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who do I complain to about out of hours gp services


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Would any one know how or who I can complain to with regards to an out of hours GP that I feel treated me as if I was just after drugs just to get a kick out of them.

Let me explain my predicament

For the past 4/5 weeks or so I have been suffering with an ongoing viral infection which started in my chest area and was diagnosed with a chest infection, that cleared up but left me very tired, weezy and ended up with a sore throat, blocked sinuses, headaches and sticky eye, not to mention just recently chronic dirroreah. I stayed at home and took the usual lemsip and waited until the symptons subsided which they now have. Not once did I revisit my GP with these reacurring symptoms and when I felt very bad just took a lemsip and took myself to bed. I took nothing more for this not even extra pain relief when I felt really bad. I will say now that I suffer with a disability and have a very low immune system so very often I get whats going around and can spend weeks feeling off colour, but very rarely will I take medication for this and just rest until things go back to normal.

This year has been particulary bad for me but I have stayed away from painkillers and relied on 'old wives remidies' which do help.

On thursday I woke and felt that my back and chest had been burnt, just like sun burn but there was nothing there, I took some mild anti-inflamortories which did help but later that day I started to suffer with severe pain in my chest back and left arm radiating to my neck and shoulder. I took some paraceptamol for the pain but it didnt help, so after about an hour and in some considerable pain I took temgisic which I had been perscribed for a blocked saliva gland 4 months before and never took as i dont like taking strong pain killers unless I am in dia pain. With in minutes the pain subsided and felt very relieved as I felt that it could have been serious as I suffer with mild angina. (2 episodes in 10 years). thinking not much else about it I took myself off to bed now feeling more comfortable, but still had a slight soreness to my back.

The next moring the burning pain woke me up on my back and I felt that this had spread to my chest, upon sitting up I felt a severe pain in my chest back and shoulder, I again took some temgisic and with in minutes the pain went, addmitingly I did feel concerned at what this was but carried on my normal morning routine. with in about half an hour of feeling better the pain hit me again so much so that I collapsed and became very breathless and sweaty. My partner called for an ambulancde as he felt that it may be a heart attack, the paramedic confirmed his concerns and I was immediatley taken to hospital. They ran an ECG which showed some small abnormalities, took some xrays and some blood tests and gave me morphine for the pain plus some blood thining drugs directly into my stomach. I started to feel better within minutes and was then taken to a ward to be evaluated. I was put on oxygen as my oxygen levels were slighty lower than normal and was told to inform them straightaway if my pain became worse.

Now this is where my problems start. at about 3pm my pain was getting bad again I called for a nurse and asked for some pain relief, half an hour later still no pain killers. I asked another nurse for some pain relief by this time the pain was getting bad again, she came back with two paraceptamol. because of the serverity of my pain I asked if I could have anything stronger and was told I wasnt written up for any. By this time a doctor came in and told the nurse to give me some morphine for the pain and for me to be booked to have some blood tests to see if I had damaged my heart. My oxygen was put up to also help with the pain. he said this infront of two nursing staff and another doctor.

to cut a long story short I was never given any pain relief and by 11pm that night I was in so much pain I asked a nursing staff again for about the third time if I could have some pain relief, she said I had to see a doctor befofre they could give me any. I had already seen the doctor. any way I asked if I could take my own medication she said that I would have to see a doctor for that too.. I asked when this would be and she said it could take up to an hour to two hours. I couldnt wait that long so I had to discharge myself so that I could take my own painkillers. with in 15 minutes the pain started to go. before I went home I found out that from the bloodtest i finally had done and only one instead of the three the doctor had ordered, that my heart had not been damaged. I had a restless night but was almost pain free. the next day I didnt take any pain medication until the afternoon when the pain started to come back. I decided that I would speak to my out of hours surgery the following day about where and what I couls do next to find out the problem and to get some more pain killers.

I explain to the locum what had happened, and that I was running out of my painkillers, not believing me that I had been perscribed morphine she called the hospital, she said that the doctor had never perscribed me any painkillers let alone morphine (which I hadnt even asked for)and she was only going to perscribe a mild painkiller that I could buy over the counter as she felt that I didnt need a stronger one as she felt that I was only suffering muscle pain. she didnt even examing me or even listen to my chest. she didnt take my blood pressure or temperature, she made me feel as if I was there just to get a 'fix', not once did she ask about my medical history or how long I had been taking temgisic she just asked what I was perscribed it for. she was very abrupt and rude and did not listen to what I was trying to explain.

I would understand her reaction if I had a long history of pain medication but I dont. I very rarely see my GP let alone ask for pain medication.. Im sorry that this is so long and am at a loss what I should do now.. I still dont know what is wrong with me and I am still in pain and now Im angry, scared and upset that no one seems to believe me that I am in so much pain and all I want is for it to stop and to know what has caused this.. what I dont need is to be labled a pill popper as Im certainly not one and dont feel the need to be one either... any suggestions to what I can do about this would help me out so much.. many thanks in advance.

by the way I forgot to mention that one of the doctors I saw did say that I may have suffered a mild heart attack if not that then I may have a virus that has affected my heart. I did not make that assumption and never have. I thought that I may have had a clot in my lung as i have had a stroke in the past and this may be related in some way. Tests were meant to have been done which the heart doctor had ordered but they never happened.

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Hi there,


A good starting point for complaints would be the PALS service for your area.


Just google PALS for your area to get their contact details.


If you wish to bypass PALS, then contact the complaints department for the hospital.


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