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    • Johnson literally cant manage a pi** up in a brewary Biggest lie of all is that the bumbling idiocy is a cover for smartness.   It would seem even Johnson thinks his own/Frosts hard sold cake and eat it 'grate deal' has quickly shown itself to just be yet another burdensome, unpalatable and inedible 'Eaton Mess' ..  made from reeaall poo  
    • I suggest that we think about sending it off on Wednesday. That will give us a little opportunity to tweak it and you may even have some more news from the police. In respect of the police, I suggest    
    • Holding my hands up I was a naughty boy driving a transit van along the A55 in Wales in February and exceeded 60mph in what I thought was a 70mph zone. ( all to do with the weight of the van). When I realised the error of my way I took the fine and sent my licence off by Royal Mail. Yesterday I received a letter from North Wales Police saying that I was now being prosecuted in court for failing to surrender my licence. I paid the fine as soon as I received the £100 penalty letter and carefully read the form ( which is confusing to say the least) and immediately took a walk to the post box and sent my licence off. In hindsight I’m a fool for believing that the licence would get to the HMCS in Loughborough without the need to track and trace the letter. I still believe that Royal Mail hasn’t lost the letter with my licence in it as I have never had any other letter go astray. I believe the licence is with HMCS it’s just not yet been processed probably due to Covid backlog. Seems Covid is to blame for everything these days. How can I avoid this going to court? I’ve never had a speeding ticket in over thirty years of driving or any other ticket hence why I was keen to comply with the ticket and send my licence off as instructed.
    • Rejection letter to be sent to the FOS   I am declining your decision of 13th April for the following reasons:   Much of your decision is predicated on your view that Aviva had a “process” in place and that they followed this process and as a result their decision to enter an insurance contract in 2015 despite their misgivings was fair.   1.      Nowhere in your decision have you explained what the process was and whether in fact the process was fair. Clearly your view is that with regards to that process, all that was needed was for Aviva apparently to follow this process and any outcome would be fair and regardless of the fairness of the process.   2.      On 2 June 2021 I received a telephone call from the Aviva complaint team. During the conversation, they informed me that in fact that in 2015 the call handler had been wrong and had not followed the correct process. The Aviva caller told me that it was not part of the process for the call handler in 2015 to refer her suspicions to her manager. Clearly, if the call handler in 2015 had adhered to the correct process and allowed herself to be guided by her own suspicions then Aviva would not have agreed to provide the insurance cover and they would not have become the victim of fraud. In fact what we find is that the correct process and the very serious suspicions of the call handler were overridden by a manager. Evidntly either Aviva has misled you as to the nature of the process or else they have not disclosed their process to you. It may even be that Aviva does not have a written “process”. They only have “a way of doing things”. If it is correct that you have not seen the Aviva process but have simply taken their word for it, then it is clear that your investigation is flawed and your decision has fallen short by any reasonable standards. If on the other hand Aviva has misled you as to the nature of the process, then I think you have a very serious issue with Aviva. I believe that you have never once seen the “process” upon which you are purporting to rely upon in your decision. You may be interested to know that the man who defrauded Aviva also attempted to use my identity to defraud a number of loan companies. I’m pleased to say that all of those companies exercised sufficient diligence that they did not become victims of the fraud. Only Aviva failed to exercise proper care and allowed themselves to be defrauded. You may also be interested to know that the police have interviewed me and they have interviewed my brother and they are preparing to charge my brother in respect of his fraudulent activity. I am under no suspicion whatsoever. The police have informed me that they will be speaking with Aviva facing fairly soon.     There are many other reasons why I am refusing to accept your decision. All the other reasons turn on the fairness of your decision but the reasons above go to the heart of your own investigative process and the quality of your decision. It is not insignificant that I have submitted a Freedom of Information Act request and also a Data Protection Subject Access Request to you and so far you have failed to respond within statutory deadlines. I have also sent Aviva a Subject Access Request and they have extended the deadline for compliance by a full two months for spurious reasons which I do not believe. I have also asked Aviva for sight of their policies and procedures in respect of the rules that they apply to their customers for the setting up of new business.  Needless to say I have received no response. The Aviva website makes a show of being aware of the dangers of domestic financial abuse and they trumpet their association with the organisation Surviving Economic Abuse and they say that their staff are all trained in spotting the signs. I have asked to see their abuse policy and I have received no response. None of this is surprising.    It is clear that Aviva have acted carelessly. They were suspicious but preferred to get the new business.  Aviva are complicit victims of the fraud. It is Aviva which is the victim of fraud but they prefer to try and avoid their responsibility and pass the buck onto me. I’m pointing out that it is Aviva which is the victim of fraud because I can state categorically now that I have no intention of paying any of the money which Aviva is demanding of me. I notice that Aviva prefers to harass me for an alleged debt rather than simply bring a claim in the County Court where an impartial judge would look at all the evidence including information which so far Aviva has declined to disclose.   This letter is intended to decline to accept your decision but also is intended to be my formal complaint which I wish to be escalated to the Independent Assessor. Please confirm receipt of this complaint, that it is being forwarded and  provide me with any policies and guidelines to the Independent Assessor route and also let me know the timescales involved. I will want to provide further information to the Independent Assessor.   Yours faithfully
    • The G7 hasn't gone to plan, has it?   Rather than showing the UK off as a potential global leader, Johnson has probably started a trade war with the EU and is being told that other nations don't trust him.
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can any one help me as this has been ongoing for the last 5 years. i went to purchase a fridge freezer microwave and new cooker from comet and this time card was mentioned, as i knew i was getting some money back in about 3 months time i thought it would be a good idea to do it how the sales person said. i remember the conversation was yes you can pay it back when you get you monety as long as it is in the first year as the first year is interest free. unbenown to me when i had the first statement within 6 weeks it was from ge capital (had so many [probs with this company). after many phonecalls trying to get the total to pay off and no one helpinh me. no more statements were being sent i paid off what i thought i owed. I paid well over 500.00 and thought i would prob be in credit. unbenown to me they had put alot of late payments on there as i was a day out here and there on the first payments. anyway 2 years down the line i am sent a debtors letter saying i had to pay over 700.00 in interest. i have said to them that i paid the amount off within the first year and it was interest free if paid off. they told me that there was still an amount of about 47.00 outstanding, I said i had asked for my statements and they told me they did not have to send statements. so the 500.00 paid was all 24 monthly payments of which they tookl out of the 500.00 i put down. once that had been used then i had to carry on paying off the interest. cant quite work that one out.

Is this right? can any one help me. i no it is a bit long winded. who is at fault here cos at the moment i am paying interest and not the goods. 737.98 in interest!!!

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yeh thanks for that but wot diff would that make . i do have statements showing wot they should owe me but it the interest that i dispute as i was originally told it was interest free in the first year (comet salesman) the finance company say nothing of the sort. they also state they do not have to issue statements every month, they actually say when something has gone on ( but then they are at fault any way cos when i did put down a payment thinking i was clearing it off i still never had any statements. do you think i got a case?

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