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    • Likely will be legal action unless they have been retained due to AMLLs... Can we have an idea of amounts?
    • Hi Cag member's,   I apologise if i have posted in the wrong thread. Was Looking for some advice please, with a situation I have with Revolut ltd. I have been using the app for over a year, just for the purpose of travel, but in March 2020 I started using their trading platform. Everything was working without any issues. I was toping up my Revolut account fine, Trading fine, Then in August 2020 my wife & I made a transfer from her bank account to my Revolut account, (which we've done before) I then moved the transferred funds into my Revolut savings account. 2 days later Revolut temporally locked my account. Over the last 3 months I have requested an update & even contacted their complaint's department, only for them to reply back with a template message:   'Your concern has been raised to the relevant team. They're currently being reviewed by our relevant team and, if there's anything else we might need from your end, we'll make sure to reach out. Unfortunately, I can't provide you with an estimate of how long the investigation will take, but we'll do our best to sort everything out as soon as possible as we understand how important it is for you. In any case, I've already reached out to them, so they can prioritize your case. So don't worry, we'll contact you if we need further details and thank you for your patience'   I then made a complaint through Resolver. Revolut replied and decided to close my account. What is the best way to get my funds in Revolut returned  back to me?   Look forward to hearing from you all Sheriff
    • Well I'm pleased that you are managing to get half hour of free professional legal advice. However, I think you should have started there first. You have had several hours of free legal advice on this forum from a volunteer team which has nothing to gain from any of it. If your professional solicitor disagrees with what we say here then presumably you will go and make your own way – which is fine. We don't have any problem with that and don't think that is sour grapes. However, it will mean that the time and enthusiasm which has been invested here has gone to waste. If you had gone to your free professional solicitor first of all you could have formed a view and then if you had come to us for help, there would have been no risk of this free resource being wasted.  We can scarcely cope with the workload as it is. The Consumer Action Group isn't another piece of social media chat group. It's a serious legal consumer service which is run on the goodwill of its volunteers and has been going for almost 15 years and which can scarcely meet its expenses. It may be that Facebook or a WhatsApp group would have been more suitable for you as a starting point. I hope you get some good advice from your professional solicitor and if it chimes with what we say here then you can certainly continue to use us but for the moment I think we'll stand aside.
    • Cheers all!   @DX CPR Not sent yet.   @Andy Already done, AOS and defend all checked.
    • The virus is one of three "once in a lifetime" recent economic shocks says the Resolution Foundation. View the full article
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Halifax credit card agreement

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Hi everyone, I need a little bit of advice regarding an illegible CCA.

I CCA'd Halifax under section 78 (1) of the 1974 act. I received in response to this a signed priority application form dated 1998 and T&C's which are apparantly on the reverse. As parts of both the application form and T&C's were illegible i wrote back quoting Regulation 2 (Legibility of notices and copy docs). In reply to my request for a legible compliant copy of my agreement they supplied a blank copy of an application form dated 1996 which is differently laid out than my original and further T&C's which are not fully legible either.

They aknowledge in their covering letter that on reviewing the copy application form some parts are difficult to read. They however advise the signature box is legible and there is no doubt that the original document at the time of signing would have been clear and legible. The fact the copy is poor does not invalidate the legality of the document.

They also advise they have fulfilled their obligation for a legible copy of my agreement under the Act by providing me with both historic and current terms and conditions, it is not a requirement under S78 to provide a signed copy application, however this was done as a courtesy.

For the avoidence of doubt i have provided a copy of a template application that is legible to show what you would have signed- this is a more recent application form and is for info only.

They advise this is a newer copy application but its dated 1996 and my application is 1998????

Can somebody please advise on the above and possibly give me a template return letter.



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Anthrax alert at debt collectors caused by box of doughnuts


Make sure you do not post anything which identifies you. Although we can remove certain things from the site unless it's done in a timely manner everything you post will appear in Google cache & we do not have any control over that.


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I see what you mean but i have received what they believe to be a copy of the agreement but it is illegible in places.


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