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Help with Welcome Finance Please(Can they come in to your back garden and open house doors)

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I posted a similar thread in the CRA Forum along with other questions as the query came from looking at my Credit report and i hadn't seen this section so sorry for putting it in two places.


I took a loan out with Welcome Finance in 2002 and defaulted 5/12/03. They were giving me so much hassle and i was paying bits when i could. On my Credit file(Copied & pasted without personal details below) it says that the original loan was satisfied and file updated 17/2/08. There is then another entry from Welcome Finance starting 4/5/04 which i don't know about so i assuming they have started up another loan from the remainder of the balance from 1st loan at a lower monthly payment.


I am sick to death of Welcome hassling me constantly so i have been paying £5 when i can but i think it would be easier to just stop paying them then at least it would be wiped off after 6years. I told them last year i wasn't paying them anymore untill i saw a statement as i have never had a montly or even yearly statement ever and they gave me a statement i didn't really understand. I said i wasn't paying any more until they explained it and explained what some of the amounts which i thought were charges were for and they just kept trying to get out of it saying i no longer got any charges and kept on hassling for money:rolleyes:


Last March i had my second baby and was at home when my son was around 3 months. Welcome Finance came banging on the door and my son had been poorly and i was breastfeeding him at the time. My other son opened the letter box and i shouted he would have to come back another time so he started banging really aggressively on the front door then came and looked in the window. I'm sure it was quite obvious i was feeding the baby but instead of going away he came round the back in the gate to garden then opened my back door and shouted he needed to speak to me NOW:shock:. This is just one of many things they have done and one Collections person was particularly rude to my Mother when i was not at home. They have tried hassling my Mum for money and asking her to pay off the debt and make a settlement. They have threatened my Mum that i'll be took to court etc, given my Mum personal details.


Is there anything i can do about them putting a second entry on my credit file and also giving me so much hassle? I even old them i'd rather they did an attatchment of earnings they keep threatening with(they've tried threatening, attachment of earnings, court, bailiffs......everything). I am currently on Incapacity Benefit & DLA so they obviously dont think it would be worth doing that(not sure if they can count the DLA as earnings).


Account type:

Loan Started: 27/11/2002

Default Balance: £957

Current Balance: Satisfied

Repayment Period: Monthly Payment: £28 over 36 months

Defaulted On: 05/12/2003

File Updated for the Period to:





Account type: Loan

Started: 04/05/2004

Current Balance: £617

Repayment Period: Monthly Payment: £10 over 98 months

File Updated for the Period to: 12/04/2009

Status history: [] brackets indicate most recent months status [ hist_6.jpg ]

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have a read of the other [loads!] of welcome finance threads

[use the search above in the blue bar]


as for them coming in your garden, threatening you , etc etc.

that is DEF out of order .


they have NO LEGAL POWERS>


i would write all this out and report them to the OFT.



as for starting a second loan, thats OTT too!


read the other threads, that will point you toward your next best move.


welcome are utter **** & need as many people to report them as possible.


i'd write to watchdog to or send them this email





please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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