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Council Tax Arrears & Enforcement Officers

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My husband and I had a visit from 2 beefy enforcement officers on Saturday and naturally, I didn't open the door because I was alone, but I overheard them say that they would return at Midday with a locksmith and they posted a letter through our letterbox confirming they would be back from 12pm onwards.


When my Husband came home from work at 10am, he rang them and they said that unless we could pay the whole amount immediately, he would send a local removal firm round to collect our possessions and they would enter our premises with or without our permission and break the door down!


Can they do this? From the other comments that I have read on this site, they can't, but i'm really scared now that if I do go out, they will come and break into our home and take our stuff. We are always very vigilant about locking doors/windows, etc.. As far as we know, these people do not have a walking possession, or they haven't said that they have anyway!


I have thought about calling the council and pleading with their better nature and reporting this incident of harrassment and hoping they will take back the warrant and set up a payment plan.


I'm scared that if I do open the door, that by them putting there foot over the threshold, even by an inch, is that classified as giving permission to come in?


Please help us because I really don't know what to do.

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welcome to C.A.G. i know you are worried but in truth council tax bailiffs have no powers unless they have a walking possession order

in other words if you invite them into your home or if you leave a window or door open (they can only gain entry by peaceful means)

don't listen to what they say they cannot get a locksmith to gain entry they cannot break into your home when you are out

they cannot get you arrested and sent to jail because you did not pay the bailiff

if you have a car park it on another street

if you have a garden do not leave anything in it garden furniture e.c.t.dont even leave the spade in the garden the bailiff will levy on it

as he will use this to ad more charges to your account

was there an amount of money on the letter the bailiff left on Saturday

how much more was added on to the amount you owe the council

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you can speak to them through an open upstairs window if they come back

the council are responsible for all bailiffs actions as they work as agents for the council

write to the council or e-mail head of revenues for council tax and ask them to take the debt back as you felt very intimidated because 2 very large bailiffs came to your house tell the council when you spoke to them on the phone they refused to set up a payment plan and they want the whole amount Tell them what the bailiff said about breaking into your home get you M.P. involved

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Thank you for the warm welcome! I understand that you are not an expert, but you have a great knowledge of what bailiffs can and can't do.


There was a figure on the letter and it is about £250 more than the actual debt - All he's done is knock on my door, scare the crap outta me and speak rudely to my husband on the phone - Now's there's a job worth doing, £250 for what, 10 minutes work?!?!


I sincerely appreciate your comments and will call the council tomorrow to try to negotiate a payment plan hopefully, and to tell them how Chandlers Bailiffs are using their name to scare people out of their wits.


Thank you once again Hallowitch - you are a star!!:D

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yep make a payment plan withthe council and the bailliff can swing dixie for their fees, get your own back!



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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that letter is your ace the most a bailiff can charge is £24.50 for 1st visit £18 for 2nd visit

there is no levy or you would have had a form 7 pushed through your door

tell the council you have had 1 visit from them and they have added over £200 in unlawful charges and that the bailiff is committing fraud because of these charges


if the bailiff comes back tell him to sod of you have been in touch with the council and you know that there are illegal charges on your account ask him for his name/number and the court where he was certificated tell him you are going to file a form 4 complaint to the county court about the charges he has added

:D you are now in control of the bailiff he is not in control of you (i do love it when they add unlawful charges its a whole new ball game and you are in control of the ball)

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any letters you write make 4 copy's 1 for council 1 for M.P. and 1 to keep for yourself always send any letters recorded delivery

do get your M.P. involved

tell the council you will not deal with a company that you cannot trust and you want them to take the debt back

any correspondence you have from bailiff copy for the council and your M.P.

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Well you really are a gem, aren't you Hallowitch! You should become a lawyer and get paid mega bucks for this information!


You have certainly brightened my day and re-assured me that these B*****d's can't get away with this crap!


I have just finished emailling my local MP - only hope she does something to stop this happening again to another of her constituents.


I will call the council tomorrow and tell them everything that has gone on over the weekend and exactly what these guys have been spouting on their behalf. I will also take up the notion that sticking £250 extra onto my bill is not really gonna help any of us get out of debt in a hurry!


If I knew who you were Hallowitch, I would send you a big buch of flowers to say thank you for all your help. :D

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if i think of anything else i will post it don't expect the council to say yes immediately in my experience most councils don't know there Ar from there elbow when it comes to bailiffs charges

(when i complained about the bailiffs charges on my daughters they said i will phone the bailiff to see if they are correct and get back to you :rolleyes:)

but don't give up you know you have unlawful charges

make a payment to the council if they refuse to take it ask them to put it in writing

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remember till the council take it back don't leave your car where the bailiff can see it park it in another street and leave nothing in the garden and i mean nothing

bailiffs live to levy this is Where they make there money

there is a thread on here where the bailiff levied on a door mat

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I seem to be getting absolutely nowhere with the council - they are driving me nuts!


I have written to my MP, not heard anything from her and council have said that they have spoken to bailiff company and they have agreed with us that we will repay them an extortionate amount a month over the next 6 months - THIS IS NOT TRUE!! We haven't heard from Chandlers Limited since the knock on the door last saturday.


We have since found out that the bailiffs are charging an extra £292.80 on top of the original debt. I have said all this to the council, but they aren't interested.


Any ideas?

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I called them on Tuesday and again today because I hadn't heard from them.


This is really all becoming too much for me - I can't live like this anymore, I've been in the dark for a week now and no bugger in authority wants to help!


I read on another thread that if someone is depressed and get a note from the doctor, that the council have to take the debt back and tell the bailiff to f*** off - Is this true?

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i have today taken advice from various debt help organisations regarding the collection of council tax arrears


xxxxxx bailiffs have been instructed by (council )to act as agents for the collection of my council tax arrears i now have reason to believe this makes xxxxx council jointly responsible for any bailiffs actions and any fees added to said arrears


the liability order sent to xxxxx bailiffs was for the amount of £xxxxx

as of the date of this letter i have one visit from the bailiff

this visit was on Saturday xxxxx when two bailiffs arrived at my door


As I was home alone i did not answer my door as I'm sure you can imagine i felt very intimidated by two strangers chapping rather loudly on my door


Before they left they put a letter through my letterbox (for your convince i have enclosed a copy of this letter )it was only then i realised that they were bailiffs

As you can see from this letter the bailiffs have clearly added charges before this visit the liability order was for the amount of £xxxxxx this letter states that the bailiff were there to collect £xxx the difference being £xxx


The council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992 clearly state that fees For making a visit to premises with a view to levying distress (whether the levy is made or not ) is £24.50 and if a second visit is required this carries a charge of £18

I therefore firmly believe that there are unlawful charges on my account


i telephoned on Tuesday (date ) to try to resolve this matter and was told that it would be look into and i would receive a call back as i had no call back and i felt that this should have been dealt with as a matter of urgency as there are bailiffs involved i once again called you today


I was very surprised to be told that i had spoken to the bailiff and agreed to pay £xx over a 6 mth period and the charges had increased to £xx

i have not spoken to the bailiff i am happy to proved my itemised phone bill to confirm that i did not phone the bailiff


If i had spoke to the bailiffs on Saturday (date) there would have been no reason for them to leave the letter (enclosed)


I am now escalating my complaint to the chief of finance or the appropriate person and now regard this as an official complaint an Early reply to this very serious matter would be appreciated


please forward to me the screen shot of my account held by xxx council regarding my council tax arrears as i understand it will include all bailiffs charges the reason for these charges and the time/date and bailiffs name who added these charges


this screenshot will be scrutinised by my solicitor and any unlawful charges found on my account will used in a form 4 complaint to the court where the bailiff was certificated


I am now asking you to suspend any bailiffs action until this matter is investigated into by yourselves and until my solicitor can scrutinise the screen shot of my account


if my suspicions are confirmed i would ask you to remove all bailiffs charges and recall my account from the bailiff

(if the person Reading this letter is not said person the responsibility lies with you to pass it on to the appropriate person to deal with this official complaint )


If after this screen shot has been scrutinised and any unlawful charges are found and xxxx council refuse to take action and recall this account i will take my complaint to the local government Ombudsman

As i have already E-mailed my M.P. regarding this i will also be sending him a copy of this letter

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Well hopefully this will give the council a kick up the a**e now and they'll have to do something about it - it's getting beyond a joke and i'm sick and tired of sitting here with the curtains closed! Parked the car about 10 minutes away, thank you for that genius tip!! :D

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I'm planning on throwing ALL the windows open and dancing around to very loud music on Sunday!! I've already downed a few Jack Daniels and coke, but sure will give the vodka/irn bru a go - I used to love irn bru as a kid! ;)

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have a look on your council web site and see if you can find out who the head of council tax administration is and address it to him personally


if you can hand it in all the better write official complaint on envelope his name or head of council tax administration and get them to copy whats on envelope on the receipt

if you cant hand it in send recorded delivery

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Emma royd and Lil monkey had good results today

read them both cheer you up a bit


Jesus my hubby watching Britain got talent Paul Potts on it suppose thats what i get for marring a welsh man :rolleyes: me being Scottish

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