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I have been reading through this site for over a week now, just to get my head round the whole process (there are still some dark spots).Anyways, I have sent out my request for list of charges on 29/07/06 to:







Capital One.

I have received 2 letters back yesterday.One from Barclays-returning the cheque of £10 -and saying that they not actually under any obligation to provide me with the list of charges but will send me statements (free on this occasion)and I can work it out from there.

The other one from Natwest saying very briefly that will provide me with statements within the 40 days and that they have cashed the cheque.

In the meantime got charged on my current account (HSBC) £125 for going overdrawn(I haven't sent them anything because I haven't got a 'parachute account' yet),but phoned them and asked them to refund that charge since the amount I'm overdrawn is...never gonna guess...is £125.they offered £50, I accepted it but said to them that I'll send a claim for the rest of the money.

That's it briefly.Can't wait to 'ave them all!They have been torturing me for the last 7 years!!

PS brilliant site, i'm recommending it to everyone!!

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whoa horsey!


Careful not to take on too much, 7 claims at once might get a tad complicated later on.... I suggest you stagger the claims a little. Seven lots of Moneyclaims would cost a bob or two as well in one lump.


All the best with the claims, sounds like you have it sorted!





HSBC WON three times!!!!! Read about my continuing battle (claim FOUR!) Link HERE

Capital One WON Link


GE capital (5 accounts) WON link HERE

Lloyds bank account WON second claim starting! link HERE

Budget insurance cough up WON link HERE

Principles WON link HERE

A&L (Mrs Crusher's account) claim link HERE

Barclays claim link HERE


Any advice given is on an informal basis only and without prejudice or liability. In in any doubt, consult a qualified lawyer.


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Thanks for that guys!

Just thought would be easier to keep track of the stages of the process if i do them in the same time...but then just might have to take it on as a full time job!;-)

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I have 5 on the go at the moment and I can tell you it is a full time job. My eyes hurt reading thru all the threads and copying things and then forgetting what I copied. My bum is getting even bigger as I sit here most of the day:) It will all be worth it in the end and I will be able to pay for the lipo I will need later :)



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Guest Lueeze

I did all mine at the same time but I was a moderator too and knew hell of alot about the process, now I feel i cant keep track of it all and even though im using a filling ststem its gone a bit haywire....


My best advice is not to delay if you are at the claim stage, go ahead and do it or you will forget where you are.


Good Luck


Lou xxx

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