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    • new thread created for this claimform please post here now for anything to do with it now . pop up on the bulk court website detailed on the claimform. [if it is not working return after the w/end or the next day if week time] . When you select ‘Register’, you will be taken to a screen titled ‘Sign in using Government Gateway’. Choose ‘Create sign in details’ to register for the first time. You will be asked to provide your name, email address, set a password and a memorable recovery word. You will be emailed your Government Gateway 12-digit User ID. You should make a note of your memorable word, or password as these are not included in the email.  then log in to the bulk court Website .  select respond to a claim and select the start AOS box. .  then using the details required from the claimform . defend all leave jurisdiction unticked  you DO NOT file a defence at this time [BUT you MUST file a defence regardless by day 33 ] click thru to the end confirm and exit the website .. get a CCA Request running to the claimant . https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/332502-cca-request-consumer-credit-act-1974-updated-january-2015/ .. Leave the £1 PO unsigned and uncrossed . get a CPR  31:14  request running to the solicitors [if one is not listed send to the claimant] ... https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/332546-legal-cpr-3114-request-request-for-information-when-a-claim-has-been-issued/ . .use our other CPR letter if the claim is for an OD or Telecom Debt or Util debt]  https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/332546-legal-cpr-3114-request-request-for-information-when-a-claim-has-been-issued/ on BOTH type your name ONLY Do Not sign anything .do not ever use or give an email . you DO NOT await the return of ANY paperwork  you MUST file a defence regardless by day 33 from the date on the claimform [1 in the count] ..............  
    • Which Court have you received the claim from ? Northampton  Name of the Claimant ? lowell Solicitors : Overdales solicitors  How many defendant's  joint or self ? Self Date of issue – top right hand corner of the claim form – this in order to establish the time line you need to adhere to.  13 may 2024 What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? 1. the claim is for the sum of £6163.61due by the defendant under an agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974 for hsbc uk bank plc. Account (16 digits) 2. The defendant failed to maintain contractual payments required by the agreement and a default notice was served under s 87(1)  of the consumer credit act 1974 which as not been compiled with. 3. The debt was legally assigned to the Claimant on 23/08/23, notice on which as been given to the defendant.  4. The claim includes statutory interest under S.69 of the county courts act 1984 at a rate of 8% per annum from the date of assignment to the date of issue of these proceedings in the sum of £117.53 the Claimant claims the sum of £6281.14. Have you received prior notice of a claim being issued pursuant to paragraph 3 of the PAPDC (Pre Action Protocol) ?   Not to my knowledge. Have you changed your address since the time at which the debt referred to in the claim was allegedly incurred? No Do you recall how you entered into the agreement...On line /In branch/By post ? Online but it was for a smaller amount they kept on increasing this with me asking Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. It was assigned to a debt collection agency  Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? yes  Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? Yes I also made offers to pay original creditor a smaller amount but was not replied to Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Sums in Arrears”  or " Notice of Arrears "– at least once a year ? No Why did you cease payments? I was made redundant and got a less paid job I also spent some time on furlough during covid and spent some 3 months on ssp off work. What was the date of your last payment? May 2021 Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? Yes at the time I communicated with all my creditor's that I was running out of funds to pay the original agreements once my redundancy money ran out that was when my accounts defaulted. I then wrote to all my creditor's with pro rata offers of payments but debt collectors took over the accounts.
    • Just an update for all. I received about a letter every other week, increasing in threat levels. Then I hadn't had one for a about two weeks, then Saturday received a carbon copy of the very first letter they sent me in February. Made me laugh, rinse and repeat. 
    • So, your response was not received by the SCP as you did not send it with a valid stamp. Therefore, from my two option in post #14, the first option is the only one available to you, but you do not have the option of asking to be sentenced at the fixed penalty level as the reason the SCP did not receive your response was down to you. Here's a reminder of what to do: Respond to the SJPN by pleading “Not Guilty” to both charges. In the “Reasons for pleading Not Guilty” box state that you are willing to plead guilty to the speeding charge providing, and only providing, the “Fail to Provide Driver's Details" (FtP) charge is dropped. This is a tried and tested method to deal with your problem and is almost always successful. Before the pandemic it was necessary to attend court to do this "deal" because it needs the agreement of the police prosecutor.. During the pandemic courts made every effort to have as few  people as possible attend and they began doing this deal under the "Single Justice" procedure without the defendant's attendance. Some courts have carried this procedure on whilst others have reverted to a personal attendance being necessary. If you are required to attend, your case will be taken out of the SJ procedure and you will be given a date for a hearing in the normal Magistrates' Court. If that is the way they do it in the area involved you will have to attend, see the prosecutor and offer your "deal" in person. 
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    • If you are buying a used car – you need to read this survival guide.
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    • Hello,

      On 15/1/24 booked appointment with Big Motoring World (BMW) to view a mini on 17/1/24 at 8pm at their Enfield dealership.  

      Car was dirty and test drive was two circuits of roundabout on entry to the showroom.  Was p/x my car and rushed by sales exec and a manager into buying the mini and a 3yr warranty that night, sale all wrapped up by 10pm.  They strongly advised me taking warranty out on car that age (2017) and confirmed it was honoured at over 500 UK registered garages.

      The next day, 18/1/24 noticed amber engine warning light on dashboard , immediately phoned BMW aftercare team to ask for it to be investigated asap at nearest garage to me. After 15 mins on hold was told only their 5 service centres across the UK can deal with car issues with earliest date for inspection in March ! Said I’m not happy with that given what sales team advised or driving car. Told an amber warning light only advisory so to drive with caution and call back when light goes red.

      I’m not happy to do this, drive the car or with the after care experience (a sign of further stresses to come) so want a refund and to return the car asap.

      Please can you advise what I need to do today to get this done. 

      Many thanks 
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    • Housing Association property flooding. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/438641-housing-association-property-flooding/&do=findComment&comment=5124299
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    • We have finally managed to obtain the transcript of this case.

      The judge's reasoning is very useful and will certainly be helpful in any other cases relating to third-party rights where the customer has contracted with the courier company by using a broker.
      This is generally speaking the problem with using PackLink who are domiciled in Spain and very conveniently out of reach of the British justice system.

      Frankly I don't think that is any accident.

      One of the points that the judge made was that the customers contract with the broker specifically refers to the courier – and it is clear that the courier knows that they are acting for a third party. There is no need to name the third party. They just have to be recognisably part of a class of person – such as a sender or a recipient of the parcel.

      Please note that a recent case against UPS failed on exactly the same issue with the judge held that the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 did not apply.

      We will be getting that transcript very soon. We will look at it and we will understand how the judge made such catastrophic mistakes. It was a very poor judgement.
      We will be recommending that people do include this adverse judgement in their bundle so that when they go to county court the judge will see both sides and see the arguments against this adverse judgement.
      Also, we will be to demonstrate to the judge that we are fair-minded and that we don't mind bringing everything to the attention of the judge even if it is against our own interests.
      This is good ethical practice.

      It would be very nice if the parcel delivery companies – including EVRi – practised this kind of thing as well.


      OT APPROVED, 365MC637, FAROOQ, EVRi, 12.07.23 (BRENT) - J v4.pdf
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Last tribute to our Lads

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A country road upon which the bodies of repatriated soldiers begin their final journey could be renamed Highway of Heroes if a petition succeeds.


Hundreds of people regularly line the streets of Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, to honour the soldiers brought to the town along the A3102 from RAF Lyneham.


The petition on the 10 Downing Street website, set up by ex-Para George Ryan who wants to re-christen the route, has more than 750 names.


The soldiers who fell in Iraq and Afghanistan are taken along the three-mile road into the town where residents, shopkeepers and members of the British Legion pay their respects.


The petition proposes to "rename the stretch of road (A3102) between RAF Lyneham and Wootton Bassett Highway of Heroes to honour all those of our military who have given their lives in the service of their country".


The idea originates from Canada, after a road between an Ontario air base and Toronto received the same title last year..





Petition to: rename the streach of road (B3102) between RAF Lyneham and Wootton Basset, HIGHWAY OF HEROES. | Number10.gov.uk





we will never forget those that died for us





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Excellent idea.


i dont get this country. we seem to be one of the few countries that dont really seem bothered about respecting our military, or honouring anything they have done.

It's about time it changed. If our government deem it necessary to send them in the first place, then they should bloody well deem it necessary to look after them when they come home ( alive or not ).

Sorry about the lecture folks, but this is a subject close to my heart, cus my Dad ( god bless him ) and his four brothers all fought in ww2, and apart from medals, got stuff all else for the honour.

Please note that although my advice is offered, you should consult your legal representative before taking ANY action.



have a nice day !!

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an excellent idea my first hubby was in army been dead 20 yrs he was not in the army when he died but i registerd with 4 RTR web site and they have a page called green fields and his name is on that

still all these years later it give myself and our children great comfort knowing he has not been forgotten petition signed going on phone now to tell the kids to sign it to

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Well done pointing this out Kip :)



Please help us to help you. Download the CAG tool bar for free

HERE and use the search option for all your searches. CAG earns a few pennies every time !!!


Please don't rush, take time to read these:-






This is always worth referring to






Advice & opinions given by me are personal, are not endorsed by the Consumer Action Group or the Bank Action Group. Should you be in any doubt, you are advised to seek the opinion of a qualified professional.

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Had to do it


Daughter served in Afghanistan 4 months May/Aug 2008

Son served in Iraq 4 Months Sep 08/Jan 09


8 Months of worry and the petition sent to all of my email contacts



I have no legal training and the advice I offer is a matter of support. Before you commit to any Legal action you are advised to contact a qualified legal practitioner.


Bank charge successes:

Halifax - Full settlement incl interest.

HSBC - Settlement, goodwill no admission of liability about 75% of claim.

RBS - Settlement, goodwill no admission of liability about 70% of claim.

2 ongoing claims for bank charges with HSBC with more to come. (Supreme Court ruling could have upset these claims) They did :mad:

PPI Successes

PPI 4 settlements on 9 loans. FOS involvement on 7 added on the 8 % Statutory interest another 30% to both.

2 claims settled in full with LV without FOS involvement.

2 claims settled in full with HSBC without FOS involvement


PPI Claims ongoing with:

Cap one Now with the FOS

Barclays. Paid up today 24/04/10 cheque received for over £4,500 and in the bank.

LTSB still have to decide on this as their SAR production was abysmal. Papers data mixed up documents missing etc


1 Complaint not upheld by FOS they said it was ICO issue. Complaint upheld by ICO. See this..

Post 290 from

***RBS PPI Claim Long fight but, WON***


Please do not PM me for advice as it may be sometime before I can respond.


Keep at them. Do not give way and do not accept all they tell you, they will delay and stall for as long as they can to prevent repaying you your mis-sold PPI.


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Nice one Alan, thank you.

Please help us to help you. Download the CAG tool bar for free

HERE and use the search option for all your searches. CAG earns a few pennies every time !!!


Please don't rush, take time to read these:-






This is always worth referring to






Advice & opinions given by me are personal, are not endorsed by the Consumer Action Group or the Bank Action Group. Should you be in any doubt, you are advised to seek the opinion of a qualified professional.

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Sorry, but I can't sign. It's not that I think the military do not deserve such a thing, merely that it sounds so, well, American and superficial.


We already have a central memorial to which we pay tribute to those who have died - the war memorial in London. We also have many such memorials around the country.


I think it would be far more fitting to ensure the covenant between the military and government is respected - namely by the government. Military training is being sold of to private consortiums at huge cost and detriment to the military - effectively privatisation in the name of "bringing jobs" to south wales (which it wont) and of cost effectiveness (which it isn't - the cost of the deal has been far exceeded before anything has even been signed).


More decisive decisions and petitions need to be made than the renaming of a road in my view.

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bumping this up, yet again 2 of our lads brought back dead


as usual the village turned out to line the streets in respect


Please sign the petition


updated count


Deadline to sign up by: 27 January 2010 – Signatures: 6,998


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Bumping this up folks


yet another 8 of our brave lads brought back today,


please please get everyone you know to sign up for the rename,


the town its self always show's such great respect


HIGHWAY OF HEROES would be a great mark of respect


many thanks



Edited by kiptower


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I think enough is enough, I am heartily sick of seing our boys being brought back draped in the union jack...most of them young men and theyve given thier lives...what for? I think it is time to cut our losses.....withdraw after nepalming all the poppy fields and let the Afghans and Iraqis get on with it...obviously they dont want our help why force it on them?


I know that is probably a very simplistic view but how many more of our young boys must die and to what end..its not like we are still winning hearts and minds over there?

Advice given is my opinion only, I am not a legal or financial expert (far from it).

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Bump it up, and for god's sake, PLEASE get a petition going to give troops the equipment they need to do the job asked of them.


That way, we may not need to have a road to carry so many casualties.


One of my best friends is serving in Afghanistan. If he's coming home in a body bag, I'd rather it be due to him doing his job than because the vehicle he was traveling in was inadequate against the weapons used over there.


That is his own sentiment. He actually said last week to his family and me:

"I'd rather be shot defending people from d***heads than be blown up by those d***heads [Labour / MOD / government] who can't be arsed buying some decent APCs"

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