove that point wrong as well...


To take the second point raised in your letter with regard to trespass; and you wishing to seek compensation for trespass by our agent.


The agent attended your home address by prior appointment with you. Arranged when your sister phoned you while she was at your address at apporximately 3.30pm on the xxth of ... 2009. The agent had called to speak to you, and when you were not available he asked if you could be contacted, she called you and asked them to call back at 10pm that day, when you would be available.


Again...Sister? I made no arrangements and if they came at 3.30 I would have been home I started work 5 minutes away at 5pm, he then parked up outside my home at 7.30 demanding to speak to me to take the car, for shear concern for the opinion of our neighbours my wife advised them to leave and that I didn't finish until 10pm, to put it blunt they were there again before me...he was brought inside out of humility due to his hi-viz vest and loud brash tone not for tea and biscuits as the next paragraph would probably go on to say...but this is not my main focus so not too concerned about the trepassing at this point


I am not of the opinion that our agent was guilty of trespass. Trespass, in Scotland is a temporary intrusion without permission or justification, such as entering upon someone else's property. According to the agent, the visit was by prior appointment and you "invited" him into your house in which case the agent would clearly not be guilty of trespass.


This concludes my findings on the matters raised. I would be grateful if you could contact etc etc...


Yours sincerely






Anybody have any thoughts on where to go, or any questions to clear some points up, I understand that is a lot of reading, so thanks for taking the time to help.

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I'm going to move your thread to the Bailiffs forum as I hope there may be advice from someone there.


What's Best for You?



The Consumer Action Group is a free help site.

Should you be offered help that requires payment please report it to site team.


Alliance & Leicester Moneyclaim issued 20/1/07 £225.50 full settlement received 29 January 2007

Smile £1,075.50 + interest Email request for payment 24/5/06 received £1,000.50 14/7/06 + £20 30/7/06

Yorkshire Bank Moneyclaim issued 21/6/06 £4,489.39 full settlement received 26 January 2007



Advice & opinions given by Caro are personal, are not endorsed by Consumer Action Group or Bank Action Group, and are offered informally, without prejudice & without liability. Your decisions and actions are your own, and should you be in any doubt, you are advised to seek the opinion of a qualified professional.

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