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    • then you are under no legal obligation to allow entry there is no legal right of forced entry on CTAX debts either.   i am hoping help will appear today.   i suspect the rossers will claim the NOE was sent to your old address or something (then its useless today) but i can't see how old/new property CTAX liability orders can all be rolled into one a NOE sent to an old address then the bailiffs rock up at the new address do a list of goods without a NOE being served on the new Address.   but the story appears to cover a long periods of time and might be incomplete.
    • @patterns   your WS bundle needs to be the in right order. thus so does your list of contents   page 1, then page 11, then exhibits.   page 11 point 2. re jig to read: the defendants last acknowledgement of any Claimed Sum was made directly to the original creditor, the student loan company, by returning their standard deferral form in April 2013.   point 3. It is alleged by the claimant that a default notice was served by them upon the defendant dated 13th October 2016. i have never seen nor has the claimant produced, any physical evidence to date nor a copy said default notice . The serving of a Default Notice many  [etc etc to end of existing point 3]   add to the end as point 6  the new closing statement... NEW CPR changes applicable from 1st April 2013 ***Updated 26/02/2020 - Legal - Consumer Action Group
    • Hello  I'm dual executor in my mum's will with a brother. He basically has spent the two months since my mum passed arguing with everybody. Saying he has had enough. Hates us all. Blocked me contacting him for two weeks. I sorted my mum's funeral and paid for it. He just walked away from any responsibility. I started work on closing amenities etc. Sorting out paper work. We need to apply for probate. I realise I need his signature and agreement to move forward. I asked him directly what he wanted to do. He said he wanted to remain executor. I suggested he went and read up about what it meant.  So whilst he was sulking and off the scene. My uncle was letting himself into the house and rummaging. I can't prove anything but items remain misplaced at the moment. I decided to remove the family photos, stamp collection and jewellery and take it to my house for safe keeping. These things have been left for me in the will. They have great sentimental value to me. My brother is now back on the scene and is demanding I return them to the house as he didn't give permission. He has eventually agreed to the locks being changed and we are looking to increase the insurance to cover a unoccupied house with belongings in situ properly.  It bothers me greatly that firstly they are going to be left unattended and I also know that he wishes to secure some of the stamps himself. Regardless of them being left to me.  Am I legally in my right to refuse to return them or does everything in the house (regardless of what is written in the will) have to stay in situ till probate is awarded? Thank you so much for any advice.        
    • No idea. Look it up somewhere on the Internet – send a letter to the registered address and there may well be some email done at the bottom of their website page. Frankly doesn't really matter if they get it. The most important thing is that you have made a reasonable attempt to send something to contact details that they have provided. If their contact details don't work then that's up to them. You will find that they do magically start to respond once they receive the court papers.
    • Like Nobby_v I am no expert, but it the NTK appears to make no mention of POFA so I fail to see how they can claim any keeper liability. When was the parking event and when did you receive the letter?
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Question on issuing proceedings

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I issued proceedings on line on 16 Dec and deemed as served on 21 Dec. Mailed POC on 29 December and sent by fax on 3 January. Other party have received docs but not filed a defence. They have acknowledged service.


Deadline for filing defence is tonight but they have not done so. Do I have to take the 28 days from the date the POC was received (3 Jan) or the date on the Court letter (21 Dec).


Any assistance appreciated.

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