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    • Hello again,   My husband's court date for the above is next week and he is extremely anxious and worried about it.    I explained that it is just a hearing to see if the court will enter a summary judgement and that they probably will not due to his statement that was sent, but he is worried that he will be put on the spot and asked questions and that he will get a CCJ..   I have said that he can just refer to his statement if asked anything and that it may be in a room type of thing, rather than an official looking courtroom..   Am I right in the above please?   Also, what happens if someone from Cabot doesn't attend? Does that make any difference? Should my husband be ready to say something about it to help in his favour, if so what?   Apologies for all of the questions, I know that you two are very much in demand all over the website. 
    • Is this correct ?
    • OK, so I've rather unfairly picked up a CCJ from a business overdraft debt that's been going on for years. I had court claim forms in 2014 which I managed to stave off. and again in sept 2016. This time I've acknowledged the service, filling in what I thought was the correct amount I thought I owed. I've since had the personal guarantee paper copies in my possession and I owe £21K. I sent them back along with a new address for all correspondence to be sent to, and then agreed to a Tomlin order to pay debt off monthly.  Now, these were sent back and forth and eventually signed, but apparently only partially. So DD was set up at same time, in Jan 2017. over next couple of months we paid, and also go letters to sign new Tomlin which we ignored as it was signed. In March we got another TO with 7 days to sign it and send back. We had one day to get this to them and phoned to say it wouldn't be there, that's ok they said, well extend it, just keep paying and send it back asap, we did send recorded (since lost receipt). We assumed they'd got it, and didn't hear a peep from them. Until July 18, when I found id got a CCJ from Feb that year. I've logged a complaint with solicitor, and had a response, they are denying any knowledge of anything. They had no TO so took it to court without my knowledge.  I didn't think there was anything I can do. However, as it turns out, the court sent papers to an old address even though solicitor had new address for 13 months, and address for correspondence was on the claim papers I sent back. Upon closer inspection the numbers are all wrong too, nor a lot but its about £200 adrift. We called their office too within the 30 day notice period, oddly they have no record of that.  And all this is on a "Business Charge Card Guarantee" …. anyone explain that?? In the mean time we've paid £5K+ of the debt off. At no point did anyone in the process let us know we'd had the CCJ logged against us. Is that right?? Or legal? I was intending to get it set side, but was told by them it was pointless. Just want to get back to point A. Paying it isn't the problem, it getting the CCJ reset. Please Help!!! 
    • same with jaguar s-types etc. all kind of weird issues if the battery is on the way out or the terminals/earth straps are not reconnected tightely/properly.   mine was the earthing strap to the gearbox, was rotted and got knocked during the gearbox oil change.
    • what have they got that they can respond too that counters your SB defence? zilch.   as with every erudio claimform or PAPLOC thread on CAG you solely got the claim because for whatever reason , to that date, everything was ignored.   once a response is made they go away.   default CCJ avoided. you must read up and understand how arrows [erudio!!] operate  
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Mrs CharlieHo V Providian (Barclays)

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Thought I'd get some charges back for my wife

Data Protection Act request sent 30/07/06


The DATA Controller

Barclays Bank PLC



E14 5HP


30 Jul 2006


Data Protection Act disclosure request


Dear Sir/Madam


Data Protection Act 1998 request for :

Mrs ************** Providian Account No ***************

The above account was under my previous Married Name and I include a copy of my Marriage Certificate in case there is any doubt of my identification although my address has not changed


Please send me the information which I am entitled to access under Section 7(1) of the Data Protection Act 1998 (the ‘1998 Act’) in relation to all charges which you have applied to my above noted account within the last 6 years from the date of this letter.


Additionally where there has been any event in my account history over this period which has required manual intervention by any member of your staff or any other person, I require disclosure of any indication or notes which have either caused or resulted in that manual intervention or other evidence of that manual intervention in relation to my banking business with you. If you are unable to supply data relating to manual intervention because there has been no such manual intervention then please be kind as to confirm this in your response to this request.


If you require any further information please let me know as soon as possible.


I enclose a cheque in favour of your bank in the sum of £10 with respect to the maximum statutory fee for processing this request.

Furthermore, if I discover that you have levied disproportionate penalties against me then I shall be reclaiming them and also reclaiming the enclosed £10 DPA disclosure fee.


I look forward to your response within the maximum 40-day time limit under the 1998 Act.


Yours sincerely

Nationwide Total settlement for first claim £810.92 (Charges £570.00) total charges £2579.00 (Another 4 claims to make)


Tesco personal Finance -NO penalty charges see post end thread

Egg DPA complaint sent to ICO see thread

Egg also trying to get defaults removed

Abbey National/MBNA credit Card - Eventually settled in FULL:)


Citibank Preliminary sent 19/08/06

MBNA DPA sent 30/07/06

Mrs CharlieHo v Providian DPA sent 30/07/06




Advice & opinions of CharlieHo are offered informally, without prejudice & without liability. Use your own judgment. Seek advice of a qualified insured professional if you have any doubts.

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Hi Charlieho

I want to take on the credit card companies on behalf of my wife also

In the mean time can anyone advise me on how to get the intrest frozen? some months atgo she went to an advice group called money advice to get the intrest frozen on all her cards,but the letters keep coming in,and the constant phone calls are happening again,at all hours in the morning and evening.


Charlie is it the same scenario with the £10 data protection to all the companies

involved? is there a specific thresd on CC companies I missing? Please help!



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