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    • yes a couple of months before the CCJ from what i saw
    • When I click on last page of a thread to read I get an 'Uh Oh your link has been broken' type of message alert.
    • Hopefully I haven't made too many errors up until this point, but I just wanted to check rights/compliance here before continuing. We bought a used car less than a week ago - it was sold to us with no faults, and with an MOT carried out by the dealer with no advisories. They made a particular point of stating that they didn't sell any car with advisories on the MOT, and also drew attention several times to their AA Approved status implying that this meant they *had* to ensure the cars were of good quality/they were more legally compliant etc (I thought that AA Approved was just something dealers paid for to have a 'badge' and to have cars advertised on their website). The dealer also mentioned repeatedly during the viewing how 'immaculate' the car was. Whilst test-driving, I noted the air-con wasn't working (it was 25 degrees that day). The dealer tried to insist it was cold when it really wasn't (this did ring some alarm bells at the time), I said that it would need to be fully working. Dealer agreed to fully test and regas the system before purchase, which they did. Three days after the sale (and less than 150 miles driven), the engine management light came on, accompanied with a strong emissions/exhaust smell. We've also realised that the 'stop-start' function doesn't work (this could have been deactivate due to the fault code though), and that a replacement windscreen had been fitted rendering the rain-sensing wipers, automatic headlights and heated screen non-functioning. We didn't notice these faults prior to driving it, although I did mention the stop-start during the test drive (having never owned a car with this function) and the dealer made no mention of it not working. I have an OBD scanner/reader, which tells me that the fault is a P0420, so is related to the catalytic converter. I emailed the dealer outlinging these problems, and suggesting that the best course of action would be a refund as I need a fully operational car for work, and this fault could take them time (and money!) to fix. I should add that the dealer is a 2-hour round trip away (in good traffic), so I really do not have the time to take it back and fore. They replied very quickly apologising for the fault, and saying that they will fix the engine management issue ASAP and 'hopefully before the weekend'. Regarding the windscreen, they say that is out of their remit as it was on the vehicle when they purchased it, causes no mechanical defect, and the rain sensors, auto headlights and heated screen were not specifically mentioned in the advertisement. They have offered to have their mechanics look at these issues and if a staightforward fix, they will do this free of charge as a goodwill gesture, or find out the cost of repair and offer to do this (at our cost) if more complex. (To clarify, I did not mention repair being an option in my initial email, and only referred to a refund being the best option). The car was sold with a 'full service history', although this consists only of stamps in the service booklet. We have no receipts of any work done apart from the dealer's MOT. This particular car is known to have issues with the timing chain (it's a Mini Cooper) after 100k miles, and the fault code could well be in relation to this problem. I mentioned this known model's fault during the test drive and was told that it would be very obvious/noisy if the car had this fault (which didn't really have anything to do with my question which was specifically 'has the timing chain and tensioner been replaced, as I know this is a known issue with these cars'). I've had bad experiences with used cars and dealers in the past, so my faith is easily shaken, hence me asking for objective opinion and advice here. Despite the 'extras' not being advertised with the car, surely the fact there are specific buttons/switches relating to the lights/heated screen etc, along with their not working not being pointed out at purchase mean that the car is not as described? Where's the line here - there are windscreen wiper stalks/headlight switches etc, but these weren't specifically mentioned either in the advert, so are they also not covered? The EML so soon after purchase (and the code being potentially a serious one) is alarming, and having consulted mechanics specialising in Mini, they (without having seen the car) suggest that this could be an expensive problem to fix. My partner paid for the car, and unfortunately did so part cash, and part BACS. This of course means we've lost full control of the money. Our bad experience previously was with a dealer who sold us a car with a 'new MOT' which then suffered a tyre blow-out, revealing a tyre which was literally threadbare on its inner edge. We got a refund from that dealer by sitting in their office and refusing to leave until the money had been refunded into our account. When we returned the following week with the logbook, the whole lot was empty - no cars, logos, nothing. Lucky escape there, so my partner assumed he'll be able to get the money back just as easily this time. I haven't yet replied to their email, so would like to know the best way to proceed. Thanks in advance for any and all assistance!
    • What i've read about LFT and PCR tests is they both have their own ambiguities however, PCR tests are sent to a Lab but they don't know how 'right' the result they are looking at is.   I would say yes UB, could have neg LFT and a positive PCR.
    • if the ccj was almost 6yrs ago, odds on your last payment was more than 6 yrs ago???, so .... is that true?
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Help need with severe Barclaycard Credit limit reduction..

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Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what I should do in my situation. I'm 23 and have just finished university and have been lucky to have not ammassed many major debts to ever have too many worries with repayments, however on occasion over the last six months apparently I have made payments to my Barclaycard one or two days late, purely by accident as I forgot after the due date. So say Barclaycard...


Today, I filled up at the petrol station and bought some food. All together it came to £80 ish... I came to pay and it was rejected twice. I only checked my account a few days earlier and found I had £5,000 available to spend. So obviously I was shocked, but luckily enough I was able to pay on another card. They reduced my limit from £6000 to £1000 ... Without even telling me, plus my balance was already at £1000.


I phoned up barclaycard and after calling on 3 different occasions over the evening, finally I got the truth out of them as first they tried to blame Experian for my credit rating being reduced then they said I missed 3 payments in July '08 , November '08 and December '08 but again, I paid them all off the day later. Yet Experian only register one missed payment in December '08.


I'm just really annoyed at how they simply left me completely vulnerable, what if I had been in another country with nothing except my credit card... I woudn't know what to do... I understand that by paying late it's my fault and with the way things are at the moment (credit crunch) that things are different now, but up until recently i have paid everything on time always and in full. I am fortunate to be a property owner and no other debts etc... Surely they take this into account as I've been with Barclaycard for 5 years now, just wondering if the word LOYAL means anything to them.


I think I may just lodge a complaint and close my account. Anyone have any ideas?


Thanks for reading, sorry it's so long.


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You are best off - paying on time for the next 3-4 months transferrign ther debt ot a 0% credit card and closing BC.

Complain if you want - but dont expect any resolution - they always use that Experian story.

Consumer Health Forums - where you can discuss any health or relationship matters.

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Hi Gizmo, thanks for the really quick reply.

I have no problem with the debt, I am always able to pay it off, but I'm not always at the address the card is registered at so hence why I forget to pay it off on time.. I like Barclaycard, or I did... Never had a problem before, just can't believe they can get away screwed people over like that without at least a few days notice...

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they did that to my mrs last year when we paid off the bal of £1200 for a big purchase the next week as we wanted purchase protection on it.


went to pay for it and got refused.


looked online and theyhad cut the limit to £250!!


closed the a/c that day and sent a complaint letter


never heard anything




please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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