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Hi Folks


Can't believe what a week this has been, I have managed to receive 2 parking fines in 2 days.


The first one issues yesterday was for parking in a disabled person space, now I would never knowingly park in an allocated space for a disabled person and I only noticed the sign on the road after the ticket had been left.


The sign was eroded to the point of useless as my son said it looks like someone had spilt a milkshake on the road! See for yourself I took a photo as I was so shocked.


photo one.jpg


Anyway I had just dealt with the fall out from this one, then got another one in the post today for overstaying my welcome at Asda Govan. Apparently I can only park there for a limited amount of time. God I spent over £300 in their store and get fined £60 for not doing it quick enough!!!!


I'm furious:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:


Am I right in thinking that I ignore the second one and wait for the threatening court letters?

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Signage and PCN to go with the council one please.


Keep the Asda one next to the toilet in case you're caught short. Complain to HQ though, enclosing a receipt and say your want vouchers from them and tkem to end their contract with the PPC clowns they have employed (under the illusion they can give out fines)

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That disabled one should have a sign on a post near it to be enforcable.


If it's in a private car park IT WILL NEVER BE ENFORCEABLE.


Double yellows, disabled markings and anything else in a private car-park has the same legal standing as graffitti



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The disabled parking fine was on a public road (actually outside the sheriff court) sent letter and pics off last week 1st class but heard nothing back yet. Will check to see if there are signs on posts nearby tomorrow.


Asda have agreed to call off the dogs, for over staying my welcome. They were really nice and helpful, so it pays to have a word with them - £60 worth of pay:)

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If you've appealed it, I wouldn't worry for the moment. See what happens with your appeal.


If you lose it, you will be sent and NTO and can then lodge a formal rep - which is a more formal appeal. Sounds like the case will hinge on the validity of the signs & lines given their condition. The road markings are laughable and you describe the signage as "eroded to the point of useless".


If you're going to take a photo of it, make sure you keep it, and also try to get another one which will prove that this sign is precisiely next to that parking spot - eg a picture with the sign and a recognisable door number in the background. This will be robust evidence if the matter progresses.


You never know though, your appeal might succeed and that will be the end of it.

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