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    • Ok another update and its all rather confusing, ive been trying to work this out for hours now and I cannot make any sense from it all.   Apparently the meter was put in on the 1st of April, I was sure it was July. However what makes sense is that I gave a reading in August, which I thought was for the month but it was for the quarter. I must of written it down wrong for a monthly reading, when it should have been written down as a quarter reading. I may have wrote the date down wrong when to read the meter.  However I do know that I contacted bulb a week before the meter went in, that I am very sure of. Which would of been about the 27th, They have it registered that I gave a reading on the 29th of March. However they have an opening reading from the 12th of March.    Im confused with that date as I know I contacted them a few days before and they put the meter in as an emergency and was definitely done the following week. Despite my memory being shot at the moment I do have some dates written down and the date of the change is on my meter. However its a little hard to read, it does look like the 1st of the 4th but it can also look like the 1st of the 7th. I was with 2 previous companies so July would make better sense. I moved into the property mid January, EON was the provider and I changed that within the first month so would have been February, then I went with OVO and changed them as they couldnt provide the normal meter for about 6 months at the time so changed to Scottish power. I know I was with them for at least a month before I contacted Bulb as they also couldnt change the meter to a credit meter.    So April doesnt seem to fit here. Im still trying to find any paperwork I might have to verify all this but I know everything was done via phone and online. I wish everything went back to paper bills, it was so much easier to try and trace back.    Anyway they have done a closing account for the prepayment and im a little confused at this.   The charges from the 12th of March 2019 to the 4th of April 2019 are £376.91.     Now I know that there is no way I put this amount in the prepayment meter. I had no heating on in that month, I remember it was such a mild Spring and I rarely had any heating on as this bungalow is very well insulated. The most I topped up in just one week was £25. So how they can justify that amount, I cant even guess.    Im worried they will use this amount to estimate my usage. I still cant get to read my meter, even if I stand on a ladder as its so high up and it just looks like a bunch of zeros, Ive even taken a photo but it still looks like a bunch of zeros, even when blown up. It was hard to balance on a step ladder as it was with one hand trying to take a photo, so not the best.   Ive managed to get into a link they sent me, its a portal. The balance is showing nil owing. and there are no statements showing.    So basically all they have sent is a closing balance on the prepayment meter and log in details for a portal with zero balance. Ive requested the meter be read. Which I keep asking for, but my landlord will come and try read it for me so I can send it.  Im just worried when I do im going to get such a large bill I cant pay. These people just seem so elusive on what I should do despite asking these questions. The only answers im getting doesnt seem to make any sense.    I know its partly my fault, I should of kept at them, but its not been an easy couple of years. 
    • But they added £60 on top of the £100 before court costs Thanks though, how do i file a defence , do i do it by hand?
    • If the hire purchase agreement ends in your husband's name then it will be your husband who will have to bring any complaints, bring any legal proceedings – et cetera. Write to Blue Motor Finance in the way that I have suggested. Point out that you have asserted your rights under the consumer rights act to reject the vehicle and that is the end of the matter. Tell them to start making arrangements to refund your the money and tell them that you won't stand for any nonsense. If you have pointed out to them already tell them that there will be legal proceedings unless they sorted out extremely quickly. What have you done to get rid of the car? If you've got Blue Motor Finance's prevarication in an email that that is excellent and you will use that against them. This thread has already been tweeted out to them and they will see the tweet on Monday and they will understand that they are been discussed on social media – and that it doesn't look very good. I'm sorry to say that you have to keep the pressure on very hard. You expect this of these kind of car dealers. You don't expect it of a regulated finance company – but am afraid that some of the poorer ones do act like this all too often. You can certainly call them if you want. What you definitely want to see what a reference number and if you call them tell them that it is a complaint. You can also tell them that they are been discussed on social media. Please keep us updated. I'm afraid that this is unlikely to be the end of it.  
    • So got the official judgement  sealed on 15th June , but refers to handed down 9th June    doesn’t say when to pay by - is it 14 days of the 9th or 15th (to stop any enforcement) or 28 days from 15th or 9th to stop it appearing on credit file ?   also I’m hoping it’s the legal jargon -    bur says each defendant is to pay  £25,000 and interest £1644    I know I brought his up before , but it’s just legal jargon for each defendant is liable to pay for the £25,0”” and £1644    rhey don’t actually order us to pay 54,000 for a  25k claim ???!!    
    • My apologies it’s Lumb’s with an S in Brigg North Lincs. As per my invoices anyway!   the upgrade free is for an entirely different machine so replacing the one we have with another machine that is deemed appropriate for our site as it holds water within the machine. 
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If key meter runs slow - am I liable?

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I have lived in my rented flat for over 2 years, fitted with an electricity key meter (no gas at the property).


I have charged the key periodically, paying with a £20 note and simply recharging the key when the money ran out, without paying much attention to how long it lasted.


When occasionally talking with friends about utilities, I have wondered about my consumption because they say that generally, about £40/month electricity useage would seem average, but I'm sure I've been charging my key with £20 as little as every two months, maybe longer.


I live alone and the electricity I use usually runs to; PC on all day and evening (I work at home), oven and shower used briefly each day, washing machine used once or twice a week, and a small oil-filled radiator on constantly throughout winter months on the lowest heat setting to take the chill off a sole, unheated, room.


The heating provided in the flat is Economy 7 and I live without hot water in the taps as I don't want to pay for an entire tank of water to be heated for the little I use. The shower and washing machine make their own hot water and I boil the kettle when I want to wash my crockery in the kitchen sink.


I have been growing increasingly concerned that my key meter may be running slow, in comparison to what my friends say their bills are. I recently took note of how much money was displayed on the meter and when I checked it this morning, to my fright I see the figure hasn't changed since I looked at it five days ago.


I'm now terrified the meter has broken and I don't know when this may have happened. If I call someone in to get the meter fixed, what will happen if they find it has been running slow for the whole time I've been in my flat and they demand I pay a huge bill for money they will estimate I owe them?


I'm with Southern Electric and they do send a chap round to take readings (approx. every quarter I think), so I would hope if the meter was running incorrectly they would have noticed by now.


Can anyone tell me if a customer would have to pay back-dated money to a utility supplier if a meter was found to have been running slow over a period and they were asked by the company to pay the difference?


I would very much appreciate your advice on this. I'm now sitting here in a right panic about the possibility of being landed with a terrible bill I'll be unable to pay.


I do hope you can help :o)

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I may be wrong but if the meter has broken and you didn't do it any damage there is little they can actually do. Is the meter outside your property because then you have even more case against 'them' rather than yourself. You could call them and ask for a meter to be checked and if they don't then you have even more against them.... if you see what I mean.

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Thanks for your reply sillygirl :o)


The meter in my flat hasn't been tampered with, or been victim to an accidental happening in any way. It is sitting inside an interior cupboard and I don't believe anything has physically interferred with it at all.


The meter hasn't changed and is still displaying the same amount of money on it as last time I looked.


I wonder if anyone else has been in a similar situation? Is it my responsibility to pay the difference to a utility company if the meter hasn't been running properly and I've been undercharged - this is a real concern. I need to know my consumer rights before I instigate getting the meter looked at, so I can try and defend myself against a potentially awful bill that I could be landed with. I don't know how to find out if I would be liable for a faulty meter.



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