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Natwest Loan


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Hi Guys

Wondering if anyone has any ideas or advice or if they have ever experianced this.

I have a 22k loan with Natwest its £450 a month over 5 years.

I had the loan topped up for my wedding.

The wedding has sent me spiraling into debt.

My 2 overdrafts are maxed out as are my 2 credit cards.

I am now incurring huge interest and bank charges. Natwest told me they had closed one of the accounts but it seems they havnt.

They advised me to speak to the National Debt advice line as i was having trouble meeting the payments.

I have been with the bank for 24 years and they have made huge amounts of money from me over the years.

The stress has led to my and my new husband seperating for a short time and i went to a branch near work to ask for help either reduce the payments or take a payment holiday.

They were absolutly no help.

I have no equity in my house and cannot take a morgage holiday as i had one for the wedding and you can only get it once every 18 months.

Do you think i have any chance of pushing them to get a payment break on my loan or reduction in payments.

They said they could put me on a hardship loan but its nearly double the interest and i have to surrender my gold account and perks and it flags on my credit file PLUS it is only £12 less a month than im paying now!

The gov have bailed them out but yet they wont help their loyal customers im so mad.


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Desparately sorry to hear this situation LLY, As usual banks will give you a nice umbrella when the sun is shining, then when it is raining they take it away !! firstly be warned that if you miss payments on one account they can (and likely they will) offset any money in credit or within overdraft limit (sometimes they will offset and go over this !!) towards let's say an overdue loan payment, so it might be worth setting up a parachute account.


It might also be worth a call to the National debtline as they are impartial and the service is free - National Debtline – Free, Confidential Debt Advice – Call 0808 808 4000


Also are there a significant amount of excessive charges that you could potentially reclaim back over the last 6 years ?


Is there a PPI affixed to the loan ?


If they are being unreasonable and not accepting reduced payments within your budget, then a CCA request may be an option BUT, Natwest might see this as a possible 'threat' and pull all the facilities away from you...

PLEASE NOTE - I am not a legal expert, what is stated is my own opinion and from what I have learnt from this forum and my own experiences.


DEBT COLLECTION LETTER/SAR/AGREEMENT TEMPLATES ARE HERE - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?65-legislation






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Hiya thanks for the reply.

I tried to get hold of CAB but found it difficult i will try the National Debtline. Can they negotiate with Natwest like i have heard the CAB do?

Is it worth getting an account with a different bank. I have everything with Natwest but my morgage.

There is no PPI.

I did a claim in 2008 for bank charges but to be fair until the last year or so i was in control of my finances but following a wedding which grew massively its got out of hand.

I dont think i will go down the iva route as any of my bonus' and pay rises will disappear into the iva.

I cant do bankrupcy as i will lose the house and car.

Aghhhh i hate debt but im happy i found this site

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I cant do bankrupcy as i will lose the house and car.

Aghhhh i hate debt but im happy i found this site


A misconception with BR is you automatically lose your home. If you have no equity then it'd be pointless to force a fire sale of it. Similarly, if you need a car, and it is 'modest' and you need it for work, the same applies. There are some good threads on BR in these forums, iirc they may be in the legal section.


PS: iirc, if what you pay in mortgage for your current 'modest' home matches (or thereabouts) what you'd have to pay in rent for a similar property then that would be in your favour. But if you lived in a 6 bedroom palace that was OTT then that wouldn't be in your favour, its that sort of thing...hope that helps.

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I have experienced something similar to this with Natwest as well....

I have a loyal customer of Natwest for abt 15 yrs, and they too have made alot of money from me sometimes charging me £250 per month for failed DD's, bounced cheques and exceeding my overdraft limit, knowing full well that funds come into my account every friday on a weekly basis (I'm self employed)....now I have reached a point where the excessive charges and interest have pushed the debt into such a mess that I cannot pay it. Plus this is a joint account with my wife....


I had requested a payment plan whereby I could pay what I could afford but they were very unreasonable and not willing to assist...numerous letters have gone back and forth and now their solicitors are involved, and they have chosen to ignore all my previous correspondence to Natwest and issued both my wife and I with a CCJ claim.


I am now with a debt management company who are OFT registered, but Natwest and their solicitors are not interested....I'd like some advice on this as well....

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The BR thing is intersting. My house is classed as negative equity and i only pay £350 a month for my morgage. My car is an 07 astra at £160 a month and required for work.

It would cost more in rent than my morgage. I have never had any problems with my morgage which is with Halifax and they are lovely.

I sent Natwest an email but they havnt responded.

How do i go about putting on an offer of a decreased settlement?

I have just spent 20 minutes on the phone to Natitional Debt advice line and no luck getting through. Im going to try after work. I dont want to ring at lunch as i will rack up a high mobile bill.

Is it true that BR is better than IVA?

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there is some blurb here:



maybe it would be a good idea to do a financial striptease and place an append in legal issues and let the more experienced comment, or visit an IP, presumably some may do a 1/2-1 hour free consultation, similar to solicitors.

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I have tried to ring the debt line 3 times today and cant get through it rings for 9 minutes and then cuts you off.


Any ideas people ?:???:


Oh and NatWest have not replied to the email :-|


I would have thought emailing Natwest a complete and utter waste of time. Is Credit Management Services in Telford dealing with it (the Natwest delinquent account dept). I've had many dealings with them. It's pot luck who you get hold of I'm afraid. Some may have PMT issues, another I spoke to was in hysterics when I read out over the telephone what it said in their letter they sent me (sic) "please call our highly trained and experienced staff" but as it turned out she was very positive and helpful.

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I've been treated exactly the same as you guys, by Natwest. I've been a good customer for 30 years, maintained perfect accounts, always in the black. Credit crunch hit my business this year; I need a few months grace to get back on my feet and can give them a sensible repayment plan. They refuse to negotiate:mad:


Gordon Brown should have let them go to the wall - I would love to see all their vicious employees unemployed and struggling with money worries: It would be the most poetic justice.

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I spoke to one of my contacts at Natwest Pudsey in Leeds today and told him the situation basically said sort it or i will go bankrupt and you get nothing. He has told me to come see him next week and he will see if he can put a payment plan in place. So i guess its reduce payments and freeze interest? I will let you know. They still havnt replied to the email i sent a few days ago suprise suprise

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This may be important !. It is unclear from your previous appends what the CCA situation is. So be very careful you don't sign an agreement (or whatever) that supersedes an unenforceable agreement for an enforceable one. They're crafty (or disingenuous) take your pick.

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