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Brunel Franklin - anyone used them

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I've had the same letter, as I had been reassured that the fee was refundable if the case didn't go to court so many times verbally and that they would only keep the original £35 for admin purposes, I asked to see the agreement I had signed.And they sent me one-it said that I would start topay installments of £95 (x4) once it had been accepted by their solicitor. But they had said it wouldn't be sent to a solicitor unless it had a strong chance of winning so what had I to lose and they really pressured me to send all my credit agreements to them.After this judge closed the loophole apparently there's no chance but the case had already been sent to a solicitor so I guess that closes their loophole too!

We had been warned so many times, but if I was honest part of me thought it was worth the risk and the other part thought warnings were misinformation spread by the dirty tricks dept of CCC.

I really thought these people had more substance and were going to disect the contract not just rely on non-compliance but they just seem to have said'Okay then!You win!'

When Barclaycard &Marks &Spencer finally responded to FOS requests for my agreements they could only produce application forms, I gather from recent developments these are now acceptable.

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I have recieved the same letter myself today. I started the ball rolling with BF in Jan/Feb last year. I was told the process only takes a couple of months. Seems I had the worlds worse solicitor on the job and now because of their inadequacies I am ot of pocket with no re course. Making my p1ss boil, good mind to go down there and put every window though!!


Top tip... Never use Brunell Franklin..

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I had the same thought myself it would be worth the day off work;) their advisor was saying"dont worry you cant lose" yeah right. I did say to the mindless drone at BF yesterday "well i hope you dont wake up one morning with a text message saying your sacked and the MD has done off with the companies monies" hhahahaah and she couldn't explain why my NO WIN NO FEE assessment fee couldn't be repaid to me. Yet again I think most if not all of these type of companies will steal your money if they can not win your case. Why the ministry of justice allows these conmen to trade is beyond me.

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I think I may have caught BF out. When I spoke with them yesterday they said because of the recent judgement my case could not be completed, as they dont know if it was or was not winable.. However I have a letter dated 3rd Dec 09 from the Solicitor stating that the card issuer had come up with further evidence and the Barristers have withdrawn the case. Not one mention of the recent Judgement at all, I think BF are using this as an excuse not to refund

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I contacted Brunel Franklin about challenging a possible UCA aganst Citi Card.

Brunel Franklin said they charge a fee of £295 which would be refunded if my claim was unsuccessful. I asked for something in writing to that effect and was emailed this:


Dear Mr XXX,

I can confirm that price you pay today is £295 which is refunded if we cannot process a successful case for you. This is all you will pay for the duration of the one claim.


Lucy Parkes

Customer Service Assistant Manager

Brunel Franklin

4th Floor

Ashley House

Ashley Road



WA14 2DW

Company Number 6576055

Registered in England and Wales


Tel : 0800 0515251

Fax: 0870 835 8352





That all looks perfectly clear and straightforward, doesn't it?

So I paid my money and waited.


My claim was handed over to a legal firm to take on the case, but unfortunately, after a number of test cases were rejected by the courts, I was advised not to proceed as the chances of winning were very small.




What Brunel Franklin failed to make clear, is that once they have assessed the (possible) claim and passed it over to a solicitor, any fees paid are then NON-REFUNDABLE.



Now read again the email they sent me, above.





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Well, I've just said good-bye to £415(I opted to pay on the installment plan)My guess is that if there is enough bad publicity BF will quietly slide away only to re-emerge at some later date with a totally different name.

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Well I rang BF today to chase them up. And the refund is on the way :o) The Solicitor had not informed BF that my case was none criterea and they had sent the letter out based in the fact they thought It had not be finished with by the Solicitor.

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I think it is fair to say that the Banks seem to run things round here.


All these claims now being turned down.


Funny how they always seem to find an escape route though isn't it.


Funny how a case can seem watertight almost but that little tiny hole is ripped wide open by the Banks. (Bank Charges for one).


Then they don't have to produce an original document in court. Smells funny to me when a Judge decides the lender only needs to produce a constructed document.


I thought is was very important for original paperwork to be produced to prove claims in a court or defend them. Now it seems that the Bank can re-write the law whenever they please to suit them.


I thought that the original document they can now just 'con-struct' was an original 'con-tract'. Aren't original 'Con-tracts' valid or needed in court anymore? Or is that just for Banks? Can they just sell (ooops I mean Lose) them and then produce a 'con-struct' because the Judge 'decided' it was OK for that?


All a bit suspicious to me that the Banks seem to be able to re-write the law to fit them.


Am I wrong in thinking that the UK Taxpayer has recently given the Banks over £2Trillion as a bail-out?


Can someone please tell me why that £2Trillion didn't go to the UK Taxpayer who could then clear all their debts and mortgages by then giving it all to the Banks. They would have all their money and we would be clear of debt. Sounds pretty simple to me.


Oh, sorry I forgot, the Banks wanted the £2Trillion + the Gov't wanted to have a reason to increase Taxes, plus the Banks can then lend our money back to us again and charge us interest AND the Banks can still enforce and collect all that outstanding debt still AS WELL!!


Is it me or do the Banks seem to control the Government AND re-write the Laws to benefit them as well?


Ummmm this is all very suspicious to me :(

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And me!I think there's a lot ging on behind the scenes that we will NEVER know about.

Regarding these reconstructed agreements, can we all have a go??Does it mean everyone can start reconstructed agreements?The possibilities are endless?

Anyone actually got there money back from BF yet?

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I am using BF now and i am very appalled by their service..

. I am using them for a ppi



the ombudsman has stated that I am to be re-imbursed for all payments plus interest and have my original loan put back to the amount of loan it would have been without the extra ppi loan on top...

well as I have used a broker in the first place( i was not aware at the time)

they cannot put the account back to what it should be as if I had not taken out extra monies for the ppi.



With that said I have been told by BF that the brokers will refund the total amount of the loan for the ppi( £10,000) plus £4300 that I have paid in..

.mmm sounds good but when you look at it in real terms instead of charging 25% of the £4300 BF are charging me a fee of 25% of the total amount which is around £3575 ,



for 4 years of paying off this loan I only get £725 from it in total as the £10,000 will be to put my loan back to where it should be as stated by the ombudsman.


I have only ever expected to be paying £25 of the £4300 and i feel that I have been taken for a mug .

.. I did go back to BF and told them that the award was only for the £4300 and not the extra £10k as this was to put my account right



they said that they will bill me for the whole amount.

I then said i will not pursue the claim as it seemed hardly worth it... they told me I had to carry on

I said that I did not have to accept the claim therefore they would not get paid.I said i would complain about this

with that they told me that they were not governed by any ombudsman body!!!( can anyone tell me if this is true)


The Loan for the PPI is over 25 years and the subsequent interest payments over the 25 years would be an extra £13k on top of what I have already been awarded so I will not be quids in...


My main gripe is the fact i have been duped into thinking that I would only be paying BF the smaller of the figures as their fee...


Does anyone have any advice for me please.

.. If i had known about this forum beforehand I certainly would have used it.


Thank you in advance for any help you may give,

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tbones, I have experienced the same situation you have.



I have just concluded a claim for mis-sold payment protection with Brunel Franklin.



It’s true that they didn’t take any fees up front,

their fee being 25% of whatever I was awarded.



What wasn’t made clear was it would be 25% of the entire amount of PPI I was mis-sold, not the amount I was to get back in compensation.



In this instance I was mis-sold PPI of over £6,000 and was awarded just over £3,000 compensation (good will payment).

Brunel Franklin took their 25% plus VAT from the £6,000 – approx. £1,800.



I accept the responsibility was mine to check the agreement I was signing with them and would urge anyone looking to deal with them to scrutinise the small print and ask lots of questions.

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( Rant On )


I really can't see the point of using a 'company' to do the work for you...when everything you need is here..


Writing a few letters is not hard work. In fact..most of the letters are already done for you..


The fact you are using companies that charge a fee AND you are still posting on this site..is bemusing to say the least..


If you want to throw your hard earned money away...i'm interested in some.. ( cheeky )


Seriously...you are paying someone that is probably getting most of their info from this site anyway...what a waste!


( Rant off )




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Sorry to here they had duped you...



I got wind of what they were upto and i just told them that the claim could not be settled until I agreed to the pay off.

..that is when I told them that they were out of order etc and we settled on I think it was £1300 (my memory is poor...lol)



There must be a way of getting some of your money back..

.it is worth getting in touch with Watchdog on BBC as they have higtlighted this on the current series I believe..

. Good luck

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