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    • You're ignoring the most difficult issue in a trade agreement. It's not the tariffs or the lack of them  which is the tough part to reslove but the regulatory standards of the goods to be imported & exported that needs to be decided.   For example the EU banned the import of chlorine washed chicken since 1997 which of course hurts the US, and who are going to be very keen to include it in any new agreement with the UK and will use it to barter prospective concessions in exchange . As a nation we're going to first have to decided whether that is acceptable or not and that alone will be difficult enough to resolve. And that's just one product.   This has all the makings of a category 5 $h1t storm that will last an eternity. 
    • 28 of the 32 wealthiest countries in the world reside within the EU.  Realistically we will need the US because they are one of the few remaining countries outside of the EU that would be worth doing a deal with, but as discussed on here previously, the exact agreement we strike with the US is open to debate.  Should we still want a trade deal with the EU we would need to align our standards with them, which makes a deal with the US harder.   Also 80% of our economy is services.  Try selling financial services to a person in India... or try sending engineers half way round the world just because some numpty has decided trading with the countries geographically closest to us wont work anymore because of immigrants and sovereignty. 
    • If an Aspirin cost a penny from the US and two pennies from the EU only a fool would buy the EU tablet.
    • you can't add anything to your ws. the beavis case is somewhat immaterial and does not apply to your case...red herring they always role out.   i think you can issue a skeleton argument, or use these as notes at the hearing:   the claimant are incorrect in their assumptions stated in their WS point 45 sub sections 1-4 , in that the defendant as the registered keeper is by default liable for any charge they claim. I was not the driver at the time of the incident, I did not enter into nor read by any terms and conditions of any parking contract, nor could i.   the claimant has provided no annual proof of payment that their contract signed with the land owner to manage car parking in 2009 was still current at the date of the incident in 2015 under contract law.   the claimant has provided no proof their signs and anpr camera equipment have the required planning permission from the council to be erected upon the land in question at the time of the incident in 2015   the claimant has provided no proof, they, any resident retail outlet, any managing agent or the owner of the land can or have successfully varied the original granted parking provisions and restriction to ONE hour only from those permitted and stipulated by the council at the time of the original grant of planning.
    • Sadly no he wont   remember Theres no plan for no deal as we will get a great deal No way would he or any Conservative allow any form of border in the Irish sea No way would he put the NHS up for sale     Well he says his proposals are the great deal The border in the irish sea is a non-border border not a border border, and the required documentation and searches just like other borders dont make it a border and trump doesn't want to buy the NHS, just have US drug corporations bleed the UK taxpayer dry through it       and regarding my non-English English LOL https://www.france24.com/en/20191126-johnson-no-deal-brexit-uk-elections-conservatives
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Homeserve Pressure Selling

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After having a new Ideal CH boiler installed the Corgi engineer gave me a guarantee form to fill out and either post it off or telephone the 0800 number printed on the rear.

Making sure my boiler would be registered I telephoned the number and registered the boiler but I was uneasy because customer service didnt seem to know about this new IDEAL model.

Now I thought I was ringing IDEAL, but when I jokingly said " its strange you dont know about a boiler you manufacture" I then realised I was talking to HOMESERVE.

After a long winded registration I was then bombarded with offers of insurance to cover plumbing, electrical failures etc. The offer was £1 for each policy for the first 3 months - now after 20 minutes of pressure sales talk I relented and gave them my Direct Debit details knowing full well I could cancel within 14 days.


I put the phone down mentally exhausted after what should have been a very quick registration call.


I only wish I had posted the registration form and not phoned up.


A few days later the policies arrived, by return I cancelled them and stopped the Direct Debit.


Two days before the payment was due I received another call from HOMESERVE asking why I had cancelled the DD.


I told them I was pressurised into buying a product I didnt require and I had returned the policy documents the same day.

I told the lady, I didnt appreciate high pressure selling and that was end of the story.

But Oh NO, I was once again bombarded with a sales pitch telling me the risks of not having adequate protection ...

I was so mad I just put the phone down whilst she rambled on about " how HOMESERVE were there to help people like me"

More like, gaining commission on a sale if you ask me !


The moral of this story:-

If you think you are phoning IDEAL Boilers to register a boiler you will be talking to HOMESERVE

Post the guarantee form and do not talk to these people who have only one aim in life and thats to get you to part with your money.

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I would have probably dealt with it by saying, "Sorry I'm not interested in the cover, bye!" on the first phone call and then hung up before they had a chance to say anything else. Then I would leave the answerphone on for the next hour or so and not answer it unless it's someone I know.


I know it's normally considered rude to hang up on someone and I wouldn't usually recommend it, but I'm not a particularly assertive person and I can't cope well with high-pressure sales tactics, so I probably would have reacted in this way.


You didn't lose any money from the direct debit, did you?

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No, there was no money lost as I had already cancelled the Direct Debits.

When HOMESERVE rang back to ask why I had cancelled the DD, my mind was preoccupied. My son had just been rushed into hospital an hour earlier with severe abdominal pains, so when the phone rang I picked it up immediately expecting a medical update.

But OH No it was the dreaded HOMESERVE

Not only did I explain I no longer required their insurance, I had other things on my mind as my son had just been rushed into A & E and I was in no mood to discuss insurance.

This didnt deter HOMESERVE for one moment, of she went on her sales pitch about the problems I could endure with a broken pipe.

Enough is enough, I explained but the rant continued....at that point I hung up the phone.

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Just an update.

3 days after posting the last message I receive 4 letters through the post all from HOMESERVE.

2 of them asking why I had cancelled the DD and to ring Customer Services.

The other 2 acknowledging the cancellation of the policies.

Will I ever shake them of ????

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I appreciate this is getting boring, but 3 days later letters are still arriving from HOMESERVE.

I am now "returning them to Sender" unopened

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Yes homeserve are a bit on the naughty side by the look of things. They have sold my mother-in-laws aunt who's in her 80's and has age related mental problems all sorts of useless policies and are taking a fortune in direct debits from her account every month.


Only came to light at the weekend. I spoke to somebody at homeserve who was about as helpful as a chocolate fireguard.


Will right to them and ask for her money back but if they refuse will go down the miss-selling route and court action if necessary.

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