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A+L set up an account without my signatures

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ok so i took out a debit card account with them last year, around jan time.

basically- i got sent sooo much paperwork, i called them and said "sod it- i'll stick with barclays and get 1p per year interest" so the man on the phone told me to cut my card up and destroy the paperwork

bearing in mind, i never sent any of the signed paperwork to them, i didnt even sign it. i stuck it in the back of a cupboard.

so time goes on, a good 6 or 7 months later

turns out that alliance and leicester have moved 2 of my 7 direct debits, and not moved my wages, to this new account- that ive never used and never signed. just agreed to it online, but called up to cancel it.

i get a letter to say i owe them £600 because its gone over my overdraft

turns out theyve cocked up, not moved all my DD's or my wages- but moved my Orange phone bill, and my credit card £50 per month payment.

its all added up and left me sunk in an overdraft and then thy have stuck fees on top.

ive called them and asked what the hell is going on, and they said i never called to cancel and they have my documents signed (urrr no you don't i have them here as proof damn i knew i was a hoarder for a reason)


they are supposedly taking it to some court, but as this goes on now. its screwed up my lovely clean credit rating.

will someone give me some pointers on what i should expect

and could i file for compo as their hold music has had me screaming and tearin my hair out


ps: i'm only 20 and this all happened when i was 19 so i dont know if im in the wrong or not.

thanks for reading and i hope someone helps

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Read the FAQs section, read relevant threads. You need to apply the bank charges process to your circumstances.


You need to make a Subject Access Request, Consumer Credit Act request. Once you have all the information you need you send an initial letter of request followed by Letters Before Action etc.


It sounds daunting but it is not a difficult process once you understand it. DON OT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT what they have done is not lawful.

There is no such thing as impossible; only the degree of difficulty required to achieve the desired outcome.

Read through the

FAQ Section.... Use these links :grin:


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My advice & opinions are offered informally, without prejudice & without liability. Please use your own judgment.

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Lloybles - No CCA, CPR disclosure notices served.

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I definitely think this one is for the bank charges route, but you may want to find out if you have any other recourse if you never actually signed the agreement.

Working to help set people free from debt.

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