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Pizza Hut - Advice Required

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Dear all,

I went for a takeaway at pizza hut last friday. I phoned before hand to place my order, and was told 15-20 minutes. First of all, my choice of pizza (being veggie it is limited) was no longer availiable at a set price, and would cost me £3 more for the same thing that i bought a few months back. Second, upon arriving 20 minutes later, as required, i was then told that it would be a further 20 minutes. I was not happy with this, but had no choice but to wait as there was no where else near by to get a quick meal from.


Then when my pizza came out, 30 minutes after was supposed to, it was wrong. Instead of a veggie supreme with extra pineapple and sweetcorn, they sent out a pineapple and sweetcorn pizza mmmm, not! It clearly stated on my recipt my order, so i then had to wait a further 20 mins, while everyone elses food went cold!


Then when it came out it was still wrong!! It was minus tomato! When i told the manager she said it didnt come with tomato. Checked menu when getting home, and yes, i was right, it does.


The manager refused to issue me with a refund, which is what i requested for my inconvienience, time wasted (50 mins later than told over the phone) and the wrong order twice. She would only give me a voucher, but i refused, telling her i wouldnt be coming back. I told her that i had not got the service i had paid for, and therefore required her to satisfy my complaint via refund. She still refused, so i asked her for the company director or chief executive name, to which she said she didnt know! So i got the address for the head office, where i will be writing my complaint, but does anyone have any advice? Do you think my request was reasonable. She said i could have a refund if i gave the food back, but after such a length of wait, i could not do this, as i had my child to think of, who needed to eat, he had waited long enough. If i had given the food back and accepted the refund, then i would still be out of pocket, as would of had to go out and get more food, and not been compenstated for my time wasted and inconvienince, not to mention petrol costs etc etc. You get the picture!






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I think I would have taken the voucher and given it to a friend. Its a difficult one because its subject to judgement and circumstances at the time.


I think its reasonable to get what you ask for, is stated on the menu and you have paid them for it. Put it in writing but I wouldnt be surprised if they sent vouchers back to you, maybe you can use it for some home deliveries sometime


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Hi Pink

Like nots said I would expect them to show some good will here and too many "managers" like the one you had should have more training on how to deal with problems like this buy the sound of it she didn't give a **** about it and maybe point that out in your letter to them.;)


Let us know how it go's:)


If you dont it wont be here:x


Let battle commence!!!!!:mad:

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Its not just reasonable to get what you ask for, when you ordered the pizza you entered into a contract for them to supply a product at a given price, now they haven't supplied the goods and as such are in breech of said contract.


TBH the easy way round this is to go and ask for a refund, quote the sale of goods act and tell them they are in breech of it and then sit outside the door and tell customers what happend to you - they will lose more customers in 10 mins than your order was worth to them (I've done this to a shop that refused to give a reefund on a faulty dvd - because it had been opened - well thats how I know its faulty) they cave in quite quickly in view of bad PR.

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Write to the manager (ill bet who you spoke to wasnt lol) and cc to HO ill wager they send you some nice vouchers along with a cheque and a grovelling apology

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If they F*^& up, they should pay up.


I one went out with the family to pizza hut, and had the so called new guy (even tho id seen hime there loads of times before) muck the order up 7 times.


we ate it, and then told the manager we were not paying the bill due to all the errors.


He took a name and address and that was that.


never heard nothing.

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We had a great experience with PH in Canterbury a few years ago. We went in and placed our order. My sister, in single figures at the time, was a fussy eater - all pizzas had to be ham and pineapple, so with a bit of negotiation, we asked for the "ham mushroom and pineapple, but without the mushrooms" for her.


20 minutes later, the pizzas arrived, only the ham and pineapple wasn't among them. In its place, was ham and mushroom, so we sent it back. 15 minutes later, a mushroom and pineapple pizza arrived. My father pointed out the error, and we waited some more. So myself (12 at the time) and my parents had finished our food delivered to the table 30 minutes prior, and my sister was still hungry, so when we saw another pizza wheeled out in our direction, we were almost relieved, until we saw that this was ham, mushroom and sweetcorn (now, we'd asked for "without mushroom", so we can see where confusion might have arisen, but where on earth did sweetcorn come into the equation!?). My sister wouldn't take it, so my father called the waiter, who told us that before getting the replacement, rather than send it back he'd box it for us. 10 minutes later, out came a plain margherita - nothing but melted cheese and tomato sauce.


In the end we paid only £5 - half the price of the three correct pizzas, nothing for the drinks, and got to keep the last two pizzas at no extra charge.


All of which reminds me of something that happened at a Wetherspoon pub on Grill Night:

"What's this?"

"It's a chicken breast."

"It might have been a chicken breast about 10 minutes ago."


"Can I have one with a little less carbon on it please?"

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Now I seem to recall, that in any restaurant, if you do not believe that the food was worth the amount charged, then you can simply pay what you think it was worth, so long as you show the company something to prove who you are along with your address.


in this case though, I think I would have just done what someone else mentioned, tell all the people walking in about it.

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Hi! New here but inspired so thought I would lend you a bit of advice as thanks to all the great tips I've picked up on this site!


All managers of restaurant/food service venues that are managed as part of large company are really hammered by senior management when complaints are received at head office and you will nearly always get an automatic refund or vouchers to 'go back and let them redeem themselves'. The manager will cop a slapped wrist but sounds like in this case it was definately deserved - if that had happened in my venue (not a Pizza Hut thank god) you would have got a full refund for everyone's food (and got to keep the food) because I would have been that embarassed by what happened!!


Anyhow I would suggest that you write to their head office - address the envelope boldly as 'customer complaints department', detail everything that happened including timescales and ask for a full refund for the meal. You may get a refund, you may be offered vouchers or a free meal, the company I worked for used to give £50 standard - without even asking our side fo the story (which was annoying when it was an unjustified complaint of for a low value item). The reason they give out vouchers is to try and get you to make a return visit so they can redeem themselves and prove that it isn't generally the way things are done by that site, and they rarely question you as they do not understand the environment or realsie that there are people out there who make a living by complaining to companies on a regular basis - which makes life easier when you have had a genuine problem


Anyway, good luck.

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