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    • Yes, my initial view is that @unclebulgaria67 is probably right and that because it was a magistrate's warrant, it would be the energy company that would have been in control of the situation directly. Unfortunately this will be much more difficult to deal with then dealing directly with Marston but anyway if you give us your details as requested, we can at least get Outlook from that direction as well. I'm also wondering about the position of your landlord in this. As you have taken up a tenancy in a particular property then I would have thought that one of the terms of the tenancy would be that you should be entitled to quiet enjoyment. Although the landlord may say that it is not their fault and it is down to the previous tenant, at the end of the day you have a contract with the landlord who has certain responsibilities. I think we may consider involving the landlord in this as well. You say that there have been letters addressed to the previous tenant. What have you done with those?
    • Yes please. We have certain direct access to Marston and we may be able to get someone to look at this at a senior level. Please email us as requested with your own contact details and name of previous tenant.   We can't guarantee any particular result but we can promise you that it will be looked at.
    • they say in letter dated 20/01/20 that the agreement was terminated on 30 July 2017 and cannot be terminated twice, so your VT request is invalid. startline issued termination or Default notices on the following dates: letter: 30/03/2017 termination notice  liable for payment: arreaers to date : £365.38 the balance of: £10,586.50 total: £10,951.88 7 days notice else ROG+sums outstanding. ....................... Letter: 11/12/2017 Default Notice nature of breach: instalments of £211.73 due 30th each month. action to remedy: payment of arrears £449.23 by 30-12-17 other info: payments to date: £5226.91 outstanding: £9351.89 less rebate: £2251.41 Amount Due: £7100.48 if you act before 30-12-17 and have paid £7056.90 you can VT. ............ Letter: 27-07-2018 Default Notice refs a dn dated:31/05/2016 - there is no such DN in an SAR return. nature of breach: instalments of £211.73 on 30th each month. action to remedy: payment of arrears £226.73 by 15-08-2018 other info: on or after date 27-07-2018 we shall terminate,withdraw possesion and recoversums due upon termination. total paid: £6250.91 outstanding: £7647.28 less rebate: £1590.47 Amount Due: £6065.81 if you act before 15-08-18 and have paid £7056.90 you can VT. ........................  letter: 01-10-2018 termination notice  liable for payment: arreaers to date : £325.06 the balance of: £6079.75 total: £6404.81 7 days notice else ROG+sums outstanding. ……………………...     NEW ORDER STATEMENTS.pdf Doc1.pdf
    • thank you.   have you had issues paying credit before you took any of these out?   i'e were you keeping a good handle upon your credit file and it wasn't shot with any defaults or payment markers during the period when you applied and were successful in getting any of this additional credit?   my thoughts are ...should the above not be the case and your credit worthiness was good... so couldn't p'haps introduce some irresponsible lending complaints in association to them … it might be an idea to give all your creditors the heads up that times are hard and you wish them to help you, as they are duty bound to do, by freezing interest and any penalty fees to allow you to ride out this present financial hardship till things improve ...   how does that sound...   dx  
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Employer wont pay overtime

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Hi guys I am working 40 hours on 40 hour contract and if we do any overtime the company wont pay the staff this is a very large company some staff are working 20 hours over a week even more and they don't get extra not sure if it would be worth reporting them to the inland revenue or not it is a permanent contract not annual hours has any one any ideas where we stand


Thanks in advance

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Are they being asked/told to work this overtime or are they just doing it to get the job finished early? Neeed some more details of the type of work being done.


If you divide the gross pay received against the hours done, are you getting minimum wage?

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Thanks for your reply The job is min wage and people are just told they have to stay back to finnish the work off I stayed back one hour It is hotel work my pay is minimum looks right just I dont think they can do this to people many have just got used to doing this I have even seen people finish at 12pm or even 1pm and start there job again at 7.30 is not fair on people also I claim working tax for 40 hours so i should not do more than that otherwise I am no better off even if they did pay me I wish I could just walk out of this place i dont like it on pay note it states 5.73

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If someone is under contract to work 40 hours per week then they get 40 hours pay for that work. If someone receives a salary for 40 hours and their Terms & Conditions do not state any premium or otherwise payment for the extra hours then the employee cannot be forced to work.


In practice this does not happen because you always will perhaps stay on for a few minutes just to perhaps finish an extra job at no extra pay.


In the case you have described I would suggest that what is needed is for each employee to look at the wording of their Terms & Conditions of employment and see if their is any discrepency between what the employer is making the employees do, and their written terms of employment.


If this is a big company, is their not a union that can represent the workers?


As connif has stated there could be an issue with minimum wage if workers on a salary are being asked to work more hours for the same pay.



Please note: I am not a lawyer and as such any advice I give is purely from a laymans point of view;-)

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Hi guys


I work in a kitchen for a very large company we have a team of only 5 people and work two shifts, we are very low on staff but they wont get anyone else,

one shift i finnish at 11pm but lots of work is left cos there is no one to take over when we go.


In a team meeting it was discussed that they should start one person one hour later and finnish at 12am but the other people said that they cant because they dont drive


they all looked at me

I said that it was not fair on me

i did not want to do it because noone else could and nothing was said


next week I was rostered in that shift for two days

because it was very busy i did the shift but did not like it as i was working alone and get very stresses out.


Now he has rostered me in again and i dont want to do this shift

noone else does it and this is only because i can drive

I live around 2 and half miles away but it can still take 30 mins to walk.


its not fair on me to do this but our contract says that they can change our shifts but why only me and not other people

I am in that shift today but I think I will go in normal time.


its not fair any ideas people

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It's not discrimination. For discimination it has to be on the grounds of sex, age, race, disability etc.


What I would suggest you do is look in your contract of employment, to see if you are contracted to work those hours. Some contracs specify hours, some specify start and finish times.


If your contract doesn't specify you could raise a grievance that you are being treated unfairly, but it is not discrimination.

My advice is based on my opinion, my experience and my education. I do not profess to be an expert in any given field. If requested, I will provide a link where possible to relevant legislation or guidance, so that advice provided can be confirmed and I do encourage others to follow those links for their own peace of mind. Sometimes my advice is not what people necesserily want to hear, but I will advise on facts as I know them - although it may not be what a person wants to hear it helps to know where you stand. Advice on the internet should never be a substitute for advice from your own legal professional with full knowledge of your individual case.

Please do not seek, offer or produce advice on a consumer issue via private message; it is against

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Thank you for your advice i am going to do my normal hours now thanks again

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Hi guys just in need of a little advice I work in a large kitchen cleaning. most times there is only myself as the company wont replace staff.


in the last week we have been very busy but i have not been able to take my 30 mins unpaid break like today i worked 8 hours 30 mins


problem is that the person in charge and most other chefs dont take breaks but i need mine


The chef in charge told my Work Colleague that if he did not stay and help that he would take disciplinary action


the last time i worked without break i could not walk my back had really bad tension

i have to get a massage to move it


my work is a very heavy job and quite stressful at times

when my back went off i did 45 mins past my time

I walked out

nothing was said to me


i would be grateful for any advice



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you are entitled to a 20 min unpaid rest break in every 6 hour shift by law and your employer cannot deny you this right

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you are entitled to a 20 min unpaid rest break in every 6 hour shift by law and your employer cannot deny you this right


That would be a legal minimum.

In practce, most employers allow more. Do you have a contract of employment/employees handbook. Those should give you more information.

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Hello people


just in a bit of a situation at present wit current job and not sure where to go from here hope someone can help.


I have been off work for around 5 months due to bereavement with depression and anxiety


I am now on antidepressants and feeling a lot better but still very stressed.


I have had many meetings with employer as i had trouble returning to work one of the reasons being the job was very stressful as i worked in a kitchen and was very understaffed and over worked,


my employer requested medical report off gp this said that they don't know how long i will be off work.


after this employer wanted occupational health report doing so i went for appointment and told him how i feel in job.


moving forward yesterday i had meeting with job as i had a fit note that stated I could return to work with amended duties and gp wrote with advice from occupational health report


.in interviewed yesterday employer said the occupational stated that I was not suitable for this role. but employer said they don't have any more jobs at present and the only thing they can do is lower hours to part time but only very short term.

they said then hours will return to normal


occupational health said if i return to role it will make me worse

the employer said that i have to think if i want part time hours or not and if not I may have to find a new job or resign


.I don't mind leaving but I am lost on where to go from here if i say i cant do job will they get rid of me the only thing that worries me is that i wont get any money to live on


I do want to work just not in a job that i hate and what that will ruin my life and is very stressful don't know where i stand can they dismiss me due to ill health ?


if i get gp to sign me off after this I am not sure if i can claim job seekers or not.


I am very greatful for any advice one can give me sorry its a long post just quite stressed at moment


Thanks Super_g

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If you can, it might be worth reading up a little about The Disability Discrimination Act. It gives you a brief outline about long term sickness and the employment law. It might help you understand your rights and your employers responsibilities.

Good Luck

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Hello there. I'm sorry to hear you've been through the mill of late, but it sounds as if you're clawing your way out of it now.


Does your company have any sort of sickness insurance for employees? Sometimes that will make up the loss of earnings caused by your illlness, but I know the catering industry isn't always very generous with benefits like this.


How long have you worked there?

Illegitimi non carborundum




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hi honey bee thanks for your reply its not really the money thats bothering me as i still get tax credit till dune just just I dont think i can return to this situation and thanks hidebait i will check the law out


Thanks all

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