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    • Bank the cheque.  No doubt it will bounce - but you never know. When it bounces - that is when you are meant to access their website link and enter your personal details - but of course - DON'T.
    • Wayne Ting, chief executive of e-scooter firm Lime, says there's room for improvement. View the full article
    • If you are absolutely certain* that you were parked OK, write a letter of complaint to the Headteacher and copy in the Chair of the school governors.   If you or the car were identifiable in any way from the photo (eg visible registration number, driver's face etc) I would very politely write that you resent the untrue suggestion that you had parked/had stopped/were waiting in a way that contravened any traffic regulations, and that you are sure that the school will understand that you would like an apology and a correction to be printed in the next newsletter.  (You can also clearly state that you were identifiable from the photo because other parents have mentioned it to you).   See if that works.   You don't want to go to court for defamation as you'll need access to about £10k in fees before you get out of bed.  You just want an apology and a correction.  If what you've told us is accurate, I don't see any reasonable school failing to say sorry.     *My wife is a former school governor and my experience listening to her is that very very few parents actually understand the meaning of the no stopping/no waiting signs and road markings outside schools.  Don't complain unless you are sure you weren't stopped where you shouldn't have been.
    • And they haven't offered a speed awareness course either?  (Have you done one in the last three years or is this in Scotland?)   And is one of the notices for 34 in a 30?  As Man in the Middle says, that ought to be below the level at which they take action.   (And sorry - I don't want to appear preachy - but...  there don't have to be any warnings or signs or lines on the road to advise you of the presence of speed cameras.  If you get away with an exceptional hardship argument you will need to stick to speed limits in future - whether you know there are cameras there or not.  NB Don't know if this applies to you, but most 30 mph limits are restricted roads with a system of streetlighting and don't even need speed limit signs - you are assumed to know this from the Highway Code).
    • It's up to you if you want to pay £300 you don't owe plus whatever Unicorn Food Tax with no basis in law whatsoever that they will have made up in the Letter Before Claim.   We'd prefer you didn't.   But you have received a LBC so it's make your mind up time.   So please    - post up photos of the signage in the dark that you'll have taken two months ago (post 14)    - post up details of planning permission for their signs you'll have found out after you got onto the council, again two months ago (again post 14)    - also let us know if you agree with Brassnecked's excellent letter or if you'd like to tweak bits depending on what you've found out    - upload the LBC.  Some of them are appallingly drafted and invariably contain Unicorn Food Tax which is all useful extra ammo    - also, where are you living now (post 35) and are you comfortable with legal communications arriving at your parents'?   If you look in our PPC Successes thread at the top of the page, you will see 275 times these cheats have been seen off with their tails between their legs (and all had the same "well known legal companies" (ho! ho!) on hand).  In reality 275 times is a massive underestimate, in all 275 cases there was a "moment of victory" IYSWIM where the PPC were thrashed in court or discontinued a claim or were called off by a supermarket chain, etc., etc.  There will have been at least that number again where they were told to Foxtrot Oscar and then crawled back under their stone.  They are eminently beatable but logically when you're in legal dispute you have to put some graft in to beat the other party.
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disabled bay hassles!! please help

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hi there eveyone.

we are having problems with a neighbour who takes it upon themelves to park in the disabled bay marked outside our house.

this was put in palce by west sussex county council highways department for my wife when she was registered disabled over three years ago.

we are fully aware that the bay does not entitle us to use it solely as it is provided to assist my wife with her disability.

so far this has been no problem until a new neighbour moved in last year and now when they cannot find a space to park 'dumps' one of their two vehilces in it if they cannot park outside their own house approxiamately 4 houses up from us. i have tried to be polite on the occassions that this has occured but last night the person in question was very abusive and suggested i called the police.

i spoke to our local council as mentioned above but they say that there is nothing they can enforce as our area does not come under the new laws??

how do i approach this matter to ensure that this person does not do this again?



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the problem you have is its only a Courtesy Bay ( which means it does not have a traffic management order ) Councils will mark off bays for residents, however they have no legal standing unless they actually apply for a TMO, but like most Council's because it costs approx £400 a throw, it is very hard to get them to do it, you could contact your MP and local councilors’ to push for a TMO to be done, however it does only happen rarely,


As for your description of those doing it, they prob know it’s a Courtesy bay, if it was a compliant bay ( with a TMO ) it would have a pole with a sign on it,





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thanks for the reply again.

is there anything we can do to stop them at all/the local residents have been good so far but these 2 indibviduals just take the p...!! all the time coupled with abuse.!!

i have written to my mp on the matter today as well.should i complain to my local councillors too??

is there anything i can construct in writing to the individuals to maybe persuade them to stop flaunting the use of this bay?

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they are a couple who are ambulance personnel and have 2 vehicles privately owned...


i would be inclined to write to their ambo authority...they should be setting an example in my eyes.



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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Maybe you could speak to another of your neighbours who also parks near there to ensure that the car parked in the disabled bay has insufficient room to get out of the space once it is in. Failing to be able to turn up for work on time *may* help get the message across to them.


Like mentioned by dx, it sounds appalling that they are ambulance personnel and I agree it is something that I'm sure their controlling authority should be made aware of. I bet thery'd be the first to complain if anyone parked too close behind their ambulance ignoring the "do not park within 5 mtrs of this vehicle" notice.

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Could you not keep your own car permanently parked in this bay?


Wouldn't leaving the car perminantly in the parking bay defeat the object of having a car to help his wife keep mobile?

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is there anything i can construct in writing to the individuals to maybe persuade them to stop flaunting the use of this bay?


They are not doing anything wrong as its not a restricted bay it may be rude and selfish but as with all blue badge bays that are not restricted by law anyone is entitled to park there.

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